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This weekend is the 2021 F1 British grand prix at Silverstone! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!

This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • Paul Ob
    Paul Ob

    Since they changed there colour there flying again 🤣

  • William Stephens
    William Stephens

    I'm going to call it Q4 from now on.

  • Awesimo

    He didn't even have a particularly good start, all the positions were made with good old racing moves.

  • Steve Harold
    Steve Harold

    Lewis is good but man he learned from the best. Alonso in a redbull would be very scary. The things hes doing in that Alpine is beyond measure. Him and George within the best drivers on the grid.

  • pat eusebio
    pat eusebio

    at this point alonso playing for fun and money

    • Ashabel Kahfi
      Ashabel Kahfi

      The fact that he did such an incredible start, putting risks to his car for gaining position only and not even to gain any points, I'd say he's as competitive as before. While also doing this for the money and fun. 🤣

  • Myspot Myrules
    Myspot Myrules


  • Nico Montinola
    Nico Montinola

    Other drivers like Mazepin, Schumacher and Norris will crash into other cars in the esses but Alonso makes it look like his car is on rails!

  • Anthony Marks
    Anthony Marks

    Best driver on the grid

  • Joy L
    Joy L

    I most of all enjoy the sound coming from the Alpine and the colour.

  • Terry Fisher
    Terry Fisher

    This man is still one of the best drivers on the grid

  • Sonu666

    Q4 😁👍

  • tiger saux
    tiger saux

    brings some warmth in you when you remember his stint at mclaren

  • -TJ-

    "I think we should call it Q4"

  • Infrared

    One podium and this guys confidence is gonna be on stonks📈📈📈📈📈

  • Adam 222
    Adam 222

    Q4 sounds good

  • Carlos suarez carreño
    Carlos suarez carreño

    A car for the best f1 driver Fernando Alonso

  • Durodes Duvo
    Durodes Duvo

    Did he walk the track twice this week?!

  • Glenn Saravillo
    Glenn Saravillo

    anybody can educate me why most, if not all, always go P1 a few seconds then P0. and what does P1 and P0 exactly mean if anybody knows. (is P1 neutral then P0 switch off engine?) Thanks.

    • Sheraad190

      See it as a Windows PC. You. First close all applications (P1) before shutting down Windows (p0)

  • Amazing A The Dreamer
    Amazing A The Dreamer

    He had his normal Alonso start. 😁

  • pacc cc
    pacc cc

    Like he is kinda bad, he just. Maybe lucky for 2 world campionship

    • Lord demon
      Lord demon

      The championships that he achieved plus the two runners-up have more merit than all the hamilton championships, he achieved those championships without having the best car on the grid, hamilton instead won having a car light years superior to the rest.🖕

  • pacc cc
    pacc cc

    he is overated. Hamilton is many better than this guy. Like i watching f1 for maybe 20 yrs and hamilton can still get 2nd with a car that are mayb 5th fastest in the gird

    • Sjajs Rifle ror
      Sjajs Rifle ror

      @pacc cc what that’s stupid

    • Rib Rob
      Rib Rob

      @pacc cc Hamilton sux balls. Hitting people into the barriers gj.

    • pacc cc
      pacc cc

      @Dirty Harry i am just talking faxts

    • pacc cc
      pacc cc

      @Sjajs Rifle ror ye and hamilton get a 1000 second lead so many better

    • pacc cc
      pacc cc


  • i do
    i do

    rookie of the year no doubt

  • suzuka1307r

    what was Alonso saying about being lucky, I didn't understand that part much?

    • Frostlife

      About Spa in-lap, that they don't have to do it or they would get to parc ferme at 6pm, they just go through the pit exit instead doing the whole lap

  • quentin bearez
    quentin bearez

    From P11 to P5 of lap 1 it’s incredible start!

  • Chawatronic

    Six positions in one lap, giving Alpine 200%. It's the fucking God!!

  • Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij
    Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij

    The Heir of AYRTON SENNA. No doubt.

  • 24AMPER

    There is something on the flyyy that race... The driver's full pace... FER-NAN-DOOOOOOOO

  • Anastasis Chatzinikolaou
    Anastasis Chatzinikolaou

    Let's go Fernando Let's fucking go

  • spikem603

    Q4 hahahaha

  • Antonis Biamis
    Antonis Biamis

    Alonso's performance is scary

    • Romeo Reposhi
      Romeo Reposhi

      Get him back on the Ferrari your both drivers are shit he will put the to sleep over lap them on the same car 🤌🏼😅

  • Pytajnick 147
    Pytajnick 147


  • Karan

    that first lap was a real tearjerker the alonso of old🥺

    • Jon Nodtveidt
      Jon Nodtveidt

      Alonso 2012 ;(

  • No Pomegranates
    No Pomegranates

    Was just amazing seeing Fernando at his best!! Also watching him and Vettel battle will always be legendary.


    Magic Alo is back🚀😱 Were are all those...that they though alo was too old for this🧐🤫

  • DerÖsiFlo

    vettel pronounciation on point

  • Teo Cobos
    Teo Cobos

    Puto amo

  • JMcdermott

    Nando is a legend, in my top 3 favourite drivers very easily. Verstappen Vettel Alonso :)

  • Bradley Kaluya
    Bradley Kaluya

    It's frightening that Alonso is still that good and is considered to not be at the peak of his powers anymore. It's a shame he's never really had the machinery to show his talent despite his 2 WDCs. One of the best of all time no doubt.


      HONDA engine failed him in not just F1. HONDA also failed in his Indy 500. McLaren failed to give him a good car in both Indy 500 and they can't even replace a broken steering wheel. Fernando always gives 110%. Honda and McLaren were just 50%.

    • GloomGaiGar

      The only person who can say if he is or is not at his peak is himself. I think watching him fight in inferior machinery made for a better spectacle but yes, I would really like to see him in a more competitive car.

    • Roger Fredriksson
      Roger Fredriksson

      @Max G : agree 100%. But remember ; the Japanese don’t like to ”loose face” , so in SOME aspects , he pushed them forward.

    • Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij
      Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij

      @Max G Honda is very childish, they gave his car a shit engine and he just said what everyone thought. Honda engines were absolutely shit, and he just made it clear to the public. And what do you mean "stop blaming everyone else"? It is others fault that he did not win 2007 for example, it is others peoples fault that they made unrealistic promises to Fernando in Ferrari and McLaren Honda, not his fault. If you rob me ai am going to blame you because THAT IS WHAT HAPPENED.

    • weofnjieofing

      In Alonso’s defence he could never have envisaged the difficulty of the McLaren Honda partnership, nobody could. Basically it was expected that the Honda engine in 2017 was to be the competitiveness of the Honda engine in 2021. That was the expectation and why he signed up with McLaren and left Ferrari. Alonso said he had no regrets making that choice because at the time it was the best for him and his desire for a third title.

  • Amartya Gupta
    Amartya Gupta

    That was awesome

  • Reynaldi Widjaja
    Reynaldi Widjaja

    cant baet experience !!

  • HereWeGoAgain

    SpRinT is BaD bRinG bAcK oLd ForMat headass

  • Rolee28

    What a brilliant start and sprint Champ! You are the best! Keep pushing tomorrow!

  • Suryavikaas

    Dumb strategy by Q2 knockouts. All had fresh softs and the free choice on Sunday race irrespective of sprint tyres

    • Frozen Man
      Frozen Man

      That's not what he means. Most teams expected Mediums to be better but if I remember correctly all soft tyre runners gained positions. I suppose that's what he meant.

  • bengdrives _
    bengdrives _

    They finally give him a.. a.. rocketship and not P11

    • Roger Fredriksson
      Roger Fredriksson

      If all drivers had equal cars , it would be such good , close races. And I firmly believe that Alonso would be involved in podium fights for many of them. Along with almost half the grid. But F1 is also about development and evolution on all levels , so those conditions will most surtainly never happen.

    • 023_Muhammad Rizky Perdana
      023_Muhammad Rizky Perdana

      @Romeo Reposhi oh no 2007 flashback

    • Romeo Reposhi
      Romeo Reposhi

      @Adam 222 c'mon we all know he's the best driver and that's it. They call him truble because he's firey no one likes to lose and he sure doesn't. And we all love a driver who gets on a camera and says it how it is the truth. You got shit engine say it why hide it and he says it how it is no beating around the bush with alonso

    • Adam 222
      Adam 222

      @Romeo Reposhi relevance here?

    • KS KHAS
      KS KHAS

      @Bobolgob Olle Kohanovskij maybe lewis, butit will be a real fight with max

  • Balraj Tavanandi
    Balraj Tavanandi

    I'm sure seb enjoying too

  • JX25

    Thanks to him the sprint race wasn't completely boring, good job Nando

  • TheJokerit19

    DOTD, although his defending was slightly questionable at times.

    • Tońo Volt
      Tońo Volt

      atleast he made the whole sprint exciting lol

  • Kucing Kejeblos
    Kucing Kejeblos

    I think the highlights of the sprint is mostly him doing that crazy start

    • Şenol Yılmaz
      Şenol Yılmaz

      Alonso's race start did it better than usual as the main highligts of sprint race depended on rocketship start.

    • Romeo Reposhi
      Romeo Reposhi

      Name that thing what ever that was sprint mini race bollox name that (Alonso)

  • Gio Milahy
    Gio Milahy

    The only thing i like about the idea of sprint race is because i know Fernando would thrive here with his start.

    • Syed Sohail Ahmed
      Syed Sohail Ahmed

      Another thing is you never know what's gonna happen next with others Perez and Sainz went back and the mclarens and max gained as they can also analyze the starts of their team and other teams

  • Mattia Cisternino
    Mattia Cisternino

    Alonso in this race be like : ↪️↩️↪️↩️↪️↩️↪️↩️

  • estanislao

    Brilliant start by Fernando, he’s still got it.

    • Romeo Reposhi
      Romeo Reposhi

      @Ahmed Haeba rookie and McLaren carried his big balls mate

    • Maximilian Bima
      Maximilian Bima

      @Ahmed Haeba you mean Formula 3000 😂

    • Ahmed Haeba
      Ahmed Haeba

      I guess the rookie carried over some of his skills from f2

    • Jamie Ellis
      Jamie Ellis

      He's still got it?? *He's never lost it*

    • Romeo Reposhi
      Romeo Reposhi

      Still got it mate he never lost it. I'm sick of everyone saying even that Indian gizzer when he interviewed him and said that was the old Alonso shut it mate Alonso should've said I'm still the same driver the best there is 😂

  • Stephen

    He's still got it 👍

  • Pat Buchanan
    Pat Buchanan

    So nice hearing him enjoying himself after he had been miserable for so long

  • Žnj Žblj
    Žnj Žblj


  • Alzex

    I really enjoyed the show of the magician

  • Big Balls
    Big Balls

    Him getting so far up and then watching both mclarens try to get past him made the race very entertaining

    • Spetz Air
      Spetz Air

      @Frc WHat is your point? He weaved in the breaking zone, that was illegal, he got warned because he committed a minor offence and then went on. It was still illegal?!

    • Frc

      @Spetz Air He did it once, was warned, stopped doing it. Most of his defending was before the braking zone. At least acknowledge the basic facts.

    • Ponfi

      I love how people and the FIA still thinks it was illegal, even norris said he was doing nothing wrong wtf, you have the car being screwed the most by the waving defending his clean driving but as always the FIA has to punish those that arent doing nothing wrong just because the penalties and rules are managed by how the stewards feel the day like happend to norris last race Who knows better, a bunch of people that never drove and are famous for theire stupid random penalties or the guy whose objective is to pass the guy waving and has experience driving a F1 in F1

    • Spetz Air
      Spetz Air

      @E. Gueveli What you meant to say is that you stopped caring about facts. And you know what, that's fine but at least admit to it. If you really stopped caring you would've stopped replying tho so at least don't be a complete let down in your life and be successful at least at one thing and stop replying.

    • E. Gueveli
      E. Gueveli

      @Spetz Air well i stopped caring about your opinion couple of hours ago, i have just read first sentence and skipped all of the caps lock nonsense. Next step would be ignoring all of it, so keep trying if you want