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  • Lexie Krewitt
    Lexie Krewitt

    PIERRE= best human being!!! This is how you should react!

  • - Lorentzen
    - Lorentzen

    Do you even talk England

  • onkouth

    Most of the other drivers, is Max ok, Hamilton, woohoo red flag, I can now fix the car and get back in the race without Verstappen to beat me!

  • Lena

    He asked twice 😭😭 Him and Max have a great friendship so this makes sence but it is also great sportsmenship first of all..

  • Mercrus63

    Fun Fact: Gaslys engineer is called Pierre too

  • Justus ten Berge
    Justus ten Berge

    At least Pierre is worried about Max's health unlike some british driver and his german team boss. He had his Email ready before the red flag. To me that shows some admittance of guilt. Next time the shoe will be on the other foot I think.

  • Bert Demeulemeester
    Bert Demeulemeester

    Got to love the frenchies like Pierre and Charles. They really care about the others. Typical french behaviour. Warm and genuine people

    • Rebekah L
      Rebekah L

      @Bert Demeulemeester 😅😊 J'habite avec mon parents en ce moment, mais j'aime la France 🥰🇨🇵❤ c'est jolie (:

    • Bert Demeulemeester
      Bert Demeulemeester

      @Rebekah L langue? Donc tu a un handicap en plus avec ton accent cent pourcent francophone😜. Eh c'est chique et sympa le francais donc...😁

    • Rebekah L
      Rebekah L

      @Bert Demeulemeester would almost definitely fail at pronouncing your name, considering I can bearly pronouce names in my own langue

    • Bert Demeulemeester
      Bert Demeulemeester

      @Rebekah L apologies😅. Then again, I am pretty sure that you would completely butcher my name when attempting to pronounce it too no? So this Rebekah is a lastname I presume?

    • Rebekah L
      Rebekah L

      @Bert Demeulemeester Totally get that! Although what I don't understand how it is possoble for you to spell my name wrong when it is literally right next to it, lmao

  • Rogelio Damian
    Rogelio Damian


  • Ana Sofia
    Ana Sofia

    He deserves the world ✨🥺

  • fred tetsu
    fred tetsu

    Brothers in arms!

  • xD4rkridex

    you clickbait titel and thumbnail wont make you pathetic videos better downvote

  • Bernadette Corsame
    Bernadette Corsame

    That is why I love Pierre too just like Daniel, Kimi and Vettel ... They never take the sport personal and there-is-always-another-race- to-improve attitude for these Racers ...

  • yes no
    yes no

    Pierres engineer needs to have a voice off with Micks engineer

  • Hachimichima

    His engineer voice sounds like a teenager.

  • michael alexander
    michael alexander

    Is Max dead? Can I get his seat??

  • Marcel gombault
    Marcel gombault

    )Most drivers asked about Max after the crash except the one that caused it, Hamilton is so disgusting. Funny how Toto said just about a week ago, that they are only just about a DNF behind. A more fair result would have been 10 sec after the race, but F1 is controlled by Poms, how many stewards are Poms? The one commentator can’t even finish a sentence without mentioning Lewis. Like after this race and races for the last 7 years he act as if he was so good after a win, it was not him it was the car, and a puppet teammate that must follow Toto’s rules. And his black lives issues is also fake and discussing, he moved to an all-white tax free country to avoid paying taxes when his own country struggles’ with poor black issues. And then they make him a “SIR”

  • Tim Annear
    Tim Annear

    Hamilton's career is now tarnished forever because of this regardless of what he goes on to do or win in F1.

  • djdsf

    I understand it would never happen, but I'd buy so much RB merch if GAS and PER were both in RB. They are defense my favorite drivers along with RIC

  • AGVancouver

    It’s funny how old videos about Schumacher’s races come up whenever I watch videos about this incident.

  • Hope & Faith
    Hope & Faith

    and Lewis said "he turned into me, he turned into me" sure Lewis whatever you say you the king wright ?

    • Ronald Van kuyk
      Ronald Van kuyk

      You saw on the camera that this hamilul took the inside .the apixyou knowronadam

  • Jeff Connolly
    Jeff Connolly

    And we have Lewis who didn’t once asked his engineer if Max was okay

    • gegna37

      He did eventually, when he was nearly at the pits I think, it really felt like he should have asked sooner though

  • Northern Utah Dashcam
    Northern Utah Dashcam

    Great guy that doesn’t think about himself first like others did.

  • Eddie Correa
    Eddie Correa

    Pierre is a genuinely good kid. I timed Lewis. It took him 3mins and 14 seconds to ask if Max was ok. He talked on the radio almost the entire time of that about how it was Max's fault and how he had damage. Lewis is trash.

  • Pete V
    Pete V

    Good on Pierre.

  • M G
    M G

    Just thought about this… if Riccardo doesn’t perform well soon, could we see Gasly move to McLaren

  • Huh:///


  • Na Na
    Na Na

    Everyone except LH was concerned about Max..(atleast from what we know publicly, and from his disgusting post race celebration) this is one side of LH i.hate and makes me want him to lose WDC this year

  • Sarojini Chelliah
    Sarojini Chelliah

    It was a relief to hear Max was ok and walking out of the car but I am amazed how well F1 cars are designed to provide maximum protection to the drivers. The wonders of tech.

  • Emmanuel Cortes
    Emmanuel Cortes

    FIA MOST change their rules about dangerous driving. There is no way Hamilton should have been awarded the chance to win at Silverstone after his reckless driving action at one of the fastest corners on F1; It is absolutely ridiculous that he only received a 10 second penalty for that. If FIA does not make a better rule about reckless diving in a highly dangerous area like a super fast corner, there will be more terrifying accidents in the future, because drivers will keep doing such dangerous actions, knowing that they can take out an opponent and gain major points (in this case it was a total 50 points gain in the championship. MAX -25 and Louis +25) and only carry an absurd 10 second penalty.


    hamilton tapped him on purpose to take him out and catch up, he needs 1 race ban. lewis struggling that much he has to do dirty tactics.

  • Abu-Omar Al-Bakr
    Abu-Omar Al-Bakr

    I wish Hamilton would had been humble like that

  • Lefty Me
    Lefty Me

    And Hamilton was whining for 2-3 minutes before he asked if Max was ok....what a psychopath.

  • Laith Yaseen
    Laith Yaseen


  • Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker

    He cares ❤

  • Emma J
    Emma J

    i feel gasly is so underrated but he’s such a great guy and driver

  • Tom Bystander
    Tom Bystander

    Pierre, Charles, George, max, Carlos, and lando. That group right there is il migliore

    • Indigo

      What about me?

  • NoMore Mr.NiceGuy
    NoMore Mr.NiceGuy

    After having a couple days to digest this I reflect on what I have seen before: If this was NASCAR, both teams would get hauled to the NASCAR trailer, and told to race fair, knock off the crap, and not try to kill each other and if they can't do that then go race some other series. To finish first you must first finish, even if the other guy is being a dick. You can be right as rain but if being right punts you into the weeds, then maybe you need to rethink your strategy. They both need to take a step back and man up.

  • KosmicHaynerRacingTeam

    Nice to see people care about max (except Lewis of course)

  • christophe prandin
    christophe prandin

    Lol we speak English in France but a different way 🤣 and i'm stunned that some people like it. The 2 Pierre (Gasly and Hamelin) are very nice guys i met them at Le Castelet they signed me my cap and told them they were doing great job even with a mid-grid car Pierre G laughed and replied " you have the right vision and thought" and we shook hands.

  • Ankur Gupta
    Ankur Gupta

    Gasly's tone of voice sums up everything.


    Love French accent...just love it

  • Rocker Power
    Rocker Power

    Very nice to see some driver say to Max! Hope he is ok

  • xpaolo

    why dont they just speak french?

    • Roy Donnahee
      Roy Donnahee

      English is the official language used by F1. Radio messages are monitored and officials can't have twenty different languages being spoken.

  • hieperdepiep

    Hamilton: its Max oke? Wolf: YES to bad, he,s oke. Hamilton: Damn we try next time better sorry guys

  • Dejan Triv
    Dejan Triv

    Long live Max and other great F-1 drivers 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Heart Break Kid
    Heart Break Kid

    All are concerned expect Hamilton, he believes only in crashing.

  • levanoni

    It's interesting that we never hear them speak french to each other on the radio. Even in the cooling down lap

  • pheon1300

    Even now ,Hamilton says,it’s not fault,sow how little of a person he is

  • NationVenomous

    Driving these cars for our entertainment, with the huge risk. Respect to all of them throughout the grid. If you ever get the chance to see F1 cars live. You realise from the front to the back of the grid they are giving their all.

  • Saintwolvinn

    Pierre showed more decency and concern than the guy that blew Max’s tire.

    • Stu

      @Muriel Lavigne sorry pal but if you’re thinking that way you most certainly had no respect for him in the first place. The fact Max even posted a ridiculous comment like that shows you HIS distinct lack of respect for Lewis, as he does anyone. Lewis always has a good word for Max so the fact you don’t recognise that suggests to me you either don’t pay attention or wish to acknowledge it.

    • Muriel Lavigne
      Muriel Lavigne

      @Stu this is a very different situation. Hamilton was the one Max collided with and they’re fighting for a championship. He could at least have some respect to Max or say something decent abt him in an interview instead of saying “he is the most aggressive driver I’ve met” while he is in a hospital. Grosjean was another accident and its sad what happend, but that has nothing to do with the way Hamilton was partying after this race knowing that he collided with someone who had 51G over him. That’s the reason my respect for him went 📉

    • Stu

      He asked if he was ok? Hamilton: is Max ok? Literally all of them only asked that once the red flag came out. But let’s all show ridiculous crazy reactions and blame Hamilton for everything for a guy that got out of the car and walked away fine… It was clearly WAY worse than Grosjean turning into a human fireball after stroll cut him up and sent him into a steal barrier at 150mph…. Wake up please.

  • Bfair

    They all try to create symphaty for Max and haterstowards Hamilton. A world of sick people

    • f1 nonengineer
      f1 nonengineer

      Dude, this is a piece of audio. If you don't like it, don't listen to it. In case:it doesn't fit your narrative: tough luck.

    • Steve Cattoir
      Steve Cattoir

      The only one who creates hatred against Hamilton is Lucky Lewis the sick clown himself.

  • pro fahrer
    pro fahrer

    Gasly's best team radio after winning Monza.. he is a great man Everyone was asking what happened.. I hope that hard duels will stop.. (and Merc will lost all races till the end🙃)

  • Levi_p

    Pierre is the main character in F1

  • Master Race of everything
    Master Race of everything

    At this point Lewis was said “I WAS AHEAD OF HIM” winning something or being good at something doesn’t make you wise or a mentor material! Get over your head and accept Lewis ain’t a saint of F1. he has issues and arrogance as much as anyone

    • Justus ten Berge
      Justus ten Berge

      @Hammer Bro 19 outside the track he a very selfish bastard too. He wants everyone to respect him but no respect in return. He became a spoiled brat. Same goes for leclerc.

    • Hammer Bro 19
      Hammer Bro 19

      You're right. Hamilton may be the villain in F1, but outside of the track... You know what. (Yes this last line was from Vettel's in Baku when he didn't get Q3)

  • In Orbit
    In Orbit

    How he finds the time to say, "please"

  • crazyworld1993

    Do you have Daniel's audio?

  • Be12

    Fun fact: his race engineer is also called Pierre (Pierre Hamelin).

    • S Hawk
      S Hawk

      Pierre is a very common french name

    • DatAsianKid

      dunno why but i just hear Gordon Ramsey shouting the name PIERRE

    • Be12

      @Bart Speybrouck yeah,quite evident when they pronounce"front".

    • Bart Speybrouck
      Bart Speybrouck

      And both are actually french speakers ….

    • Xtopsu 4
      Xtopsu 4

      Imagine an conv between them.

  • ctx

    Do the race engineers have to keep it in English? Obviously Gasly's engineer is the most french man ever and Gasly is french as well.

    • justme justmee
      justme justmee

      When ocon crasht on max Verstappen Hamilton did celebrate to and blamed max

  • Peter Weverling
    Peter Weverling

    If only “sir” Lewis had 10% of this collegial care….

    • Burts1111

      @Aditya JagtapI do sympathise with Hamilton after all this, you're right, but at least I admit that. However, all I've really done here though is pointed out the hypocracy that you and every other Verstappen fan are spouting right now. I mean, you've just been telling me about Schumacher and sportsmanship... Schumacher, who is arguably the most unsporting F1 driver there has ever been.

    • Aditya Jagtap
      Aditya Jagtap

      @Burts1111 this is me being impartial It's you who's favouring Hamilton for no reason

    • Burts1111

      @Aditya Jagtap Right, so you cite Max's social media where he posts his personal opinions but you're not a fan. You realise that all RB, Christian and Max are trying to do is cast as much negativity upon the result as possible, right? Just as Mercedes are doing the opposite. I'm not even going to talk about you mentioning Michael Schumacher and sportsmanship in the same sentence. I get it, you're expressing your views against Hamilton. There's nothing wrong with that but at least try to hide your obvious bias against him and stay somewhat impartial.

    • Aditya Jagtap
      Aditya Jagtap

      @Burts1111 first of all I'm not a max fan And secondly, the topic of discussion is Hamilton's sportsmanship. Just because Max's behaviour is "un sportsmanlike", that doesn't mean you should behave like that. After all Max is a junior. Hamilton is one of the senior most and experienced drivers on the grid. This type of behaviour is not expected from him. That's why there's a difference between a Michael Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton, a Roger Federer and a Novak Djokovic, a Kane Williamson and a Steve Smith to name a few. You consider yourself a legend, a GOAT, then you should also show that from your behaviour and not be some desperate cheap ass.

    • Burts1111

      @Aditya Jagtap I genuinely find it weird that a Verstappen fan is at all concerned with sportsmanship. I mean, there are now rules in place to specifically address Max's 'un-sportsmanlike' defensive tactics. These weren't needed for any other driver, just him. I get that you and rest of the orange army like to think Max is the Messiah and infallible but it's really not the case.

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic

    Well I think what I'm gonna say may sound stupid but did you notice that in every radio of this weekend when someone asked if Max was ok was after the engineer says "red flag"? That's when you know things get serious.

  • Victoria NL
    Victoria NL

    Pierre is so genuine! 💛❤️

  • Matt JC
    Matt JC

    Why not communicate in French?

  • MrAleks

    0:31 *Fhont right tire*

  • Jali

    I love Pierre's engineer, his voice, his accent, his humbleness, it's just perfect

  • Dhanie Djardy
    Dhanie Djardy

    Seems pierre's engineer is french? So why they didnt speak in french to each other?

    • Justus ten Berge
      Justus ten Berge

      Fia has a rule only to communicate in english during the race. Otherwise there would be no control over what's allowed during the race.

    • Amir Penkar
      Amir Penkar

      Because other potentially non-French speaking people have to also hear what Gasly has to say.. like strategists, TP and other engineers

  • Onkar Indurkar
    Onkar Indurkar

    Lewis asked the same thing just after the crash but somehow he is the bad or even worst guy.

  • Bob Shank
    Bob Shank

    Gasly showing his genuine concern for his competitor is really nice…these guys go wheel to wheel but in the end they understand that situation so much more than us fans ever will….

    • John Krols
      John Krols

      This can't be said about Hamilton

  • John

    Gasly: “is he out of the car” Hamilton: “we have the best fan here”

    • Skarr

      @Justus ten Berge Hamilton had to turn out of Turn 1 against a diving Verstappen and BTW what I said was literally what Horner was gloating about, his words not mine Just take a look at his quote: “Turn 1 was mega. I mean Max, that was full Max Verstappen - he was just going for it - and he positioned the car fantastically well. He tucked in, he got a little bit of a tow and a bit of momentum. And yeah, he just braked later and ran the car wide. Thankfully Lewis had got out of it because otherwise he would’ve ended up in the fence.” • Horner after the Spanish GP British GP is a racing incident whether you like it or not and Max and RedBull aren't the angels the fans are treating them as.

    • Justus ten Berge
      Justus ten Berge

      @Skarr where did hamilton almost got into an fence? In your fantasy maybe. You dont know the difference between "almost" in the fence at a low speed corner and in the wall at at a high speed corner. I don't expect you to change your mind but please come up with some real arguments. Cheater got a 10 seconds penalty for hitting Max. Where did Max got a penalty this year for "almost" hitting king fraud? He and toto where only creating drama when they couldn't win from RB by making innuendoes like "Tires most have been deflated", "flexible rear wing" or "engine power illegally upgraded". This time they had no other excuse so the most logical think would be, no matter what, close the gap in points, even by taking out Max. toto had his email ready for masi before the race was even red flagged. And he even went to talk to the stewards trying to influence their judgement. I hope toto will get a hefty fine for that. You hamridge fans are so obviously bias, you can smell it from miles away.

    • Skarr

      ​@Justus ten Berge Again, he was happy he took out 2 drivers with him, that's not sportsmanship at all...He is quite a hypocrite when he tries to bring sportsmanship as an argument against Hamilton for celebrating. Verstappen's aggressiveness when it comes to wheel-to-wheel racing this season with Hamilton has been apparent and at a point, Horner was gloating about Verstappen almost sending Hamilton into the fence if he didn't back down...So, all I can say is that they got a taste of their own medicine and they definitely didn't like it.

    • Justus ten Berge
      Justus ten Berge

      @Skarr 2017, when vettel and Kimi sandwiched Max? Yeah right, max was absolutely right by saying that. The way vettel pushed him into kimi was despicable.

    • f1 nonengineer
      f1 nonengineer

      @Skarr Which is also what his view is here, and rightfully as in both cases he was _being_ crashed, so of course you want the others to go off as well. Surprising?

  • jan janssen
    jan janssen

    More feeling then Hamilton....

    • Justus ten Berge
      Justus ten Berge

      @Viajo Dominguez Actually yes, he did on more occassions but you hamilfraud fans dont care. And in Baku, when he was out of the race, he also had the decency to came to applaud for Checo. Leclerc did also in Monaco. King cheater doesn't do that for bottas. So who is the bigger man here? Certainly not lewis. Max never mad a racist remark towards hamilton but by not saying anything about the racism from others, you make him out to be a racist? You got some weird logic there but it does surprise me. Can I make you out for a fascist because some of you countrymen are? I won't lower me to your standard but you don need to grow up.

    • Justus ten Berge
      Justus ten Berge

      @Viajo Dominguez Max is furious at lewis and him not saying anything is probably wise. He might say something inappropriate while having a concussion. Lewis is a big boy now, he can dish it, he can take it. No need for Max to stick up for him. Maybe the cheater should apologize to Max first when Max is willing to talk to him again.

    • Steve

      More feeling than racism too

    • Milli Vanilli
      Milli Vanilli

      who? scumbag?

  • Junior Mints
    Junior Mints

    The offbeat stamp pragmatically flash because carrot locally tame in a red closet. royal, acrid guarantee

  • That Can Don’t
    That Can Don’t

    Damn dude Pierre waiting three minutes to ask about Max…

  • elwingy

    Guess the driver who did not give a single fuck about Verstappen's health.

  • Shawn McDonald
    Shawn McDonald

    At the USGP 2019, Pierre was the only driver that stayed at the autograph session, well beyond his required time. He was all smiles, and signed my kid's hat. I think he is a genuinely good person.

    • Xynos Tasos
      Xynos Tasos

      @Halfblood Lewis is not a good person. The biggest hypocrite on and off the track.

    • ChefofWar

      He is a very good dude. He just needs to leave Red Bull program so he can continue developing his career.

    • ZaheenX

      @FunMedia185 He was saying Seb is good :)

    • FunMedia185

      @Halfblood so u saying Seb is bad or good???

    • Oscar Dabig
      Oscar Dabig

      After every race there is Pierre signing all kind of things for the fans on the paddock, outside the hotel, everywhere every time... he is a great guy

  • Even Stevener Productions
    Even Stevener Productions

    Where is these radio conversations obtained from?

  • mark taylor
    mark taylor

    Nice to hear his concern for max.

  • Luc Delarue
    Luc Delarue

    The two are fed up of speaking english whereas they both speak french

  • Salt AU
    Salt AU

    Gasly counting on getting called up, he'd run rings around Verstappen

    • dutchtrafficservice

      Yeah we saw that scenario already.

  • Matthew Cully
    Matthew Cully

    Do you have access to all the team radio throughout the race?

  • Madhavi Singh
    Madhavi Singh

    Seb, Pierre and Charles were actually concerned about Max. They asked about Max first thing after completing SC/Red Flag procedures. Meanwhile, Hamilton was just completing a formality. He went on a rant about how Max was at fault and he had damage first. Did a formality after that. And never said anything about Max ever again.

    • Phil Mianus
      Phil Mianus

      @Stu yeah it’s crazy. You can dislike Hamilton but people will look for the smallest of reasons just to hate on him. Same goes for Verstappen. I’m just happy I’m seeing a title fight again, and was disappointed to see Verstappen fly into the barrier in the first lap. I don’t want either of them to crash. For some reason the F1 fan base is so toxic it’s unbelievable.

    • Stu

      You really need to chill out. He asked if he was ok in literally the same way everyone else did as soon as the red flag was mentioned. Almost all the drivers coms are the same and there is no concern for at least a minute from Any of the drivers while they focus on temps, safety car and engine modes. Don’t let your bias cloud your mind of facts.

  • Jordan

    I’m sure Pierre was concerned. Max’s crash was Gasly.

    • Eric Renrut
      Eric Renrut

      too soon but nice one

  • crxdelsolsir

    Have you heard the Merc engineer give the update to Lewis? Lewis = "Is Max ok" so I can get some PR points Engineer = "He is out" but who tf cares man.

    • KPack 93
      KPack 93

      So the exact same exchange that Gasly just had with his engineer? Except you don't like the person asking?

    • Richard Hobbs
      Richard Hobbs

      @Vincrand so if it’s hard to know them, don’t speculate, it makes you look dumb

    • Vincrand

      @Jon Johnson Wouldn't say everything he says is for PR, but if someone says a lot just for PR then it becomes hard to know when he doesn't.

    • Jon Johnson
      Jon Johnson

      Lewis haters: everything Lewis does is fake and for PR points. Learn to see your biases, man...

  • My Account
    My Account

    Meanwhile in a Merc cockpit: ‘I was in front… he steered into me…’ what a charming fella…..

    • Shing Yeung
      Shing Yeung

      @Richard Hobbs love your creativity

    • karim aissani
      karim aissani

      @Richard Hobbs more bullock excuses, and here's an idea.... 300+km/h tail I'm pretty sure he was aware Max wasn't in the race anymore and if a red flag was waved out hmmmm must take a genius to figure that one out. 0 f**** given I stand by it. Images and comments displayed by him are hard to contradict. His oh I wasn't aware act was the end of the line for me. That's where he lost my respect. As for many others.

    • Richard Hobbs
      Richard Hobbs

      Here’s an idea, he was in front when Max hit the wall, he probably wasn’t staring at his wing mirror

    • karim aissani
      karim aissani

      Class isn't for everyone. It is for many but not all..... Huhhhh max had an accident.... I didn't notice.... He had to go to the hospital..... Oh would've never thought.... Either way f*** him I'm a sore loser and think I'm above the world.

  • crxdelsolsir

    French Engineer for a French Driver = "Parfait" (Perfect) I can imagine both of them speaking in French together.

  • The Milfennial
    The Milfennial

    Hamilton copying Schumacher "manners" when losing. He could have killed Verstappen. I totally lost respect for Hamilton.

    • Lulu44

      @Justus ten Berge man Hamilton will be definitely humiliated by fans in Dutch and Belgium gp. Current Hamilton is equal to 2013 vettel , I can’t wait for load of unluck and bad times in Hamilton’s way.

    • Justus ten Berge
      Justus ten Berge

      @Richard Hobbs there you go making up things again. Max has matured in 7 years. Can you say the same for cheater. He's like a cat being cornered, he is afraid of Max's abilities in a F1 car. Max out performed the cheater this year. The only way to win is to take Max out of the race. He knew that with the speed he had in copse, he would not make it if max wasn't there. He took way too much risk and took his direct opponent for the championship out of the race. His first concern was the damage on "his" car and toto already had an Email ready for masi. Toto even went to the steward office to protect the cheater. Masi is now making a new rule that forbids teambosses to influence the stewards in person. But you only see Max's mistakes from the past. Sir cheater can do no wrong in your eyes because he's your God. Nobody should be allowed to tell it as it is about him. Wel good luck with that. I go to Zandvoort and cant wait to see how sir cheater will be treated. I bet he will not be able to do any good in the eyes of the orange army. They will boo him back to his biatches.

    • Richard Hobbs
      Richard Hobbs

      @Justus ten Berge “Sir cheater” Quick to forget about the fact no one wants to be on the same part of the track as Max, people would rather race Mazepin cause at least him wrecking you out probably wouldn’t be deliberate it would either be cause of the car or by accident

    • Justus ten Berge
      Justus ten Berge

      @Richard Hobbs Max can make it look like an accident too. Lewis did and got away with it. Cant wait until the Dutch GP and how the orange army will "respect" sir cheater. He will cry, it's about him being black instead of the hate we have for him as a driver.

    • Lulu44

      @Rowin Grunder if you still not believe what I wrote , then call Ross Brawn. I am fan of formula one with pure racing. I know max and Lewis made many mistakes, but it does not mean drivers cross their limits. Hamilton was faster in straight line , he even able to overtake max after 2 or 3 laps like portimao. Is it not? But your Hamilton push his hammer time on wrong time. Champion need to act and behave like champion, not looser, that’s what I saying. Hope you understood.

  • Patrick den Engelse
    Patrick den Engelse

    For the older people among us lol, i'm 45. Only thing i hear is "Listen very carefully, i will say this only once" 😉🤣

    • RC-Fan NL
      RC-Fan NL

      You have zee painting of zee fallen Madonna, with zee (you know what comes next)

    • Tripjunky Tv
      Tripjunky Tv


    • Guust

      'Allo 'Allo!

    • MrJaylensaur


    • trex550

      🤣 classic

  • leonie

    What do they say after his engineer said it was a red flag? I didn't really understand it.

    • Ronald Van kuyk
      Ronald Van kuyk

      Red flag means stop the race indianpolis for instance clean the track think all these officals are working for gambling toto yesronadam

    • Wally McGuire
      Wally McGuire

      Red flag, red flag. Is Max Ok? So he is out of the car. I think it was quite a big hit. Mode 12 ... etc ...

    • Grizzly

      Prepare me some baguette 🥖🥖🥖 🥖

  • 人光

    Seriously man, that incident kicks Gasly's PTSD :(

  • leonie

    Could you maybe upload all the drivers' radios after Max' crash? If you can't, it's fine! Thank you for uploading these radios, I don't get to hear them anywhere else.

    • MNAIRN42

      @K.K.A. Varadaguru okay Lewis it’s hammer time into copse

    • Rhys

      @K.K.A. Varadaguru brilliant 👏

    • K.K.A. Varadaguru
      K.K.A. Varadaguru

      Bono: Get in there lewis

  • Brian Saben
    Brian Saben

    OMG, why did Pierre take so long to ask if Max was okay? Lol, don’t hear Pierre being criticized like Hamilton for taking just as long to ask about Max. F1 fans have become a bunch of hypocritical crybabies.

    • Brian Saben
      Brian Saben

      @HeinB’73 Are you an F1 driver? If not, please enlighten us to what your qualifications are. Leclerc, who had the best seat in the house, said it was a racing incident and neither was to blame.

    • Brian Saben
      Brian Saben

      @Tieske33 Guess you can’t look at things objectively. Hamilton asked about Max when other drivers didn’t ask at all or did after Hamilton. Hamilton is the only one being criticized. As far as causing the accident, that is up for debate.

    • HeinB’73

      Who drove Max of the track? It was definitely not Pierre. Besides it was terrible driving by Hamilton. Way too much speed for the inside of the corner leading to significant understeer.

    • Tieske33

      It was the first thing Gasly asked and at the first moment possible and way earlier. Big difference. Also Hamilton put Max in the barriers and celebrated like it is 1999 with his competitor in the hospital. Huge difference.

    • Brian Saben
      Brian Saben

      @Renaud vanK I listened to Checo’s radio on this channel and didn’t hear him ask about Max. Could’ve missed it.

  • Joy L
    Joy L

    5 facts why Hamilton absolutely did not deserve to win the GP: 1: Hamilton punted his main competitor off by hitting his rear wheel, so he did not actually race anybody 2: Hamilton then was allowed to repair his car because Michael Massi converted SC to Red Flag 3: Stewards gave Hamilton a meaningless penalty, the 2nd most lenient possible 4: Mercedes ordered Bottas to let Hamilton pass him 5: Hamilton then continued to pull the exact same gap-leaping move on Leclerc to take the lead of the race, Leclerc choosing safety over defending against Hamilton's recklessness It makes me want to vomit the way Hamilton "won" and celebrated

    • Joy L
      Joy L

      @Mike Cochrane I didn't say it was deliberate. Convenient for sure. No one else who can prevent him taking the win. If he had done it deliberately I would have been impressed. But no one knows if he did, only Hamilton knows. The point about the cracked rim is that with a SC it would have put him at the back of the field, with the Red Flag he kept his position.

    • Mike Cochrane
      Mike Cochrane

      @Joy L correct. However doesn't change the point that this wasn't a deliberate act to punt Max off at 180mph. Also a cracked rim is a quick change. The sort of damage he could have got would not have been so easy to fix.

    • Joy L
      Joy L

      @Dam Mcc They did. But Hamilton's wheel rim was cracked, which would have cost him a lot more time than 10 seconds if the race wasn't red-flagged.

    • Joy L
      Joy L

      @Sidd Yielding is only part of the discussion when cars are at least side by side. Hamilton struck Verstappen's rear right wheel. That's nowhere near side by side.

    • Joy L
      Joy L

      @Scotti Ramage A lot of things were much worse and less safe back then. Low hanging fruit.

  • Sebastian Frühwirth
    Sebastian Frühwirth

    gasly team radio at puncture please

  • Yabdi Football Challenges
    Yabdi Football Challenges

    "He's out of the car" and "he's ok" are completely different and Gasly's engineer is the only one who gets that

    • AlexanderFreshman

      @Lohith Reddy it could mean that max maybe in the crash flew and smashed into a metal post and died. He wouldn’t be ok. But he would have been out of the car. It’s a strange example but you should get it

    • Vincent Ras
      Vincent Ras

      @C but it took Lewis 3 minutes to ask the question, whilst Pierre asked it within a minute.

    • Yabdi Football Challenges
      Yabdi Football Challenges

      @CaroFreaky yes, I meant that somebody can sometimes still get out of the car when he is injured, although I understand the other competitors don’t give a shit, I still find it annoying that people assume he’s ok, if he’s out of the car. It’s not like I don’t want an ambulance after I scream “f*ck” when I fall from a staircase only because I am still alive. Grosjean also got out, but wasn’t “ok”, he still has pain on his hand.

    • Awesimo

      @stephane Crash Given how much time has passed since the accident, if he's out of the car that means he got out himself, which means he's not that bad. When Massa was hit by that spring in Hungary, he did not get out of the car himself.

    • ndjukic

      @Stu Bono specifically said "Yeah, he's out of the car", to Lewis's, "Is Max okay?". Bono is literally not even in question of being the engineer that differentiates those two statements, rather just getting it over his mouth and heard.

  • Mattia

    English with french accent is the best thing ever, so amusing

    • ChefofWar

      @Mattia I fucking love the Italian accent. Your language is so damn fun btw. Everything sounds like you put so much emotion into it. And its pretty easy for us English speakers to learn. Not sure why, but it is.

    • soraya pellegrini
      soraya pellegrini

      @Mattia my dad is from Italy so he has an accent as well and it can be so funny sometimes when he speaks English lol

    • Joe Felony
      Joe Felony

      @Arnaud Schneider same goes for Dutch people haha

    • Mattia

      @Arnaud Schneider it's a shame ahaha honestly some countries just don't have the sound to have a perfect english accent, for example I find more comfortable to speak with strong italian accent than trying to do an english one, and I appreciate native accents in english language when I hear some ahaha french one above all

    • Arnaud Schneider
      Arnaud Schneider

      Unfortunately, in France, as soon as you speak in english, everybody hears your french accent and laughs. You can really feel that many french people are uncomfortable when they need to speak in english. Not all, but many. Therefore, many french don't dare to speak in english, and that's probably one of the reason that french people don't speak english very well.

  • Pierre Lee
    Pierre Lee

    Do you think it’s possible to have all drivers’s radio during Max’s crash uploaded? (If you can find it if not it’s okay)

    • crazyworld1993

      @Scotti Ramage Don't have access where I live man

    • Scotti Ramage
      Scotti Ramage

      Go on the F1 app and get them yourself

  • Farhan Kasim
    Farhan Kasim

    Let’s just say that the respect we had for Mercedes and Lewis has dropped massively since the race finished

    • Farhan Kasim
      Farhan Kasim

      @Tanya I don’t hate Lewis.. he is a special driver and always has been but when it comes to title fights it’s just bitter like rosber and Lewis since 2014

    • Rowin Grunder
      Rowin Grunder

      @leader of the free world Fixed and still have the same opinion. 👏🤣

    • Rowin Grunder
      Rowin Grunder

      @Sadikur Rahman Try writing a reply without swearing. You’re finished lmao 🤣

    • Sadikur Rahman
      Sadikur Rahman

      @Rowin Grunder ‘team orders with Bottas’ wtf is your problem? Perez has had to sacrifice all his races for max and without the team order in France max wouldn’t have won

    • leader of the free world
      leader of the free world

      @Rowin Grunder wdym takes over charles with a broken engine? does he just yield p1 to him because he had a broken engine then? fix your bias

  • HL45

    I love how 2 french peepol talking English togezeur 😂😂

  • dj drastic
    dj drastic

    Seems like the whole paddock was concerned about Max except Lewis.

    • Richard Hobbs
      Richard Hobbs

      @Roberto You don’t thing maybe Bono would’ve told him if it was serious, he probably as knew Max would be fine cause if Grosjean can get out with only minor burns then Max would be fine anyways

    • Maggy das Mäuschen
      Maggy das Mäuschen

      @Lulu44 they showed the radio message as the cars where coming into pitlane. sky plays them on a delay. You dont know when he asked.

    • canadian97

      @Roberto Hamilton asked at the same time as every other driver asked, AFTER the red flag came out. Stop making up drama where it doesn't exist.

    • BeeCee

      @Rowin Grunder how convenient are those words when you just caused an accident.

    • Rowin Grunder
      Rowin Grunder

      @The Milfennial True spoken. To use Hamilton’s words “it takes two to tango”.

  • Tatron Hox
    Tatron Hox

    I wonder if Gasly will get a second chance in Red Bull. Maybe when Perez is gone.

    • Alabastine

      Don't know. There's rumours about Leclerc, that would be a no-brainer choice I think. Also he performed so much better when he went back I don't even know if it's best for himself to get back in that car and team.

    • Sebastian Frühwirth
      Sebastian Frühwirth

      @kenny martinez i my bad, did not know that perez changed his tyres again in lap 50, but doesnt change that the alphatauri is just to slow

    • Sebastian Frühwirth
      Sebastian Frühwirth

      @kenny martinez also when pierre pitted due to his puncture, perez already had pitted to get fastest lap.

    • Sebastian Frühwirth
      Sebastian Frühwirth

      @kenny martinez how should he do that? The Alphatauri was slower than williams last weekend. (official f1 statistics showed that) noway he could get fastest lap on the old mediums i got on for the last 4 laps

    • Steev

      Checo can be a good partner for Gasly in alpha tauri

  • GaryAbbottInit

    Pierre I think genuinely has fear when these crashes happen after he lost Anthoine, the poor guy man, him and max aren’t the closest I don’t think but he still shows genuine care as soon as he heard red flag

    • Rebekah L
      Rebekah L

      Yeah he and Charles, and perhaps Esteban as well

    • Michael Ritch
      Michael Ritch

      @hwoarang2001 Hate to bust your bubble but your man Lewis was all ready sponsored and heavily influenced with Mercedes by the time your boy was 7 years old so I think you're a little bit off on that explanation.

    • mud buron
      mud buron



      @P vdK Yes.

    • P vdK
      P vdK

      @HERMITBOY 7 Max was taken to hospital, the results of the scan were not known be the time Hamilton finished. Your last remark is totally unnecessary. Why do you do that? are you a little boy, acting cool for your class mates?

  • TheDonBarracuda

    Nobody at Mercedes bothered to tell Lewis about Max, not expecting them to tell him during the race because that could affect him mentally but after the race they didn't think up telling him. Glad he is okay, Lewis deserved the win in the end amazing drive

    • TheDonBarracuda

      @Renjith GS sounds like a certain NBA basketball player that a Netflix documentary. Everyone looks back now and praises all his accomplishments. Same with Senna and Schumacher despite them very obviously purposely causing crashes in a time when F1 safety was poor.

    • Richard Hobbs
      Richard Hobbs

      @Renjith GS hold up, are you saying that it was Lewis and ONLY Lewis that ruined their friendship Spain and Monaco were Lewis’ fault then?

    • Renjith GS
      Renjith GS

      Well lewis doesn't think about other racers. All he cares about is the championship. That's what happened with Rosberg. He put championship and himself above friendship and everything. Some champion.

    • TheDonBarracuda

      @O W true, we don't know. My immediate thought was that it was strange seeing everyone celebrating including Charles, it made more sense when during the interview Lewis said Max isn't in hospital and then his demeanor change when he was corrected.

    • O W
      O W

      @TheDonBarracuda sure - but that's irrelevant here when trying to determine whether Hamilton knew what happened to Max

24 t.
24 t.