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  • F1Fun4u

    Did they celebrate too hard considering the situation with Max?

    • Marc van Dijk
      Marc van Dijk

      @Steez Vault Let's agree to disagree and leave it at that. Have a nice day!

    • Steez Vault
      Steez Vault

      @Marc van Dijk maybe instead of falling for the highly negative emotional antics of the little boy Dutchman who cries victim when a competitor gives him wings, you should grow up and just watch the racing like a normal person instead of pandering to Max’s snowflake antics. Last time I checked his attitude was “not my problem” to people he hurt by using that mongol insult. What a knob 😆 You need a tissue for Max’s tears, and one for yourself to wipe the stuff off from around your mouth.

    • Marc van Dijk
      Marc van Dijk

      @Steez Vault Classy response mate. Why don't you stay on the playground with the other six year olds.

    • Steez Vault
      Steez Vault

      @Marc van Dijk poor max, he was in a real situation in hospital, tweeting from his bed. Recovery is taking awhile, he is struggling to compete in the 24 hrs sim race, poor Max, nobody should celebrate when he has a hard crash because he might be sore. Boo hoo.

    • Marc van Dijk
      Marc van Dijk

      @Steez Vault It's called fighting for position. That involves getting in the way, not allowing the other car through. Do you understand this sport at all??

  • toaojjc

    I just think the team of Mercedes did a bad job not informing Hamilton that Max Verstappen was in hospital at that point in time. I can understand they didn't want to burden him with that knowledge during the race, but they should have told him after the congratulations so that he had the choice to either ignore it and celebrate like he did (which was too hard in my opinion, not just because the driver he colided with was still in unsure health conditions, but also because he only won because of team orders and motor problems with his competitor) or be a little more modest, which had suited him better given all the circumstances.

  • Pique Luhg
    Pique Luhg

    So much bitterness and saltiness in the comments. Lewis didn’t celebrate this enough. He didn’t get to crowd surf or pay a proper tribute to the fans. Stop acting like he did it on purpose or that Max has died. Ffs this is elite sport, go and watch a choir sing if you’re offended you bunch of snowflakes.

  • Sergio 7
    Sergio 7

    Should rename the team to Lewis Hamilton F1 Team

  • Ninad Mane
    Ninad Mane

    Is max ok??

  • Anthony Hilton
    Anthony Hilton

    The negative comments about his celebration is so phony to me. Nascar has accidents every race. Some on purpose. And the celebration on victory lane is wild. Racing is a very competitive sport. I guess lewis should have ran to a near by car and drove to a flower 🌼 shop and took max a rose 🌹 what a dam double standard.

  • Fun Lovin Bloke
    Fun Lovin Bloke

    "That was just epic?" Yeah right, causing a race incident. He and his team are so frustrated this season that they are not in control and the dominant team, they try and use everything to win. If you have to win in this way, than you are not a professional sportsman! Mercedes team ruins the F1.

  • tarcher

    All these maxines angry cause Lewis celebrating after victory from an accident this was not the first nor will it be the last from all previous or present F1 drivers especially if they heard that the driver was ok

  • アニメワールド


  • hamishmc24

    Reminds me of canada 2019, when hallton carried on like an idiot, not as bad as this.

  • Jahvnevis L
    Jahvnevis L

    It’s so easy to join the crowd on this one. If you’re not a follower you think for yourself and you realize these RACING INCIDENTS happen all the time. You do not break test people on the straight and it want Lewis job to hit the apex. Also take a look at the overtaking guidelines before you just on the bandwagon.

  • Shukri Cali
    Shukri Cali

    The disgusting arrogant crash mad max wants no celebration and lewis has nothing to lose

  • Shukri Cali
    Shukri Cali

    He demands respect and have no respect for lewis when last year blm lewis and some others were putting a knee on the ground , max and others refused to put their knee on the ground and know all of a sudden you want respect really.

  • Mester Orange
    Mester Orange

    Yeah right, he should not celebrate when he know verstappen got out of the car by himself, when he wins in home soil with 350k+ fans cheering, after a streak of not winning. Arhg these haters man... "but max went to hospital" every fucking driver goes to hospital when they crash....

    • Tekke

      bro yoh dont understand what happened to max was worse than you think **table slam** 56 G'S OF FORCE THATS 55 TIMES HIS BODY WEIGHT MAX WEIGHS 72KG 72 X 55= 3960 if i am correct that means 3.9 tons of force into that wall they didnt show you his team radio F1fun4u has it so watch it max was hurt and ur acting like he was fine and like it wasnt hamiltons fault (which it was) next youll be telling me how much of a lulu shamilton fan you are hamilton demands so much respect yet gives so little

  • Guustist

    “Such a proud moment for me (to send my direct rival into the barrier, nearly killing him), man” “We also believe in you (to eliminate any opponent) Great job Lewis...👎🏿

  • James H
    James H

    No they had every right to celebrate the win I’m sure this question wouldn’t even be asked it the roles were reversed and it was Lewis who crashed and Max had won the race Max can do no wrong in a lot of people’s eyes.

  • Austin Tran
    Austin Tran

    Look at all these snowflakes commenting hahahaha

  • HowsYourFaceFeel

    Hamilton - team sucks car sucks Also hamilton - never give up keep pushing.

  • Average Height Wizard
    Average Height Wizard

    Yo'll just shut up. "The moment you no longer go for the gap you're no longer a racing driver". There was a gap there, Lewis did nothing wrong yo pussies


    Mercedes: What an amazing "TRICK" & great job. Lewis: YES..!!!!

  • jef bozies
    jef bozies

    I can taste the tears of every Hamilton simp in the comments

  • notton155

    2 shining stars, Max is sunrise, that other guy is sunset.

  • Siege

    Someone dumped a ton of salt in this orange juice

  • Daniele Savino
    Daniele Savino

    Taking out max was plan 🅱️

  • Opa- Dick
    Opa- Dick

    I dont here the part from Lewis "whatever IT takes" anymore? And last week Toto say: Max is only 1 dnf ahead from us' I mean what a bunce wankers They are.

  • Commando46

    why do you have cut out some of Hamiltons reactions on team radio? His reaction to Toto`s message has been cut out and for sure another one as you can hear that there is a cut.

  • Coulda Beena Contenda
    Coulda Beena Contenda

    Umm. Considering max was ok and known to be ok, it was fine. People need to stop behaving like someone died. Did drive to survive bring a bunch of children to F1 or what!

  • Kyle Solace
    Kyle Solace

    2021 where men become so sensitive “ he celebrsted to hard after max turned his wheel into him, how dare he!” Loool good god man

  • Tanvir Alif
    Tanvir Alif

    It doesn't make sense to me how people would like this guy, like seriously unless of course if you're one of those okay let's not talk about that.

  • Alejandro VG
    Alejandro VG

    Mercedes losing the little support they have won over the years, good job mates.

  • Ghost Gold
    Ghost Gold

    So lächerlich auch Toto Wolf’s Aussage in dem Moment. Also man kann ja sagen, dass sie gewonnen haben, fand die Strafe nur zu wenig für Hamiltons Aktion. Und Ralf Schumacher sieht es ja auch als klaren Fehler von Hamilton. Bei Leclerc war es ja eine ganz andere Situation. Aber sich am Ende so zu feiern ist einfach wiederwertig. Und Bottas nicht mal anständig zu danken, ist genauso traurig. Ohne Bottas Hilfe wäre da gar nichts gelaufen. Auf Dauer war es sowieso klar, dass Leclerc am Ende, dass nicht schafft über die Zeit zu bringen. Finde von Red Bull die Aussagen zwar auch nicht gerechtfertigt eine Sperre zu fordern, aber eine härtere Strafe wäre meinerseits gerechtfertigt gewesen.

  • Mustafa Mesdi
    Mustafa Mesdi

    I feel like i need to say this, the channel is just uploading the radio, disliking the video harms the channel

  • Tieske33

    It is like Rammilton is trying 'to convince' himself he was clean. Celebrating that hard helps with washing away the sins. Being proud ... disgusting. I really expected more from Lewis.

    • Cate tv
      Cate tv

      Don't hold your standard on Lewis hamilton racing is racing they know what comes with that

  • sls 12III
    sls 12III

    People are talking too much shit that happens all the time. Ofc, he would celebrate, just like any winner would do. Plus, he made a comeback after serving that 10 second penalty which adds more hype to both Hamilton and the team. If you think that he didn't care about Max, then watch the race again. He asked if Verstappen was ok while driving into the pits during the red flag.

  • Hurdstyle

    Disgusting, Mercedes and Hamilton are scumbags


    get in there Lewis..as for Max if u can dish it u gotta be able to eat it too!!! what u think Lewis & Charles where laughing about after the race....

    • Commando46

      ppl have seen what Max has eaten this race, Next ppl will see what he really can dish out, mark my words.

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson

    gEt iN tHeRe lEwIs 🙃

  • Craig Neal
    Craig Neal

    Don’t really know of anyone who’s not going to celebrate victory, as for the incident, it was avoidable by both drivers therefore it’s a racing incident. Happens all the time in motor sport.

  • Panji Setya Depitra
    Panji Setya Depitra

    His style of racing is absolutely too aggresive. Since i looked when he hit Kimi on red light at pit lane...

  • Shinn

    Sent rival to hospital on first lap and celebrate like president, UNSPORTSMANLIKE 👎🏼

  • Madhav Narayan
    Madhav Narayan

    Super Max Will destroy him next race. This is coming from a LEC fan

  • Grantcfo

    Man, if this is celebrating too hard, then you don’t want to see me when I stop the gas pump on double zeros...

  • CeMe

    Menudo ser de luz está hecho este. Gracias, pero yo no querría tu luz destructora

  • Per Sey
    Per Sey

    Hard racing is great, so are honest mistakes like this one but at least be big enough to admit it. Then the arrogance which follows causes a lot of people distress. Hamilton... All that preaching about black lives matter then showing so little humanity and arrogance towards the situation and Verstappen.... It's hard to take you seriously. Give up all the PC BS Lewis. Your breath is smelly. A basic mistake from Lewis imo due to getting over excited and out of his depth caused this misjudged move, he is only human.... (@ skyf1, he's not a god). FIA agree it was his fault as does majority of social media F1 fans and real life racers like driver61... Things will swing back to Verstappen and equal out. British commentary embarrassingly bias to Hamilton, it came across to me cringey and infuriating at the time, now it's just silly - again a majority on social media showing I'm not the only one seeing the unprofessional behaviour from the "professionals". Regardless to a safe but fun year of F1! Cheers

  • TMG

    Keep crying y’all lol. Even though it was Hamilton’s fault, keep crying lol.

  • Michael Kwon
    Michael Kwon

    Celebrate too hard? Fuckin 2021 PC BS

  • Husqy44

    "Guys, I'm a fucking coward piece of shit"

  • A Singh
    A Singh

    Well done Mercedes pretty subdued. The fact that RB are crying makes it even more special... They won the race and destroyed the competition mentally!

  • Glen Booth
    Glen Booth

    Get in there Lewis 💪👏👏👏 About time someone tought max a lesson a and showed he can't keep pushing people around with his aggressive driving.

  • R4UL TV
    R4UL TV

    I am a Lewis fan but that is not acceptable I feel ashamed

  • Louis Lee
    Louis Lee

    And those english fans even cheering when max crashed.


    If Verstappen put Lewis of track I wonder if this question will be asked??

    • calci

      It wouldn’t. But you know how F1 fans are so :/

  • Eric Lamoureux
    Eric Lamoureux

    Karma will take care of Hamilton and his team.

  • Honza Kavan
    Honza Kavan

    "What an amazing drive."... Wow

  • Cr. M.
    Cr. M.

    Here again, racism plays a big role, if he were white the punishment would have been much harsher.

  • Hazard Warrior
    Hazard Warrior

    lewis jerk

  • Schumy 7
    Schumy 7

    No respect from me, oh no sir. And no more bending please.

  • Ron Weening
    Ron Weening

    Lets see now, he takes out championship leader, team yanks on Bottas leash like usual to give Hamilton the advantage and they celebrate like it was the best race of thier lives. Says a lot doesn't it. Also says a lot about F1 and the slap on the wrist they handed out to Hamilton. Had Massivespin from Haas nearly killed Hamilton, would the penalty have be such a joke? I seriously doubt it!!!

  • Giuseppe Ciaramella
    Giuseppe Ciaramella

    Disgusting people Shame

  • Prince Royal
    Prince Royal


  • Anthony van Hamond
    Anthony van Hamond

    no respect. despicable team

  • Bert Groeneveld
    Bert Groeneveld

    On any other track outside the UK he would have been penalized severely, but not here, not now. That he celebrated like this shows how desperate he was not leading the Championship. He was so used to leading without any real opponents that he kinda lost it. I think it's a disgrace what he did, taking so much risk and nearly killing Max. I lost my respect for Lewis, he who always talks about respect but shows so little himself !

  • Dan Paton
    Dan Paton

    The guys at the factory exist again apparently

  • Sandesh TG
    Sandesh TG

    Everything is fair in love and war... It's pure racing. Wheel bumping, pushing, overtaking everything is normal in high intensity racing. And when you are sitting in a car at 300 kmph, the adrenaline and the racing instincts will take over everything. If you don't go for the gap, don't sit in an F1 car, Go and do rallying on an empty road.... Whoever the driver is, it takes balls of steel to pull of high-speed overtaking maneuvers... Remember Webber-alonso in spa, Michael-haikennen in Japan...that's racing and these things happen. Who knows . If Lewis was on the outside, Max would have touched him and Lewis would have ended up in the barrier. So just wakeup guys... It pure pure racing ... !!!

    • Sandesh TG
      Sandesh TG

      @Elon Musk true for Max fans...

  • cmr 99
    cmr 99

    Thank you Lewis for your ENGLISH style

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker


  • R Ro
    R Ro

    legit the saddest win I have ever seen in f1 history. 1: pushes off leader 2: his own teammate won't even race him 3: the 10 second penalty 4: no compitition once max is off the grid

  • Silvio Mihajlovic
    Silvio Mihajlovic

    They have a better car and max still has more points funny

    • Silvio Mihajlovic
      Silvio Mihajlovic

      @Moghster no they dont do you see perezes pace? He is slower then both of them

    • Moghster

      Redbull has the better car this time what do you mean?

  • Concept Creator
    Concept Creator

    of course they did

  • PapouPLAY

    They have all the rights to celebrate! It was a amazing weekend and race! Why would they not have the rights? Stop create drama for nothing. You ask for a fight no? You have one! It’s just a another race incident, it happens and all drivers know that this is a dangerous sport.

  • Norman Lorenzo
    Norman Lorenzo

    Brits are South Koreans of Europe when it come to sports.

  • 隊長


  • Andrea Cavallo
    Andrea Cavallo

    Horrible man...mercedes and lewis what a shame!

  • kostaftp

    "Great job, guys!!! This goes for the whole team, the people in the factories, the pink Amazon dolphin (keep fighting, buddy), Greta Thunberg, for those kids who dream of colonizing the moons of Jupiter (nothing is impossible, guys), my man Tommy Hilfiger, for the goblins at the end of the rainbow, for Valtteri (my dear watson)..."

    • Marleen

      You forgot : "Christina Aguilera who thinks I have a great voice"

  • Casyca X
    Casyca X

    The "normal" Lewis. Like he is selfish, unsporting and arrogant.

  • aars andijvie
    aars andijvie

    If you can't beat the competition you kill em. Ask Hamy.

  • Funwith F1
    Funwith F1

    One of the best pit maneuvers I ever seen, LM your hypocrisy knows no bounds.

  • Adam Nilsson
    Adam Nilsson

    Fantastic drive... nice talking fat james

  • KerRdam

    "Get in there Lewis. You took him out like a champ. We're so proud of you you mad bastard. 10 sec penalty for the fastest car on track what a joke". Is probably what they said off record.

  • Steve 1887
    Steve 1887


  • Iacopo Pietrasanta
    Iacopo Pietrasanta

    Ahahah what a joke ahahahah. Both driver and team

  • AmazinglyGayPhil

    Hamilton the GOAT.

  • Tim L
    Tim L

    I thought it was a race celebration but it feels like a funeral from all Max’s crying fans, Oh God please help these people 😂😂😂

  • Tim L
    Tim L

    Absolutely Masterclass Act by the World Champion, nothing wrong with the team celebrate early 🤣😂

  • Juan Bonet
    Juan Bonet

    So checo can do it but not Hamilton,red Bull fans are toxic there was no need for penalty and what's crazier watch Max do it to Hamilton next race and watch all you f*** cheer for Max, I like every one of these drivers every one of them is good they are all special in these races, remember Austria where everyone was cheering checo as he was bashing lando and Charles, same s***Hamilton's always getting hate not only by fans but by people who are racist, this man alone is trying to make motor racing a better sport for everyone he's writing a book and writing a whole dossier for the FIA with recommendations for more diverse drivers

  • NNA Logic
    NNA Logic

    I can’t wait for everyone to start moaning about max when he wins a load of championship

    • desertpenguin


    • desertpenguin

      @Elon Musk It will most likely be Mercedes, they are well ahead in their development

    • desertpenguin

      with Russell joining Merc, that aint gonna happen. Mercedes will dominate well into the future

  • Apoorv Bajpai
    Apoorv Bajpai

    he wasn't even told that max is in the hospital

  • Vin

    Ekelhaft wie er sich aufspielt

  • Ferdinandus Bubun
    Ferdinandus Bubun

    Lewis must be punished

  • Alex Milensky
    Alex Milensky

    now look, I hate Hamilton as much as the next guy, but I am concerned for the Hungary race next week. Hungary has a history with being quite... "extreme" for sports. Though it'sa probably not going to happen, if they hate Hamilton for this, it could be an abhorrent disgrace to the sport

  • Brent W
    Brent W

    Makes another reason to hate Lewis and Mercedes. World class piece of shit.

  • Joonseok Kim
    Joonseok Kim

    Why are we disliking it, he just uploads the video :(

  • Gaspard MONTANTEME
    Gaspard MONTANTEME

    Not a single Word for Max…

  • K4lr0b

    Epic? Amazing? 1st class? No! there was no class in taking his rival out of the race. He should really get suspended one race.

  • Daniel Molnár
    Daniel Molnár

    Jeff(from F1 games) at mercedes: Fantastic job, you done everything we wanted.

  • Lukas Van Dam
    Lukas Van Dam

    Dislikes are not for you they are for lewis

  • Moonique

    No, he won! He celebrates however he wants. If this was the other way around, NOOOOO OOOONEEEEEE would bat an eye and we all know why!

  • nbrod3n

    The people who are shocked by Hamiltons behaviour must be really new to the sport. Go back and watch the 2010-2012 seasons and you will see the real Hamilton, not the fake Hamilton persona that Mercedes have created for him. Ask Massa what he thinks of Hamiltons racecraft.

  • aam voor
    aam voor

    Its plain to see hamilton and mercedes are scared of verstappen and red bull. The chearing was an explosion of frustration due to the fantastic run of verstappen the last races. Hope hamilton goes back to normal soon and trust on his racing skills with fair play in mind. This was not a promotion for himself and the team.

  • Ludwik Aarskån
    Ludwik Aarskån

    I genuinely hope he has the exact same crash as Max.