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This weekend is the 2021 F1 British grand prix at Silverstone! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!

This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • Aaron Bryant
    Aaron Bryant

    I love Alonso when he's not actually fighting for a WDC

  • Hoo Mee
    Hoo Mee

    Its a pity really. I have always said lewis is the Most lucky f1 driver in history,.. while Alsonso is most unlucky. Damn shame really. 😕

  • ayazagl2000

    If Renault engine improves specially straight line speed rest Alonso will care

  • Rocker Power
    Rocker Power

    Was hope in P5 bit better 😶

  • Jason Figlioli
    Jason Figlioli

    Just unbelievable how good he is, he made em look like a yoke!! in that sprint race. God I hope the Alpine is good next year


    What is scenario 12 guys

  • Omid Heidari
    Omid Heidari

    Rookie of the season... Mark my word.

  • jeffdid911

    Every time I see Alonso being chased I see how well above the rest he is, his racing line is perfect

    • Luka Petrov
      Luka Petrov

      His racing line is myth, pure art, like Federer in Tenis, like Bryant in basketball...he has 2 Chamionship and in three more he was inside the 5pts for more crowns, one of the greatest of all time. Shame he lost so much last seasons in shity mclaren

  • John Kurian
    John Kurian

    In my reckoning, Alonso can still compete for a WDC if he has a competitive car - he has lost none of his racecraft

  • HeyYohei

    Fernando Strong !

  • Max P.
    Max P.

    We need a much better Alpine car for this man to show off. I want him on the podium, fast.

  • estanislao

    The master of out-performing cars.

  • SebaCod Py
    SebaCod Py

    Trackwalk legendary

  • Surya

    What if alonso gets the Mercedes second seat

    • 24AMPER

      @Surya He'd get jipped. He'd have the exact same teammate that he had in 2007.

    • Surya

      @Inside but i really want him in Mercedes rather than george or ocon.fernando deserves more wdc

    • Inside

      he wouldn’t want it :) He’s not a second car driver

    • MaGhYo

      mind blowing will be

  • Aida Đulović
    Aida Đulović

    King 👑💜

  • Joe Cobra Channel
    Joe Cobra Channel

    Alonso is just on another planet when it comes to everyone else. A big team needs to give this man one last great car. You put Alonso in a Mercedes and hamilton will never win another title.

    • GforceGT

      @Max P. man everyone knows that he was fighting against the entire team + they got fined and dsq from the constructor championship, Lewis drove amazing dont get me wrong but wtf was that cmon

    • the trvp
      the trvp

      @James Shunt thanks for the comment

    • Joe Cobra Channel
      Joe Cobra Channel

      @James Shunt Amen

    • James Shunt
      James Shunt

      ​@Joe Cobra Channel "That's because he was McLarens golden boy" No the team gave the drivers equal treatment. This goes back to the Senna/Prost days. Schumacher wanted to sign for McLaren in 1999 but he couldn't get McLaren to give him the "undisputed number 1 driver" contract and told him they would let Hakkinen race him. It's foolish to hold one driver back over the other. Ron Dennis wisely understood that Hamilton was something special. You see 9 consecutive podiums from your debut in F1 is unheard of. Many on tracks he never had raced on before. It's still the joint 7th best consecutive podium streak ever. Was Ron Dennis right in his assessment? Well, considering that Hamilton now is a 7 time world champion with a record 99 wins and 100 poles (and tons of other records) I'd say it's pretty fair to say that he was right in giving him equal treatment. You also refrain to mention how McLaren purchased Alonso back in 2005 for $20 million. McLaren paid him more than *twice* as much as Renault had paid him. Are you entirely sure they didn't pay him because they believed he would be their "golden boy" once Schumacher retired from Ferrari? Sure you have a fair assessment of the whole thing? McLaren paid Senna peanuts too compared to what they paid their double world champion Alain Prost. Why would they pay Senna much, he had just won 6 races for Lotus, while Prost was the most successful driver in F1 history at that time with a record 28 wins at the end of the 1987 season. Senna was faster. Prost was smarter. Senna beat Prost for the title in 1988 but Prost was man enough to honor his contract for 1989. And he was champion. Alonso on the other hand did *not* honor his contract for 2008 and 2009. He could have "pulled a Prost" in 2008. Trouble is he's not as smart as Alain Prost. Alonso was Nelson Piquet in the era of Senna and Prost. Piquet at least was smart enough to win his 3rd title aged 35 in 1987. While having back surgery mid season and racing with pain. And with Nigel Mansell in the other car... Piquet could still win races aged 39 when driving for Benetton... We can't say the same for Alonso. "Regardless Alonso for me will always be the better driver. " The two top drivers now are Hamilton and Verstappen. I believe Verstappen will be champion this year. He deserves it because he is a very talented driver. All the top teams in F1 now would want either Hamilton or Verstappen if they could sign them. If Ferrari wanted Alonso they wouldn't have signed Leclerc or Sainz. If Red Bull wanted Alonso they would have signed him next to Verstappen. Drivers like Senna, Prost, Schumacher and Lauda were always desired by top teams even in their final years. Hamilton is in that group which is why Mercedes extended his contract. Alonso isn't in that group. He had five years at Ferrari when they built an entire team around him but he still couldn't deliver a title. "You put Hamilton in a slow car and he is nothing" The 2009 McLaren was no match for the Brawn and Red Bull - both of which had blown diffusers. Yet Hamilton put that McLaren on pole 4 times, which is many as Button (champion) and Vettel (4-time champion) managed with their Brawn and Red Bull cars. "You put Hamilton in a slow car and he is nothing" But the best drivers always end up in the best cars so that's a moot point. There are two main reasons for this: 1. The best teams always want to sign the best drivers. This is why Senna, Prost, Schumacher and Hamilton never had a bad car. 2. The best drivers motivate the team to do better by being team leaders and somebody who makes everybody in the team do better and improve themselves. Schumacher had this quality which is why he was the first Ferrari champion in 21 years. Alonso didn't have this quality which is why his five years at Ferrari (the team with the most resources) never resulted in any titles. Both Gilles Villeneuve and Ronnie Peterson were incredibly fast in slow cars. They were probably one of the most naturally fast drivers ever. Neither of them were champions though. Have you even heard of them? "but we will never know as he never seems to be in a crap car." Yes, and did you ever wonder why? The best drivers attract the best designers, team principals and engineers to work with them. Prost and Senna were instrumental in McLaren's domination. Schumacher was instrumental in Ferrari's domination. Hamilton was/is instrumental in Mercedes domination. If Verstappen dominated in the future you can almost certainly say the same. Red Bull have full confidence in him and his abilities. "Alonso is just on another planet when it comes to everyone else." This is why he hasn't been F1 champion in 15 seasons and hasn't won a race in 8 years. Prost was champion aged 38 and Mansell champion aged 39. He even won his last race aged 41 at Adelaide in 1994. What's Alonso's excuse? "Alonso is just on another planet when it comes to everyone else." Even Verstappen? "You put Alonso in a Mercedes and hamilton will never win another title." If that were true Mercedes would sign him in a heart beat. So would Red Bull. Immediately. As would Ferrari and McLaren. But they don't. Ferrari wanted to sign Senna before he died. McLaren tried to make Prost reconsider his 1993 retirement and offered him a drive for McLaren in 1994. Bernie Ecclestone tried to make Jackie Stewart come out of retirement 4 years after and offered him a good contract. Last of all. Alonso is a great driver. Truly very talented. But a driver needs to be more than just a driver. He needs to know how to work with the team, how to develop a car, how to provide ample feedback to the team, how to pull a team together to go the same way. Jack Brabham, Graham Hill and Nelson Piquet were great drivers. I place Alonso among those. But they were never the best. Neither is Alonso. Btw, I wish Alonso all the luck. Only three drivers have finished on the podium in their 40's the last 50 seasons in F1 (Andretti, Schumacher, Mansell). So you'd be wise to put your expectations a little lower rather than living in lala-land as if it's still 2006. It's not.

    • Joe Cobra Channel
      Joe Cobra Channel

      @Max P. That's because he was McLarens golden boy. Regardless Alonso for me will always be the better driver. You put Hamilton in a slow car and he is nothing, but we will never know as he never seems to be in a crap car.

  • Karan

    just watching the way he drives puts a smile on my face and also clarifies the fact that age does not mean shit😂

  • Anup

    Alpine is too slow and Alonso is too fast

  • Aaron :D
    Aaron :D

    putting alonso in that car was the best decision that team has ever made in the past few years

  • D Fa
    D Fa

    Never collide with rival,goat

  • Patrick Frederich
    Patrick Frederich

    Rubbish Lewis

  • DhStyleZz

    alonso: i didnt wanna say anything about the vibrations hamilton: bono my tyres

    • nes suno
      nes suno

      Rumour has it, Hamilton also calls to complain about his tyres going round and round

  • Martwo

    It's nice to see Fernando's change in attitude. He doesn't seem toxic at all now, in fact all the opposite, and the old man still got moves.

    • EFE-TE-GE

      @vausgsushh finally someone said it. Probably Ham is way more toxic trying to avoid by any means having a young talent alongside.

    • vausgsushh

      @Joselu it is what it is 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Inside

      he was portrayed as a hero by spanish media, I believe he lies somewhere in between but closer to a hero :)

    • Joselu

      @vausgsushh now Max is suffering that. Brit sport.

    • vausgsushh

      He wasn’t that toxic in the first place it’s just how he was portrayed by the British media.

  • Erdinc Ef1
    Erdinc Ef1

    Now he can fight.HE CAN FIGHT

  • Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij
    Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij

    The Heir of Ayrton Senna.

    • 24AMPER


  • Edu00

    Friendly reminder that this channel’s comment section was full of hate towards him during the first 2 races. Now they’re all quiet 🤡 🤡

    • Springheel Jack
      Springheel Jack

      @Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij Many newcomers to watching F1 simply do not understand the difference between the cars or the performance brackets. You are absolutely right

    • PortuguesePirate99

      @Ponfi Bottas 😂😂

    • Ponfi

      @Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij true and false, true cause in most of the cases comparing to a teamate is the best to rate a driver, and false cause sometimes the team completly screws one driver to boost the other everytime they can no matter who is better than who, just because bias (didnt massively happen recently (thank god))


      @2jzandy s exactly

    • Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij
      Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij

      @PortuguesePirate99 Hahaha 100% agree :D Thanks man

  • Rolee28

    110% Again. Nice job Fernando. 6 points. You deserved. That was the maximum. Vamos! 🇪🇸👍

  • No Pomegranates
    No Pomegranates

    Fernando's P7 is going really under the radar. One of the drives of the race!

    • Diana Cardo Festa
      Diana Cardo Festa

      @Rahul l

    • Rahul

      @Xan BeX Fernando's genius never ceases to amaze me. I even thought he did lift off a bit at Maggots and Beckett's during the sprint race to slow down Vettel behind (I don't have any telemetry to back this up but I felt that Vettel had to slow suddenly, it felt so from the camera angle), he was so close until then. If he hadn't done that it'd have been very easy for Vettel to pass him. Kind of reminded me of the Imola 2005.

    • Xan BeX
      Xan BeX

      @Rahul alpine team boss actually said fernando purposely made a drs train as a strategic decision. Makes sense as perez remained stuck behind stroll

    • Rahul

      Seriously mate, considering he even kept people on DRS behind for most of the race and a slow pit stop.

  • 24AMPER

    In belated news, Nikita Mazepin actually passed his teammate and beat him on raw pace.

    • A Bloody Nova
      A Bloody Nova

      @I Just Fell Down It's still the old chassis, though, isn't it? New one won't come until after summer break?

    • quentin hirschfeld
      quentin hirschfeld

      @24AMPER It's difficult to overtake in Silverstone if your car isn't clearly faster!

    • 24AMPER

      @Febsho From what I heard, that was not a problem until after he was passed, and even when it was fixed, Mick could not pass Nikita back, even with several laps to do so.

    • I Just Fell Down
      I Just Fell Down

      Mazepin has a new chassis, he was talking about it in last GP interviews. Not saying the car did it for him but it's definitely made it harder for Mick. Even if they say they're not developing the car I'm sure the engineers squeezed something out of it if they built a new one anyway. I'm sure Mick will get a new one too in a couple of races.

    • Febsho

      @24AMPER u know mick had errors with his car and fixed it by end of the race and almost overtake hjim again

  • 24AMPER

    Put Alonso in a trash can and he'll turn it into gold. Put this guy in a good car and say your prayers. I hope he stays a few more years and Alpine continues to grow.

    • Alexander Tan
      Alexander Tan

      Except mclaren-honda

    • Ivan Ivanov
      Ivan Ivanov

      In a matter od fact, they are 6 years in the sport yet no results. 1 p4 constructors finish and that's all. It a shame for Renault.

    • Seshvir Seodutt
      Seshvir Seodutt

      Also ocon got a handy P9

  • PortuguesePirate99

    Honestly at this point even i know that you are supposed to go P1 then wait a few seconds and go P0 so why they being told again hahaha. but yeah my guy Fernando doing Fernando type things even in cars that arent to his caliber

    • I luh u Myyyke
      I luh u Myyyke

      @quentin hirschfeld It's the dilemma of F1, your teammate is also your rival.

    • Antonio Bertozzi
      Antonio Bertozzi

      @quentin hirschfeld now he is searched by Interpol for 10+ murders! Strange that they didnt catch him already...🤣

    • quentin hirschfeld
      quentin hirschfeld

      @Sadikur Rahman Ciaron isn't wrong, Alonso, though he is a master behind the wheels (the best of this generation imo), is a very-political driver, he usually kills his teammates behind the scenes!

    • 24AMPER

      @PortuguesePirate99 I hope so. He gives me Scott Dixon vibes. Someone who ages only in the numbers while the talent never fades.

    • PortuguesePirate99

      @24AMPER think he might already be there if im honest. I mean u could argue it either way but i think its harder to win races now with the tech improvement and reliance on data compared to only driver feel and lap times of the old days but the older cars were more dangerous and the pros and cons and go on if we compare the eras. I dont see him getting that indy 500 win unfortunately unless he does like 4 or 5 of them. But yeah he really hasnt lost any speed and still has like another 10years of racing left minimum so who knows. I hope he does get the Triple crown though, deserves it massively

  • DXMG

    Just wait until Alonso and Alpine improve the car next season they’re going to be right up there fighting for podiums

    • DXMG

      @Shafin Ibrahim Hossain bro, I want him to win more WDC but it’s a process

    • DXMG

      @Xan BeX that’s what I love about Alonso when he clearly had sub par machinery he drives the arse off it and way over performs

    • DXMG

      @Nino Faraguna yes doesn’t mean it won’t be an improvement, improvement means they are one of the better cars on the grid man

    • Shafin Ibrahim Hossain
      Shafin Ibrahim Hossain

      Podiums 🙂 He has 97 of them. He needs a 3rd title and 10 more victories.

    • Nino Faraguna
      Nino Faraguna

      You know next year is a new car? No improving.

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys

    I hope he squirrels a podium next year but probably not

    • Giorno'

      Next year ? Since Renault/Alpine has a lot of money and they're focused on 2022, we'll probably get a competitive Alpine next year, at least i hope

    • The Raging Storm
      The Raging Storm

      A bit of drama up front and it's possible mate

    • tyler hosein
      tyler hosein

      dont count him out 😉

  • renumultiplus

    ALO has been really coming back into form recently. Maybe doesn't have the qualy pace yet but in a race he's still got it.

    • quentin hirschfeld
      quentin hirschfeld

      Alonso is a quick driver, but he rarely do magic on one lap pace (given his age, also, it's quiet normal), his real greatness is the race-crafting ability, he is the absolute master at doing so!

    • GigaKubica

      Id say in the last few races he’s been on it in quali. Doing better then Esteban, and Alonso isn’t exactly a master qualifier compared to his racecraft

    • robertoppenheimer

      He was never that good in qualy. He's always been the race day driver.

    • Puroku Junior
      Puroku Junior

      @p_nilly I want to see him next year, if Alpine will be bad... I think we will got the MAD Alonso back. :D @renumultiplus He is better in qualis again. :)

    • renumultiplus

      @p_nilly You hit the nail on the head. The pre hiatus ALO was a weird racer to watch. He dragged they MCL to decent positions where it didn't belong but it seemed he no longer enjoyed it. He's always been a master at starts and I'm hoping he gets a decent car before he retires to another series for good.

  • or i i i
    or i i i

    This was an eventful af race