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  • szewei1985


  • R V
    R V

    Destruction Mercedes do it again now Bottas

  • Javier Martin Alonso
    Javier Martin Alonso

    So convenience for you, cheater

  • Malte

    Lewis hamilton: 🤡

  • Simon van Ophem
    Simon van Ophem

    There's something missing you're right lewis a honest brain

  • Stephen Tomlinson
    Stephen Tomlinson

    Supposed to be F1 fans and some of the comments are just pants. He was fighting for position and Verstappen thought he would bully he's way through and unfortunately for him he came of worse. Hamilton penalty shouldn't of been a penalty and the ten seconds he got basically turned into a 34 second penalty. He showed what a driver he was by overcoming it and with two laps to go take the lead. I for one think he had a right to celebrate the way he did in front of his own fans . I am sure the Dutch fans will give him stick but as long as its not racial all fair on love and war. But some of the Verstappen fans are so blinded by there support they have forgotten this is a sport that can be decided by hundredths of seconds,the margins are tight but if that had been Verstappen doing that you would of all thought it was ok. So get grip and grow some pussies.

  • Matt Brum
    Matt Brum

    Of course he'd turn you stupid ..it's a corner. He'd should have received a 10 seconds time penalty added to his time.

  • tyler durden
    tyler durden

    hE TurNeD In oN mE.......what a moron Max is , I mean like why did he try and make the corner....next time just drive in to the gravel, don't you know Hamilton is coming and needs you to move off the track please...

  • Fenyőfa

    Funny that Verstappen could have been seriously injured by the force of the collision, Hamilton: omg I damaged my car

  • Rose Ignatenkov
    Rose Ignatenkov

    fair competition is racist 😠

  • Rose Ignatenkov
    Rose Ignatenkov

    he turned him on 🌈🥰💐

  • Marcel

    First time in years Lewis has to really race

  • Joke Brouwer
    Joke Brouwer

    LH is a creep

  • Dominic Brunsmeier
    Dominic Brunsmeier

    How can you even claim to be ahead of max when you clip his rear wheel? Like just own up to it.

  • Gennaro Cecere
    Gennaro Cecere

    Damn it….! You cry like a child even though the guilt is all your life….! Hey Bono, he came over me....! Oh, my God, what brave words…..! When all the opposite happened… Ahahahahahahahahahahahah 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂

  • Gennaro Cecere
    Gennaro Cecere

    Seven time world Champion…..? There are pilots who haven't won one of the world. But they deserve much more respect than lewis…! Because I find it absolutely ridiculous…! Don’t worry Lewis…,the FIA He will do whatever he can to make you fight to the end it's making you win another world championship…..🏆

  • Timmy Schnitzel
    Timmy Schnitzel

    Was a boat's width off the apex and makes contact with his front left to Max's rear right, but "he turned in on me and I was in front of him maaaan". 🤪

  • J.O.E

    imagine how awful this team radio would be if max was severely injured or dead after that crash.. Lewis didn't even ask if he was ok

  • Мария Смирнова
    Мария Смирнова

    2 min of chatting and finally he asks if Max is ok after the red flag. where is the sportsmanship he's always singing about?

  • Noraly de Koning
    Noraly de Koning

    it took 2 minutes before he asked if max was okey like wtf

  • Popescu Viorel
    Popescu Viorel

    Lewis was home! The house saved him! Why should champions always be defended?

  • Popescu Viorel
    Popescu Viorel

    Max saw that Lewis was there! Max could go on the outer curve for safety! Of course Lewis had every interest in hitting him!

  • Josef Šťastný
    Josef Šťastný

    hamilton ist wie rosberg.wird nie erwachsen und fer

  • DJB 730
    DJB 730

    I’m not so sure the stewards have it wrong. There’s a ton of room to the left of Max as well as a smaller amount to the right of Lewis. When you see the in car video, Lewis keeps a constant lock. max turns in, then out, then back in again. It’s the final turn back in that hits Lewis. You can make a case that Lewis shouldn’t be there, but it’s not that clear cut. So on balance they found Lewis to be at fault, but not that much. Which is probably more or less right.

  • Tom Mobbs
    Tom Mobbs

    Hamilton is such a sore loser

  • Jessada Hawley
    Jessada Hawley

    It was racing incident.

  • Stagel Gyorgy
    Stagel Gyorgy

    That was a rude and huge mistake and karma Will get him soon

  • Paul Anthony
    Paul Anthony

    Racing incident.......is what it is, other way round the comments would be interesting?

    • calibrazxr750

      @Paul Anthony almost certainly. Lol

    • Paul Anthony
      Paul Anthony

      @calibrazxr750 and take the knee for Gregg's sausage rolls?🤦‍♂️😭🤣🤣🤣

    • calibrazxr750

      @Paul Anthony I like the idea, but Max would end up cutting up several drivers and crashing at least once, just trying to get to the car park. And then we would have to listen to Horner telling everyone how it wasn't max's fault and Marko would be screaming for the spectator that Max just flattened to be charged with reckless behaviour. Lewis would thank the makers and owners of the car park, his team for building a car that could make it to the car park, thanking Bottas for helping him to find the car park and then claim that the car park is racist. It just wouldn't be worth it in the long run.

    • Paul Anthony
      Paul Anthony

      @calibrazxr750 straightener in the carpark?🤣🤣🤣

    • calibrazxr750

      comments would probably be the same, just different people saying each thing and probably a bit less racism thrown in. Hamilton fans will support him no matter what, Verstappen fans would support him no matter what and here and there would be a voice of reason by someone who is not being emotionally controlled by the whole thing and can actually see and thus understand the situation from a neutral standpoint.

  • Richard W
    Richard W

    First off, when did Lewis Hamilton have a massive crash? What a ridiculous title?

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    Max should be banned from racing

  • Boughatii Lovren
    Boughatii Lovren

    Is Max okay errrh is out of the car 😅😅

    • calibrazxr750

      On the plus side, it was obvious that Max didn't suffer any brain damage, if for no other reason than there is nothing up there to damage.

  • Shravan Ramakrishna
    Shravan Ramakrishna

    So this is my 2cents : Hamilton's last win in this season was 5 races ago, and he was 33 points behind Max, RB definitely have a faster car this year( we can see that already), there is no way Hamilton will win if he races wheel to wheel to Max, so this was all part of the their big "Conspiracy" to take out the opponent if there is an opportunity within the first 5 laps(because if he gets penalty, he has a faster car and can cover it easily, which we have seen multiple times). So it worked exactly, and all they had to do is act normal, as if all this was not planned....

  • Fritz Zertlich
    Fritz Zertlich

    2019 albon 2020 albon 2021 verstappen 🙄🙄🙄🙄

    • calibrazxr750

      2019 Spa Raikkonen 2019 Spa Magnusson 2019 Mexico Bottas 2019 Monaco Hamilton 2018 Monza Bottas 2018 Baku Ricciardo 2017 Hungary Ricciardo 2017 Monza Massa Just a small selection of accidents and incidents when Max hit another car and either spoiled his own race or someone else's. There are many more, but life is too short to spend looking them all up.

  • Quinton

    Horner should file attempted murder charge's against lewis and Mercedes. I'm no expert but but I slowed down the video you can CLEARLY see Lewis turn the wheel left and 1 second later Max is under the Bus. Max was taking the curve and NOT turning into black boy. Attempted murder charge's are appropriate in this instance.

  • Lyubomir Karadzhov
    Lyubomir Karadzhov

    Man caused literally one of the worst crashes in modern F1 and he goes on for 2 minutes "is my wing OK" and finally is Max OK... sometimes it's so obvious how fake he is in all the press interviews and we can see the real Lewis in this kind of situation.

  • Swift Racing
    Swift Racing

    Incredibly magnificent this car and this racer are… I admire them both

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards

    Was he ahead Was he fuck

  • Jjfunkyfriday

    Formula 1 is all dutch people and Brits for the most part holy shit

  • Montana Swenson
    Montana Swenson

    “I was ahead going in there man”……yeah, a dic head.

  • steve hisey
    steve hisey

    Florida state police use this Pitt move all the time, works great! Trade a few seconds penalty to take out the comp, great trade.

  • Graeme Stephens
    Graeme Stephens

    Ham is a lier

  • Santiago

    I wish the orange army shows him and the british how fans should act, instead of ploting revenge (I guess booing him on track), leading by example not being massive dickheads. Wishful thinking, I know...

  • onkouth

    I was ahead going in there man, I was along side blah blah blah, yet another example of the blatant lies Hamilton continuously spews, I mean come on, how many times has he said something like that, he has even had to publicly apologise for doing it in the past. He is a cheat and a liar and I cannot wait to see Max beat him to the championship in what is still an inferior car to the Mercedes!

  • Gustav Peter
    Gustav Peter

    Biggest cry baby in F1. If you criticize him, he plays the racism card

  • Szillar


  • Jordan Palmer
    Jordan Palmer

    Racing incident. Point leader should and could have defended his 30 pt lead in the championship, backed out and lived to fight another lap. He didn't and paid the price and now the championship just got better. All these Max Verstwaaaapen fans are unglued.

  • drejjk

    hope max aint going to drive scared now. this was a serious impact. 51g jeeeeez

  • Mike Nicoll
    Mike Nicoll

    The judges made the decision with all the info , end of .stop the moaning it’s racing not ballet

  • Pedro Gonzales the Spanish Gypsy
    Pedro Gonzales the Spanish Gypsy

    At the end Lewis said is Max ok. Do you think Max would say that if he put Lewis in the wall? Just asking for a friend!

  • Zack Seven
    Zack Seven

    I agree with Mr Horner there are corners where no one should attempt side by side racing through, such as "Eau Rouge" attempting side by side passing up that hill would be suicidal. Lewis pulled a desperate Rosberg maneuver in that corner. What if Max had gotten seriously injured, back to boring races with Mercedes winning all the races.

  • h b
    h b


  • Dj Richiee
    Dj Richiee

    i thought HAM didn't ask about MAX's health ..... glad to hear he did ..... i was pissed before .. but now i am glad that HAM is humane ... bravo

  • Stevie Obie
    Stevie Obie

    Hamilton: Is Max OK? Bono: Ya. He's out the car!

  • Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones

    It should have been a stop and go penalty. 10 seconds is nothing for dangerous driving which could have resulted in a fatality! I'm English and can't wait for the reception Hamilton is going to get at the Dutch GP!

  • Dafire LA
    Dafire LA

    Who noticed that no matter what they wanted to keep Valtteri Bottas behind lewis. I don't really think thats fair

  • Fkez05

    Doesn't even ask if Max is okay until much later All he does is try to cover ass and justify himself

  • Ron Klinkien
    Ron Klinkien

    So only complaining about fact he lost a wing??? Man this is getting worse and worse... all my HAM points go to SEB from now on.

  • Stijepo Zupa
    Stijepo Zupa

    Regarding rules of f1 first car in corner has advantage further on,nose of max car is towards to apex,car of crying evil baby is not,line of cars is that in corner is like this lewis front spoiler is at the end of max rear car so they are away off line,so bottom line max racing line is correct and lewis not and fault is of evil cryibg baby

  • Tinashe Mutetwa
    Tinashe Mutetwa

    Hamilton was ahead going into the corner

  • Joe Can't Dance
    Joe Can't Dance

    Still conflicted... Lewis has the corner and Max didn't give him the room .. but Max had the racing line and Lewis was travelling at full speed into a shallow corner... I don't know, it's a weird one. I actually think Lewis was at fault for the LeClerc move

  • Mr Jambon 5
    Mr Jambon 5

    Lewis Hamilton is an idiot, Verstappen left enough space, but of course the English man had to win at his own race by taking out max verstappen

  • NighthawX

    On a highspeed corner the gforce pulls you to the outside of a corner. For that, lewis had some space on the right side for sure, but how do you want to make use of that in 10th of a sec and speeds above 200 mph and the gforce pulling you to the outside? Very, very difficult imo. It's easy to point the finger at him, but what should he have sone in that quarter of a sec he had to react? He should have celebrated after winning, I feel that point too, but in the situation itself there was not much he could do to avoid the crash imo.

  • John Tipton
    John Tipton

    If it was the other way round it would have been a racing incident and nothing else would come of it. Max needs to learn is it worth losing full points in one race or step back and see what happens later.

  • Dennis Trh
    Dennis Trh

    Showing his real face, he didn't pass him as he claims.... worrying soo long about his wing, than at the end o my asking if other driver is ok. All lives matter Lewis

  • Thanos

    2 minute after an accident. Is max okay? Eh, he’s out the car. Chilling. Mercedes don’t care

  • Thanos

    Causes an accident that can result in injury & death…. Lewis: I have damage.

  • Sachindra Mihindukula
    Sachindra Mihindukula

    Lewis is the most selfish driver in formula one and max was the most aggressive driver in F1

  • John Moss
    John Moss

    lewis was dead right he turned into him ever so slight and he did not give him enough room verstappen has no race craft and never will have flat out at all costs thats the way he races

  • Samsung 50s
    Samsung 50s

    Lewis breathing so deeply 🤣..he knows he's done wrong to max..👎👎👎

  • Simo DC
    Simo DC

    Crymilton in action

  • Kelly McAree
    Kelly McAree

    Immediately resorted to blaming him before asking if Max was okay lmao Hamilton sucks as a person

  • Biswaranjan Behera
    Biswaranjan Behera

    He turned into me You banged into him

  • Sazzler

    he didn't even ask if max was ok? :(

  • Stephen Fassos
    Stephen Fassos

    Lots of opinions on here. Happy to wait and see what the new evidence uncovers. Not very favorable for Hamilton. Shame the stewards didnt have time to access that as well at the time but I predict Hamilton will have his points withdrawn and a possible suspension.

  • Jacques Loubser
    Jacques Loubser

    All a Game Man....its a Right hand corner Dude....next time Turn left when its a Right hand corner...

  • 8dharvey

    Seems like a bad precedent, 10 second penalty to take out your rival who gets zero points and you get 25. I hope Red Bull can beat Mercedes on pure race pace and not by getting dirty. That would be the best revenge. Then again, Max takes zero shit on the track.

  • MrPro10

    It's 100% Lewis fault. Total amateur hour, you see this kind of thing in sim racing and the lower formulas all the time. It's one of those "To the death" moves that will either result in one of 3 things: A crash, You both crawl round the (single file) corner side by side really slowly and immediately lose a place or two to the cars behind, or you both go off. Max closed Lewis up to the wall/edge of the track and made it so there was no way Lewis could stay with him and make the turn at that speed, then Lewis just stayed with it. Kind of dumb sh*t you see in the mid field of the lower categories before people have learned to keep their egos in check. Max would have been amazed that Lewis just left his wheel in there. He would have to have driven straight off the track to avoid the collision, so he would have trusted that Lewis would never do that. It's how a driver wins and loses that determines how they're remembered. People remember the 3 stupid things Schumacher did when he was losing just as much as the 7 championships and that move will be talked about long after Lewis has retired. It was easily the worst moment and mistake of Lewis Hamiltons career. In reality the crash could have been much worse, that could have been the end of both their seasons, or careers. Funny reading all the opinions of the deluded Hamilton fans on Facebook and Twitter who don't understand racing. People like to compare Lewis to Schumacher or Senna, last weekend was the absolute worst of both of them, taking the other guy off at 170mph (Senna), then having your team mate move over for you to win (Schumacher). I'm a big Senna and Schumacher fan, but lets call it what it is. Lewis has made more mistakes this year than in the previous 4 seasons put together. Between Imola, Baku, Silverstone, it's a miracle he's anywhere near Max in the championship. I'm still amazed and shocked that Lewis did that. Easily the dumbest and worst move of his career. Just look at his body language before the restart or listen to his radio messages directly after the crash. He knows he's f***ed up. Amazing he got away with it. I used to be a huge LH fan for over a decade, literally since Australia '07. F that guy. Dirty, dangerous, amateur driving.

  • Rod G
    Rod G

    I think lulu has been watchin Nascar tooooo much.....he's done this before

  • Rod G
    Rod G

    He was not a head of max...how come does the right rear tire of Max's car come flying off

  • tevege

    He turned in on me, that's why I hit his rear wheel? Hamilton is a frustrated, dangerous idiot. Looking out for Hungary and the Netherlands :)

  • Todd Stevens
    Todd Stevens

    Delusion is a glorious way to live ones life.

  • alannah watts
    alannah watts

    thanks for posting these.! I had no idea Lewis hamilton's immediate response to causing a massive crash was to whine and complain. Watching SkySports F1 through ESPN they REALLY cleaned up Hamilton's lack of interest in the results of his actions.

  • Sargon of Cincinnati
    Sargon of Cincinnati

    I’ve seen this kind of incident dozens of time at the Indianapolis500. I’ve never heard anyone blame the inside car driver for not giving way. The responsibility is on the outside overtaking driver to avoid the contact. Max did indeed turn in, and caused the contact. And to disarm those who will disagree, I’m not a fan of Mercedes.

  • Trevor Gittens
    Trevor Gittens

    Yep the true eyes could c Max turn into Lewis, but the fakes r trying 2 blame Lewis, Y wouldn't f1 put up a 3D V for the racing fan 2 c ? The red bull team team r stupidly blind, and Max knows what he did, which inclined me 2 touch the racist button, it also resurface, ( f I'm accurate ) the very first time that Lewis won the championship driving for Mercedes, as I remember, it was on a rainy day and, Micheal Schumacher was driving for Ferrari, and on the very last lap Schumacher tried 2 take out Lewis. Lewis has nothing more 2 prove, he is the best that have ever competed n F1, that's y he should take his winnings, and walk away from F1.

  • Mahmoud Mel
    Mahmoud Mel

    Such a loser

  • alfonso perez
    alfonso perez

    Damn playing the victim


    hamilton tapped him on purpose to take him out and catch up, he needs 1 race ban. lewis struggling that much he has to do dirty tactics.

  • Jason Christopher
    Jason Christopher

    He turned in on me to I was ahead, to I was along side... ya that's why your front wheel hit his rear... that's neither ahead nor along side... that's what we call behind Lewis...

  • Nagassh

    Seems like the carefully manufactured humble niceguy image is becoming a struggle to maintain when you don't have a dominant car for the 8th year on the trot. I can see retirement on the horizon if Red Bull ever get a 2nd driver that can get the car near the front or, God forbid, Lewis ends up with a team mate that isn't willing to play Hamilton's personal roadblock / tow.

  • Milkmoe Dota 2
    Milkmoe Dota 2

    Well he had to turn

  • Judge81

    I wanna see these keyboard warrior Max fans drive an F1 car and win 7 championships in it, it's such an inferiority complex that they have, Hamilton living rent free inside heads, Max really likes to chat shit and he got banged

  • K Nakajima
    K Nakajima

    No you divebomber! it was not your line.

  • Dan Graham
    Dan Graham

    Lewis what don’t kill you makes you stronger. Look out max is coming!!!!!! I thought you couldn’t whine more….

  • Luka Petrov
    Luka Petrov

    Alonso - KARMA, sooner or later

  • Angel Ricardo
    Angel Ricardo

    Took him a while to even ask if max was ok. First thing was to cover his ass.

  • Mario Klaiber
    Mario Klaiber

    What a jerk.

  • John Patterson
    John Patterson

    what a true champion. Just spoke a few days earlier about how a DNF for Max would certainly make the championship race tighter, then he went out and made it happen! GREAT JOB!

  • Michael Juritsch
    Michael Juritsch

    Hamilton ist absolutely right

  • Joel Zammy
    Joel Zammy

    Somehow it is never Hamilton's fault.... it is always the others at fault...

  • Kilo Gixxer
    Kilo Gixxer

    2min till he ask for max. What a ugly driver