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This weekend is the 2021 F1 British grand prix at Silverstone! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!

This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • szewei1985

    Haha deng. Bahrain 2019 rewind here.

  • the man the myth the legend
    the man the myth the legend

    Ferrari fans had heart cuts like the engine

  • Andreas Gunnarsson
    Andreas Gunnarsson


  • raymond goh
    raymond goh

    Atlease he score some good point,

  • Tarek Kettab
    Tarek Kettab

    Bahrain 2019 flashbacks

  • Rocker Power
    Rocker Power

    Everytime in ferrari is always problem engine cut off and no power. 😑😶

  • xenia ΓΑΞΑΚΑΜ
    xenia ΓΑΞΑΚΑΜ

    I started crying when I heard this

  • xenia ΓΑΞΑΚΑΜ
    xenia ΓΑΞΑΚΑΜ

    This boy is so unlucky :(

  • Keneth Pescador
    Keneth Pescador


  • Karan

    ferrari vs mclaren could be way more exciting than expected this season 👀

    • Fagmeda Sadan
      Fagmeda Sadan

      Next year with the new car and tyres, who knows they may get the opportunity to beat Mercedes. Next year will be interesting

  • Karan

    bahrain :(

  • Cesar Mora
    Cesar Mora

    Ferrari just has to remove that damn slow button and everything will be fine

  • thejoeyg

    damn Ferrari quit letting us down

  • Allen Jackson
    Allen Jackson

    Bahrain flashback intensifies

  • Zack Stout
    Zack Stout

    Hey my man. I know you're busy with all of these uploads. I appreciate your hard work & dedication every race weekend! I do have a request when you've got the time - I'd like to hear Kimi's radio messages after the contact with Perez & after the race. Thank you!

  • TJ32

    ""You shouldn't really be able to finish ahead of him if you took him out of the race," - Lewis Hamilton 2018

  • A. H.
    A. H.

    Charles engage CM now…Cheat mode? No no Ferrari mode!.

  • John Bravo
    John Bravo

    Poor Charles

  • Leonardo DiCapri-Sun
    Leonardo DiCapri-Sun

    He did so well to deal with all the engine problems in a high pressure situation knowing Hamilton was getting closer. I know he can be hard on himself but I hope he gives himself some credit for that.

  • Fernando Gagliardo
    Fernando Gagliardo

    I don’t know if Hamilton had been won with the Ferrari completely full power and a Bottas pushing hard with his Mercedes in p2...

  • Fernando Gagliardo
    Fernando Gagliardo

    Non è possibile! C’è sempre qualche cazzo di imprevisto negli altri piloti che fa girare tutto a meraviglia per Hamilton!! Con tutta la sua bravura e fuoriclasse per carità è incredibile quanto culo abbia anche avuto nelle gare Hamilton....poi lasciamo stare Bottas che è messo lì buonino per non dare fastidio e spianargli la strada anche quando ce l’ha in salita... Mavafff..!

  • mammutit

    jesus christ , this car is like a minefield, I want the team to get past this bullshit now

  • Don C
    Don C

    Italian tuneup no big deal

  • Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry

    Everything just seems to always work out for Lewis… takes out his biggest rival, the lead looses engine power, either this guy is just lucky or the maFIA really just looks out for him so well that other teams “pretend” to have convenient engine problems…

  • thatone3kidd

    Damn man when can we get some luck. Ik we got a podium but beating Hamilton would’ve made my week

    • Fagmeda Sadan
      Fagmeda Sadan

      Mine too.

  • Aly Hatem
    Aly Hatem

    You know you’re a youtube legend when you get 0 dislikes man! Love the content keep em coming

  • Stokyc

    a time where his engineer's calmness proved useful

  • Asasis

    Plot twist, that actually Camera from Cars 2, so the engine got problem

  • Gustavo Javarini
    Gustavo Javarini

    I like how you use the same Leclerc pic in the thumbnails when you post his team-radios, it's somehow funny

  • Sideways Miths
    Sideways Miths

    My heart breaks whenever Leclerc puts his hands on his helmet's visor

  • Alex Gaming
    Alex Gaming

    He was building a gap from hamilton but he lost it when the engine took some brreaks

  • Allan Voloch
    Allan Voloch

    power button ON, power button ON!

  • asurada

    Leclerc is a machine under pressure. even when complaining for the issue in total despair he didn't give a single inch to Hamilton and kept pushing without any sort of mistake or hesitation

  • Giuliano

    Leclerc has nerves of steel

  • Giuliano

    Leclerc deserve a 🏅

  • Giuliano

    No Leclerc, you will not have the engine.

  • Vincent

    He's a really good driver. He deserves a winning car.

    • the man the myth the legend
      the man the myth the legend

      @KingCribble I like Leclerc more but I think we can't decide now

    • Muhammad Saad
      Muhammad Saad

      @KingCribble Most talented driver in the sport atm

    • KingCribble

      He's much better than Max.

    • Anakiin_EU

      He will win

  • Farhan Razak
    Farhan Razak

    Unheard radio : slow button on... slow button on

  • Jose Nery
    Jose Nery

    For a minute there I thought it was a "Ferrari being Ferrari" moment until they eventually solved it

  • 2kLion

    He literally had those problems from lap 14-22.. so unlucky

  • No Pomegranates
    No Pomegranates

    The robotic nature of Leclerc's engineer actually fit perfectly for the situation. Calmly told Leclerc instructions and kept his cool. Really well done to Charles managing it!

    • Nanana Ni
      Nanana Ni

      Charles thanked his RE in a post race interview. He said he was panicking when he had the engine cut issue and his race engineer calmed him down.

  • Nanana Ni
    Nanana Ni

    I had several heart attacks yesterday during the race. Every time when his TR icon showed up on screen. 19 Bahrain PTSD

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys

    🅱️lan 🅱️

  • IgnoringLife

    Peak Ferrari

  • Nguyen Tran
    Nguyen Tran

    Charles did his best on Sunday, couldn't really ask for more. Great drive

  • Alia SFamily
    Alia SFamily

    His engineer is soooooo chill

    • Ivana_13

      I think he was screaming inside, but showing it to the drives would not have been a good strategy

  • ForzaPolska

    His engineer might be a robot but atleast he is usefull

  • Bar Durh
    Bar Durh

    Hope we have a good race in Hungary based on the track and the car this year it should be good

  • Einfach nur Itax
    Einfach nur Itax

    I think we could have a race winning Chance at Hungary

    • the man the myth the legend
      the man the myth the legend

      We are really strong in tracks with downforce plus it's really difficult to overtake.

    • amirdabomber

      Considering Hungary is a chasis favoring track, we have a strong chance to get P1 next weekend

  • TheCamperSnake

    This is one of the signature Ferrari issues just getting repeated every year in different ways on different tracks. Bahrain 2019, Russia 2019, Spain 2020, Silverstone 2021 are the examples I can remember (add more if I miss some of them).

    • TheCamperSnake

      @Michele probably you are watching another F1. It is no secret that Ferrari is still having these issues on and off. Honda has improved only after RBR adopting their PUs since 2019. Renault is out of the question because it has been the weakest among all the manufacturers. & these retirements & issues will cause them WCs in future without any doubt under the new regulations. As a works team, Ferrari PU must have been more robust (it is better than 2020 for sure) but these are same old repeating question marks which Ferrari is yet to fully solve.

    • Michele

      @TheCamperSnake oh sorry, maybe i'm watching another f1, where renault and honda had major problems for years, and now the problem is the ferrari with few retirements? it's not an engine cut for 3 laps over the entire season which will determine if they will win the WC or not

    • TheCamperSnake

      @Michele it has nothing to do with retirement. If these problems still persist, then it is safe to say Ferrari should stop dreaming about WCs. Reliability was & is a prime concern for Ferrari PUs throughout the Hybrid era. nothing new here. They must solidify their reliability like Mercedes & Honda.

    • Michele

      so 4 issues in 3 years, which only 1 in russia caused a retire, is too much for you?

  • Amazing A The Dreamer
    Amazing A The Dreamer

    This makes me even happier that Leclerc made it to the end at all… I got so damn nervous at this…

  • nj ki
    nj ki

    my heart literally stopped when he said he had a problem with the engine, All I could think about was Bahrain 2019 😭

  • Casey Edwards
    Casey Edwards

    he's the winner in my eyes.

  • Armands

    I believe it's time for Ferrari to engineer engines that do not have disobedient personalieties and cut off whenever they feel like.

  • Leo Rod
    Leo Rod

    mah boi Leglerg had to resolve a quantum mechanics theorem to revive the engine

    • Aras Bağır
      Aras Bağır

      more like his engineer had to resolve

  • David Chan
    David Chan

    Leclerc: Engine Cut! Engine Cut! Engineer: Slow button on, slow button on..

  • PivotShorts

    Leclerc did so well to hold on to his position for so long. If anything P2 is still a great result, considering he most likely would be out of the podium if not for the crash between Hamilton and Max.

    • PivotShorts

      @orio_ Fair enough, but still. P2 was a fantastic result, and probably the best result he could've gotten in the Ferrari.

    • orio_

      he would have been 3rd still, he had faster pace then Lewis in the first stint and on Valteri for the whole race.

  • Parth Phadke
    Parth Phadke

    Ferrari deserves credit for their consistent cock-ups.

  • Chan Hui Shi
    Chan Hui Shi

    Whoever is the engineer who instantly knew the driver default a real one lol

    • SS_BOLkeeT .
      SS_BOLkeeT .

      @T K like all the cars use the same phrase "Driver default..." It also happened with russel couple races ago when he retired and was going to score his first point i think in france i don't remember honestly.. but it's like software ignoring command that the faulty sensor get ignored from the cars system so it will not crash the whole system.. like this cut it was a software fault, i think it was ignition candles issue it seemed like

    • Chan Hui Shi
      Chan Hui Shi

      @T K it can also be disabling faulty sensors that causes the engine to not run smoothly, in this case Leclercs engine mapping was glitched

    • Unleash The Speed
      Unleash The Speed

      @T K engine modes

    • T K
      T K

      what does driver default mean in this context?

  • Razvan Turc
    Razvan Turc

    He kept on pushing the slower button

  • Platypus Music
    Platypus Music

    I’m so glad that everything got fixed in the end, not a win but what a drive!

  • Low Zhi Yi
    Low Zhi Yi

    i freaked the fuck out hearing this radio

  • Vanacken

    « Theres something wrong with the engines » Vietnam ptsd

  • Rifky Tristan
    Rifky Tristan

    All Ferrari fans : Bahrain flashback back at it

    • Abraham AlAtrash
      Abraham AlAtrash

      @Ej Pagdanganan same, I wanna know why my favorite drivers always have problems. Charles has problems, Checo has problems, George has problems, Max has problems, Sebastian has problems, Mick has problems, IDK why their luck is always like that.

    • 0809AriAri

      And same loud swearing

    • Ej Pagdanganan
      Ej Pagdanganan


    • Ej Pagdanganan
      Ej Pagdanganan


    • Anakiin_EU


  • Mattia Cisternino
    Mattia Cisternino

    I had a heart attack every time i saw his radios. Glad his engineer kept the cool

    • Mark joseph
      Mark joseph


  • Tuğçe's

    His engine cut off, my heartbeat stopped...

  • Parkts F1
    Parkts F1

    I smashed my table when I heard that haha, I felt like totoo

  • Ádám Nagy
    Ádám Nagy

    I'm so sad that he couldn't keep Ham behind :(

    • KingCribble

      You know nothing about racing friend.

    • BuuGz

      honestly i think he didn't try to defend as Hamilton did try overtake at the same spot where he hit max, so a podium is way more worth than risking a crash with a maniac..

  • Rajz Khadgi
    Rajz Khadgi

    I was getting Bahrain flashbacks when this happened😣

  • David de Saldanha Osorio
    David de Saldanha Osorio

    Bahrain 2019 Flashbacks, imagine his race without the engine cuts. Maybe he would've had more of a lead and would've won

    • Diogo Barbosa
      Diogo Barbosa

      Just the regular Hamilton luck

    • Tita Riko
      Tita Riko

      @Daniel nope, post race they said they told Charles to change the engine mode, toned it down and tinkered with the settings. He lost performance due to that.

    • Alessandro Ganzerli
      Alessandro Ganzerli

      @Benjamin Haberer he only lost 2.1

    • Daniel

      @Benjamin Haberer The enginers said the engine went back to working as it should and the times the engine cut hamilton only closed the distance by 1 second.

    • Benjamin Haberer
      Benjamin Haberer

      @Daniel you trippin? He had problems with the engine which Cost him performance and Made his drive more difficult you dont lose just a sec by that its not like you Do one wrong corner it Was for a couple laps