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This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • szewei1985

    Haha nice

  • Kirk Patrick
    Kirk Patrick

    I love how the haters can't stop trying to find fault with Lewis yet he just keeps racking up the records Ang make them whine a little more

  • Sean Tarpey
    Sean Tarpey

    We should just rename Bottas to Brittany and have "I'm a Slave for you" play every time he comes up on the screen.

  • Waqas Durrani
    Waqas Durrani

    Only reason Bottas is still at Mercedes

  • yarecki2000

    7 time world the fastest car on the grid without real competition helped by team orders! GOAT in your dreams Lewis! What a worthy champion you are...

  • Di M
    Di M

    As painful as it is Valtteri cannot continue fighting for the title and Lewis still can besides Lewis can get more points for the team if he gets first place while for Valtteri will be harder to fight with Leclerc for first

  • Marcel Loporto
    Marcel Loporto

    Everybody was up in arms when Ferrari did this… complete silence ……every single moment Bottas is ahead….

  • Udai Singh Kanwar
    Udai Singh Kanwar

    Gota feel bad for bottas, I can already see him going to Alfa Romeo

  • konov23

    When RedBulls did it, it was fine. But now I read the comments and suddenly, it is not fine. Hypocrites.

  • Kud Zem
    Kud Zem

    Radio : Valtteri, it’s ... Valtteri : Say no more

  • K

    "lets get them" thats what I wanna hear from this man

  • Haziq

    If u put millions into the team, of course u want the team to win. Its not individual races (team POV), so its understandable and also its a very spot on team call, Bottas cant catch up with Leclerc at the end of the races meanwhile Lewis, oh u know Lewis..

  • Willem Mcalpine
    Willem Mcalpine

    Hamilton the angel very arrogant

  • Futt Bucker
    Futt Bucker

    Makes sense. Bottas would have never caught Leclerc.

  • Crown Tiger
    Crown Tiger

    Team orders are part of F1. Every team wants winning. People should stop talking nonsense. Mad people everywhere.

  • Vinay Naidu
    Vinay Naidu

    Mercedes would want one driver to win most races instead of dividing between two good drivers, because max can outscore the mercs , if points get divided. More of the 2007 kind of situation.they want a driver who can stay behind lewis and help them win constructors

  • GRiiZZ

    What else do you expect from British GP which is The Hamilton Show?

  • Ngilneia Ralte
    Ngilneia Ralte

    The new Barrichelo of f1, so much potential and skills, we need a new Rosberg 😃

  • TGK300 Xx
    TGK300 Xx

    Reality is, Hamilton would have walked past Bottas anyway so was better of letting Lewis past and not losing time to Norris.

  • illumiNaughty _
    illumiNaughty _

    Remember VB we still hold the keys to another Mercedes engined team when we dump you.

  • Stanley Andrew
    Stanley Andrew

    Very painful to listen to.... I feel for Bottas

  • FoxFortyFour

    RB pull this trick and everyone praises Sergios team mentality. RB pit Checo out of the points in order to steal a point from Lewis and no one says shit. But you all got energy to comment on this? The fucking saltiness for Hamilton is rife and I actually want verstappen to win the title.

  • Bogdan Raul Zbinca
    Bogdan Raul Zbinca

    If I would be VB , I would leave this team , at the end of the contract and never return . They didn't offer him at least a chance :(

  • Dudley

    Lewis lives matter! Everyone else can go to hell.

  • Miniature and Gunpla
    Miniature and Gunpla

    so what? RB take away a P7 from perez so that max can get one more point.

  • 蔡立勛

    Those complaining on team orders have never considered that F1 is a team sport. If the team order is bound to get the team a better result then they would have to do it.

  • ploba

    He is so slow that how it is possible that they have to give any orders to him

  • Youn Gu
    Youn Gu

    I'm a no.2 driver after the legendary champ, getting paid $11 million without a massive sponsor? Tell me what to do sir!

  • roland timario
    roland timario

    Botta, should just go to indy cars he has talent and speed to win here in the USA. No team order.

  • hzj79

    World scam bamboo pet boy Lewis “wins” again

  • Joel Soto (AU)
    Joel Soto (AU)

    Hamilton - 5G Tesltra Bottas - 4G Vodafone prepaid

  • Joe Colclough
    Joe Colclough

    Perez has his whole strategies based around giving max the best chance to win, nothing gets said. Hamilton is 1.5 seconds a lap faster than everyone infront of him including his teammate Bottas. Bottas gets called a doormat. Make it make sense.

  • Kevin Schart
    Kevin Schart

    This is my first year watching F1 and I'm actually disgusted by how stupid and biased the fans are. It's really quite embarrassing to be associated with some of you. Bottas was not going to catch the Ferrari. Lewis had the pace. Why do you people have a problem with the team order?

    • Ricky LaFleur
      Ricky LaFleur

      lewis/merc hate wagon pretty much sums it up. every single team does this.

  • Haruto Yamamoto
    Haruto Yamamoto

    People are talking about when Mercedes gets rid of him, but VB himself might want to leave at this point

  • hsieh811

    Without the best car on the grid, it’s ugly but necessary, better to let Bottas take a win but risking losing the Championship?

  • shogrran

    the baby again gets what he wants. what if merc does get russel and bottas goes to another team with a good car. and both russel and bottas beat lewis next season

    • Ricky LaFleur
      Ricky LaFleur

      lewis was outpacing him but ok, if he can't match or best lewis in the same car how is he going to beat him in a worse one? also if russel can outpace lewis and be more consistent, team orders would sound exactly the same and lewis would be letting russel through if he is fighting for championship and lewis wasn't a contender.

  • EdyKawa / megaironica
    EdyKawa / megaironica

    That was very understandable. It was the best decision for both championships and it payed off handsomely. Also Hamilton let him through last time in Austria so no, it is not just in favor of Lewis. Funny how no one is crying about team order to Checo to abandon the race, lose all points to himself to prevent Hamiltom from getting fastest lap. That decision was to sacrifice Perez 100% for Max cuz it didn't even change the outcome for Red Bull. It is actually worse than anything Valtery had to accept in Merc. But who cares, right? Everybody hop on the Lewis/Merc hate train. Choo Choo!! 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃

  • normantheforeman rety
    normantheforeman rety

    Really want bottas in a seat next year just one that will support him. He's just what Mercedes need tho

  • Joseph manners
    Joseph manners

    Bottas had the slower car, it made sense to invert the cars. Lewis did the same for Bottas in Austria when his car was slower, so was given instructions to let Bottas overtake him. I swear the people have such short memories, smh.

  • Robin Kerr
    Robin Kerr

    Bottas has been a Tool for Lewis since day one.. In L’s Contract.

  • Tippy Tappy Man
    Tippy Tappy Man

    We need the 2014 Bottas back...

  • Roel Braillard
    Roel Braillard

    i understand merc decision, i understand Bottas for complaying. its sad for all f1 fans end specially Bottas his fans dat we can not see him battle lewis. it makes Bottas look worse on paper than he really is. end make lewis look stronger on paper special if lewis is dat proud on his statistics.

    • Tippy Tappy Man
      Tippy Tappy Man

      He's pretty much how Barrichello was at Ferrari with the michael.

  • Abu-Omar Al-Bakr
    Abu-Omar Al-Bakr

    Omg how many times Bottas let Hamilton passing by!? That’s not normal anymore!

  • ahmed salah
    ahmed salah

    Summary of race: Leclerc: *** **** *** Bottas eng : valttirei its james Lewis eng : get in there Lewis

  • Ethan Hunt
    Ethan Hunt

    Hamilton should have retired after winning 7 World Championships... Now we are going to see a Hero turn into a villain

  • John Q. Public
    John Q. Public

    That's just two alpha males banging chests. It was a racing incident. You play hard to consequences can be hard.

  • Patrick Ó reilly
    Patrick Ó reilly

    Completely rong bottas isn't there to help Hamilton win races hes there to win himself botttas is to soft to speak up make it clear to the team im here to win not be a clown for Lewis plain and simple ..Lewis ain't a 7 time world champion for letting team mates through and accepted team orders not to attack his team mate fair is fair let them race!!!!

  • Fernando Gagliardo
    Fernando Gagliardo

    “..Valtteri it’s an order..don’t dare to bother Lewis with his race!...let him pass...he’s racing his home Gp...he must win! No excuse!... Do your duty of good mate please!!...”

  • Jiri Pacak
    Jiri Pacak

    Bottas and Russel can make the star shine again. We race as one in black white colour clip looks more like funeral announcement.

  • Jiri Pacak
    Jiri Pacak

    Hamilton has BLM attitude. Not need to explain.

  • A J
    A J

    Bottas: "Yes honey". :(

  • Melbourne Obello
    Melbourne Obello

    I remember when UK reporters were bullying to Alonso so hard when Massa let him win after Team Orders of Ferrari. That press conference was disgusting.

  • Azrael Idris
    Azrael Idris

    Lewis caught leclerc bottas didn’t/couldn’t Why in the hell would he slow his faster teammate up?

  • Idan Hason
    Idan Hason

    Bruhhh this is just sad

  • BulkHogan

    If this was perez for verstappen you’d all be saying ‘wow, great team work’

  • Multi Vision
    Multi Vision

    Show me a team that doesn’t have a dominant driver, actually show me a team in any sport that doesn’t have a dominant player while you at it should me an institution that doesn’t have a dominant figure. You guys act like this is something new in order to take away from Hamilton’s achievement but it just shows the lengths you will go to make a point.

  • Bharadwaj R
    Bharadwaj R

    Bottas seat at merc confirmed.

  • Rishi Badbaria
    Rishi Badbaria

    I think Lewis know that Bottas is staying with the team for another year coz he will not disobey the orders. Bottas team is working though, may be something will come to us soon.. maybe he replace Riccardo in McLaren..

  • Socrates Nicolaou
    Socrates Nicolaou

    A team is a team. If he is with team orders he is a good team mate. If he doesn't listen he would be a dick. All of you sick people judging everything. I know one thing Bottas is a clean and persistent driver who doesn't cause trouble.

  • Ilhamdona

    Valtteri, it's james

  • S A
    S A

    You know....RB get rid of Perez and Hire Bottas! Give the Mercedes crew a SERIOUS contention in WC AND Constructor's Titles!

  • Dheeraj

    Who’s a sore loser in the grid ?

  • heincarpenter

    Bottas was hired to be supportive, since he's got a very supportive mindset. And that's a rare characteristic for a formula one driver.

  • BeeCee

    Bottas: "To whom it may concern....." Whom: "shut up porridgeboy we where right"

  • Asa P
    Asa P

    Team orders again? 🤔 Bottas was not going to catch LeClerc so why let him fight with Lewis why they have a Chance to get 25 full points instead of getting P2 and P3?. There was nothing wrong there. Just check the disrespect Redbull did to Perez, pitting him while he is in the top 10 so that he can take the Fastest from Lewis even though they not going to get points, just to protect Max.

  • Karl Pagatpat
    Karl Pagatpat

    It might have been different if bottas has really a pace to catch up with charles.

  • Graham Larson
    Graham Larson

    Bottas rocks. He understand that he isn't as fast as Lewis and where the championship sits. One of the best team players on the grid. Hats off to you mate.

  • Johnny Boy
    Johnny Boy

    as usual, the kneejerk reactionaries, valterri was on a different strategy and was never going to catch Leclerc but i guess it would have been perfect for the lots of you if Leclerc won and Hamilton came P2 or P3. You all would have hailed it as a very entertaining race right, a bunch of wussies you all are.

  • Marcel gombault
    Marcel gombault

    )Hamilton's 10 sec penalty was a joke it’s not a penalty when you have no competitor’s left for a win. Funny how Toto said just about a week ago, that they are only just about a DNF behind. A more fair result would have been 10 sec after the race, but F1 is controlled by Poms, the one commentator can’t even finish a sentence without mentioning Lewis. Like after this race and races for the last 7 years he jumping up and down after every win when he had no competition just his puppet teammate. And his black lives issues is also fake and discussing, he moved to an all-white tax free country to avoid paying taxes in his own country with poor black issues. And then they make him a “SIR” How many stewards are Poms?

  • Boss Mur
    Boss Mur

    The duel partner.. very good partner.. make PETRONAS Mercedes history..

  • Vivek Krishnan
    Vivek Krishnan

    Valteri was never gonna catch Leclerc.. Team can get P1 only with Lewis.. Thats what a team work for.. Valteri also said.."lets get them".. He too is a good sport... wonderwhy many doesn't figure out such simple things...

  • TJ32

    Hamilton is getting flustered and doing stupid things because he's being beaten in a straight fight and he can't handle it

  • AnoNowy

    instead of helping BOTTAS to have his last poidum with them, they order to be a wingman for the biggest douchebag in racing history ever.

  • Rosario Fernandes
    Rosario Fernandes

    He should leave the team definitely .team orders ? Well if he can perform why he has outperform deliberately ...Mercedes sucks and the reason they're goin to loose to Max is this one .

    • Ricky LaFleur
      Ricky LaFleur

      "outperform" lewis was outpacing him in that moment and bottas was not catching leclerc so why hold up lewis who caught lecelrc? should checo also leave for throwing away his race just to pit and take fastest lap from hamilton? i mean that's a hell of a lot worse then letting a team mate by if that is what gets your pussy hot.

  • Kenneth

    Botta's obviously didn't have the pace to win. Good call by the team.

  • Sarah Poisel
    Sarah Poisel

    That’s exactly why Russell won’t be Lewis teammate for next couple seasons. Russell won’t take the team orders.

  • Chris W
    Chris W

    If Bottas would purposely destroy a couple power units, I would totally be a fan of him.

  • ONEK7L

    People are overacting and making the sport unnecessarily toxic. Bottas had no chance because of his tires. Any team would have done the same regardless of who is in the driver seat. Ric had to live with that when he had to concede position to Lando. Team sport comes in play when there is a chance for the team to score better.

  • NickPenlee

    Bottas doesn't want to be the bridesmaid at every race but the money's good, and trophies for second or third will still fill up his trophy cabinet at home.

  • David Aspinall
    David Aspinall

    It must be tempting to grind the car down a wall on the last lap every time for the last few races.

  • Makaseru •
    Makaseru •

    I don’t see a reason for him to stay if he’s there to be a strategic body for Hamilton’s opponents. Try to find some dignity in yourself and believe that you’re so much more than a 2nd driver.

    • Ricky LaFleur
      Ricky LaFleur

      do you hold the same feelings about checo to max?

  • Mr Sinister
    Mr Sinister

    I feel for Bottas. I still remember the interview with Netflix when he talks about how he isnt able to build up his own stance because they keep telling him to let lewis by

  • Raymond Stockton
    Raymond Stockton

    Do you people not watch F1? Bottas was holding him up and he wasn't catching Charles so they made him give Lewis a pass. If they didn't he would of got past anyway but it would of cost time to where he might not of picked up P1

  • Flap Drol
    Flap Drol

    I feel so sorry for bottas being hamiltons slave.

  • Moises Cervantes
    Moises Cervantes

    Checo: Team orders Amazing teamwork!!! Such Class Bottas: Team orders Of course team orders, fuck Hamilton and fuck Mercedes

    • Ricky LaFleur
      Ricky LaFleur

      this comment section in a nutshell.

  • Juan Díaz
    Juan Díaz

    Hamilton don't deserve to win. Not even deserve to drive a F1 car. He win because Bottas let him pass. If he don't follow that order maybe Hamilton not even get a podium.

  • UD2

    if you like unsportsmanlike losers who cheat to win, buy a Mercedes Benz

  • Kud Zem
    Kud Zem

    Valtteri do not fight Lewis, bend over gently, resistance is futile, might as well enjoy it.

  • Hoodie Pen
    Hoodie Pen

    You should also include Lewis’s diva-like complaint on his team radio that made Mercedes decide the team order on Valtteri. It’s literally a second before the team announced it


      Just say you don't like hamilton

  • Byron Garay
    Byron Garay

    Why do you guys complain so much about Bottas not fighting the 1st place? He is nowhere near to win this championship, it's Lewis on top agaisnt Verstappen. Would've been different if he had a better start off this season!

  • E

    "Valtteri, it's James.." Bottas: ''Yeaah yeaah I know.''

    • Reda Ourrai
      Reda Ourrai

      Bottas being kimi

    • Fenerist 1907
      Fenerist 1907


  • Boyan Radomirov
    Boyan Radomirov

    All the commentators were up in arms when Ferrari was sending team orders I don't hear Crofty and the other idiots at sky getting bent out of shape over this. The F1 commentary is such a joke these days.

  • Sue Aceves
    Sue Aceves

    Its sad because bottas has said that he wants to fight for the championship but he either can't put up a fight in terms of speed and consistency or team orders to not fight lewis. He is the best number 2 driver because he does what he is told. And that does explain why russell wont be moved up anytime soon he wont do that. Russell is young and hungry to get points and to win. Overall its just sad that this plays a part in how mercedes has gotten those championships. Hopefully, bottas is able to find a seat with another team and fight for points and podiums and maybe even a championship.

  • Boerie Roll
    Boerie Roll

    Team orders like this suck ass. How will Valtteri EVER be able to race as a FREE driver? Oh - leave the 'race as one team' that only backs the life that matters. What a toto-al farce. Valterri - go for the invert plan - leave these morons and go where you will be respected and appreciated.

  • Oliver Thiem
    Oliver Thiem

    If I were Bottas, I would not anymore play the protection barrier for Hamilton. He has always just been Lewis wingman and still doesn't get the reputation for his selfless sportsmanship.

  • miwing

    He's not for race, he is exist to serve his master

  • Nazar Onishchuk
    Nazar Onishchuk

    Its the same thing that Perez and Max did in France

  • Misimi Osekita
    Misimi Osekita

    Didn’t Lewis also make way for Bottas in the last race? They were obviously on two different strategies. They are behind in constructors. Team must decide between a 2-3 and a 1-3. Stop complaining. Bottas is way too far behind in championship so it makes sense to help his team mate now for the rest of the season. No one complains when Ferrari and Red bull do it, but when Hamilton once in a while gets the benefit, everyone complains. Shocking.

  • kamel alg
    kamel alg

    Hamilton was much quicker than Bottas so if Mercedes didn't use team orders Lewis would overtake him anyway but would probably destroy his tyres and never catch Leclerc, as a result Mercedes would lose 7 points, Lewis the win and Bottas would finish 3rd anyway so in this situation using team orders makes all the sense in the world

    • kamel alg
      kamel alg

      @Вован agree, not only he finished in a very bad position behind Latifi but they prevented him from a potential p10 and a precious point in his fight with Bottas and Norris

    • Вован

      @kamel alg That team order was something every sane strategist would do. No point in letting drivers fight for P2 when you can possible have P1-P3 and score more points for both championships. And it's worse with Perez, yeah. "Hey Checo, we haven't fucked your race enough, let's pit again, we need to prevent Hamilton from getting that point, because we decided to act like sore losers during this race."

    • kamel alg
      kamel alg

      @shogrran that justifies Mercedes decision even more I mean why would they take the risk of getting zero points and two damaged cars? Speaking about Bottas, they did the exact same thing to Lewis in Austria so I don't know what's your point here, it's not about Hamilton or Bottas, it's all about the team interest. The funny thing is people arguing about a team order that was obviously the right thing to do as it gave Mercedes the win but no one is talking about the poor Perez who had to make an extra pit stop he didn't need just to prevent Hamilton from getting one point

    • shogrran

      you dont say captain? but no. if they didnt do team orders bottas can defend... and anything can happen. from lewis making mistakes from racing bottas to both of them crashing etc. team orders good for team not always good for bottas

  • The94PaceCar

    Like redbull did in France with Perez but nobody talked about it :D :D haters gonna cry again