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  • Robert Hendy
    Robert Hendy

    Max drove insanely unstable car..

  • Daven Llyod N. Ignacio
    Daven Llyod N. Ignacio

    Murray: Orders Pizza Murray when he ate Pizza: This is Amazing

  • Sibel Gomez
    Sibel Gomez

    idk why i find curisng in this accent funny

  • Rblx_Fighter

    “I have no idea” Kimi being Kimi, again

  • Lord Tyranus
    Lord Tyranus

    Yeah good drive. Only scored cause of the fiasco but good job

  • TJO

    And he is fired from Williams.... What a bastard

  • john cale
    john cale

    "We must get them tomorrow." " Yeah we're gonna get them." Narrator: They did not get them the next day.

  • Sergios T
    Sergios T

    My spirit animal is kimi

  • szewei1985

    Hahahaha deng yo

  • szewei1985

    Haha nice

  • Dean Games
    Dean Games

    Hi f1fun4u, there is a guy who stole this video called formula 1 phantom, he has also stolen other creators content. Just letting you know

  • Lee Tucker
    Lee Tucker

    He’s far too quick for rosberg, he makes him look so uncomfortable 😂

  • Faizal El Muhandez Alvares Susso
    Faizal El Muhandez Alvares Susso

    2:37 Hungarian GP 2021 was predicted 12 years ago...

  • Yabba Dabba Doo
    Yabba Dabba Doo

    Kimmy your 2 year Compensation contract is 5% for driving performance and 95% post race media bollocks, sign here please.

  • Explorer 6.180
    Explorer 6.180

    Perez: We must get them tomorrow Bottas: Reverse Uno Card Perez: (surprised Pikachu face) I didn't see that coming

  • Naruephon Thitisap
    Naruephon Thitisap

    Carlos Sainz: Ferrari's driver Ferrari's straetegist Ferrari's therapist

  • A

    He wasn’t thinking of Latifi. He was thinking of Toto listening.

  • Foxytheninja31

    i hope f1 get rid of this silly v6 shit and bring back noise. f1 has gone way to political.

  • Heasven

    Thats a leader right there and future world champion. Respect.

  • Vini Chenzo
    Vini Chenzo

    Russel: gets into Q3 regularly with the worst car, almost scores points miltiple races in a row Mercedes: meh Russel: "sabotage my race if to help my teammate" Mercedes: so did you want a 5 year contract or a 10 year contract?

  • Dominik Maslyk
    Dominik Maslyk

    Luck got him there, but after 2 seasons of misfortunes and dealing with a slow Merc-powered car I don’t think I’m gonna put it past him. He deserves those points.

  • Dario

    0:38 Drive normal, or i'll hit you

  • MadJamYT

    The Mika Häkkinen on is very funny indeed

  • Dario

    The first thing Jos says to Max in this video is: are you gonna drive normal? Max: jaa...

  • MadJamYT

    I'd go with Michael

  • MadJamYT

    Murray is and stays a legend. That was so funny

  • Rikkert

    And nationally when daddy says things like that you go full out. But Jos know that that, sort of sweet revenge.

  • Max Gameson
    Max Gameson

    Idk what colour they were tbh

  • ATPost Something
    ATPost Something

    5:30 😂

  • Locke Pinder
    Locke Pinder

    Nico. Always go with Nico!

  • mani moto
    mani moto

    he doesn't even blink.

  • Voice of Reason
    Voice of Reason

    Why was the engineer gasping from the paddock. Did Ericsson hit him too?

  • ondexb

    I laughed so hard whe she just said "it's Nico Rosberg"

  • FarmYard Gaming
    FarmYard Gaming

    Aaand now he's gone.

  • BenLanBen

    Still did a good job following that close, even Sainz couldn't follow Latifi that closely. Only Hamilton could make moves with the only car fast enough and undamaged in the race.

  • An idiot in a racing car
    An idiot in a racing car

    Do you have Sainz's team radio during the formation lap?

  • Robertohh

    Effing Mad Max....dude looks like his freaking going to fall asleep of boredom... this dudes nerves are razor sharp.....

  • ItsTommyV

    Jos: "Behave or I punch you" Max: *BRAAAP*

  • Longdays609

    he is trying to have a nice chat before the corner?

  • Potato Racer
    Potato Racer

    Can’t help but love George, yeah boy!!

  • C O S M O
    C O S M O

    hE wIlL nEvEr Be A tEaM pLaYeR fOr MeRc He WiLl AlWaYs FiGhT lEwIs

  • M collaudo
    M collaudo

    the one on the snow with Michael... noooo

  • Nicky Poundtown
    Nicky Poundtown

    Max surely was born from that fire at hockenheim there's no other explanation

  • B Pet
    B Pet

    What a boring guy….kindness and being funny never went together with being a German

  • some moment in F1
    some moment in F1

    But the mafia snatched his podium.

  • David Brown
    David Brown

    Max had a massive crash with his teammate Daniel Ricciardo and everybody said it was a racing incident. After one race Max violently pushed Ocon and the punishment Max got was to watch a Formula E race sitting with the stewards. I suspect a lot of the uneducated nasty comments about Sir Lewis are because of the colour of his skin. "WE RACE AS ONE" except for the LGBT community in Hungary

  • Yogesh Rupani
    Yogesh Rupani

    What if this point is the difference at the end of the championship between Max & Ham ?

  • Usr

    Love how Lewis fanboys keep coming to say rb could come out earlier. They feel the guilt

  • Void

    2:29 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix

  • sneewpbe

    The best Driver since Senna and Michael in the 90's. Love how he get's wiser and unwaveringly (alltough all the luck is against him) without loosing his "eye of the tiger". All drivers in the same car - Max would become the new record world Champion very fast, with 6 or 7 other talented guys between him and Lewis in the rankings. Lewis earned 2 or 3 of his titles for his work. 4 or 5 have been presents by the fastest car in racing history.

    • sneewpbe

      @David Brown So, you say the Merc isn't the best car since the last 10 years... You must be an' racing expert ;-)

    • David Brown
      David Brown

      You obviously haven't got a clue about motor racing. Just look up the results Sir Lewis got racing in a second hand kart against multi millionaire kids. Go race a kart and see how you get on.

  • Rana R
    Rana R

    The F1 is looking more and more corrupt daily. Could it be that the 'Officials' are receiving 'bribes' from the likes of Mercedes?

    • David Brown
      David Brown

      You are a very silly child who hasn't got a clue about motor racing.

  • Jadwiga

    Hopefully stay P8, don't want vettlel's appeal to go through

  • Danno_in_3D_

    Sad that he ultimately got disqualified 😭

  • Clement Chang
    Clement Chang

    I think the FIA needs to redo their penalty system. Shouldn't the team that caused the crash be responsible for the damage done? I mean it is part of racing still but it would still be unfair if the victim was one of the back end teams with limited budget. And also the engine change penalty for Perez should also be reviewed since that was no fault of his own. FIA can't just use the same rules on paper, they have to weigh in all the surrounding factors and decide on the penalty. 5 grid penalty for crashing half a grid vs 10 grid penalty for changing engine because of someone else's fault. There's plenty other examples of penalty that just doesn't make sense either.

  • Sova Guriya
    Sova Guriya

    Man I'm crying, he's disqualified after that great race. He is sooo unlucky. Can I have one good race weekend ffs?!

  • Vivek BHujbal
    Vivek BHujbal

    FIA is scared to penalize Mercedes, they worry upsetting the race giant as they want that team to stick around and not give up on F1, Such assholes!! Redbull you've already won the season for us fans! Much power to Max and Perez!

  • M. Weise
    M. Weise

    0:01 after 10 takes of the video: okay kimi just read the words on the prompter okay?

  • Iciee

    His radios are always funny as hell

  • Daniel

    Spoiler: They did not get them the day after.

  • TheUKNutter

    This guy trying to look good in front of Mercedes, smart

  • Pokriv

    i would be less scared with max than with my gf

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith

    Broo, he started crying. both him and Nicky, the whole team, what champs!

  • Terioo

    Sussy radio

  • PJ Mathew Perez
    PJ Mathew Perez

    Ferrari SF21 Right Sidepod Broke cause Charles Leclerc out of the race.

  • nextlevel2426

    It just goes to show how much talent this kid has.. driving with half a car and still competitive, never really heard him complain much.. his rival was crying on the radio the entire race like the diva he is.

    • 10W-40

      @nextlevel2426 He is just a guy that copy pastes this comment on these videos. He is a shill.

    • nextlevel2426

      @David Brown verstappen is way better than your lulu babygirl.. good day miss fan girl.

    • David Brown
      David Brown

      You are a very silly child who hasn't got a clue about motor racing.

  • Charlo Rivard
    Charlo Rivard

    I don't want to be a Williams fan because it looks painful but I can't help myself

  • Elli George
    Elli George

    See you fkin later son

  • Sebastian Frühwirth
    Sebastian Frühwirth

    Dont know why, but Gaslys win does feel so much more special than Ocons win, but still both are great accomplishment

  • Stijepo Zupa
    Stijepo Zupa

    The best team mate is bottas help so much crying baby,first qualification stopping max together with lewis and sweaping almost everybody in first corner

  • finola heffernan
    finola heffernan

    He knows how much shit Latifi gets by saying he's a shit driver, Nicky deserved the points

  • Pitt Flame
    Pitt Flame

    Amazing drive from Mick.. Good defense... But his car is unbelievably slow... OMG