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This weekend is the 2021 F1 British grand prix at Silverstone! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!

This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • BlaziTheEdgelord

    I hope he has another chance of winning in Hungary. It's a chassis track, where this Ferrari shines (top team material at Monaco)

  • Chip91

    He was faster than the ferrari itself amazing job !

  • James Treveil
    James Treveil

    I think it's clear that Charles is an exceptional driver.

  • Call Me Dan
    Call Me Dan

    Charles deserve the win, the car doesn't

  • eroceanos

    Lewis should have been black flagged for his insane missing the apex and crashing into Max… that was very dangerous and a mistake that deserved a severe penalty… but yeah, England, I guess…

  • f W
    f W

    I'm not a le Clerck fan but i really hoped he would have been able to out race louis.

  • Etnamita

    Charles did everything well, he led a solid race, too bad for the technical problems he suffered during the mid-race. But despite everything he proved to be a driver capable of winning GPs even with a technically inferior car. I wish him the best for his career, good luck Charles.

  • Sarip Nurizz
    Sarip Nurizz

    should use medium tyre..

    • Arvin

      they cant cuz you cant use the same compound of tire for the next stint.

  • Sigis Þiudos
    Sigis Þiudos

    Well, you deserved more the 1st place than Hamilton. A perfect race, man. You deserve big success in the future

  • Ryan Ventura
    Ryan Ventura

    Charles is A Winner, only #1 is good enough.

  • emu nator
    emu nator

    Slow Button on!

  • giulia cozzolino
    giulia cozzolino

    io lo amo vi prego

  • Wanderson Araujo
    Wanderson Araujo

    This is not a audio send from F1 on board

  • Ryan McCrory
    Ryan McCrory

    So hard on himself. What a good lad. Amazing talent.

  • 非配

    Can someone explain to me why he lost since he had fresher tyres and his computer poblem was fixed?

  • Omar Cosimir
    Omar Cosimir

    that mentality 👍

  • Anakiin_EU

    World Champion mentality

  • C N
    C N

    Can someone explain to me why they switched to hard composition vs. a softer comp?(what was the nuance of this strategy specially here, what was the expectation) New to this and still learning. I know purpose of difference comps in general but nothing beyond the basics.

    • Arvin

      softer compound tires are faster on earlier laps but wear out much faster too. hard compound tires are the exact opposite. the best strategy is basically picking the tire that finds the best overall pace between the 3 compounds. they didn't switch to the soft tire in the pitstop because most teams agree that the soft tire on overall pace and wear is not as good as medium or hard. they also didnt switch to the softs because his pitstop was midway through the race so the tires would have worn out badly by the end. ferrari also couldnt switch to another medium compound because it is in the rules that they have to use different compounds in the race.

  • Joel

    Shame Lando had a shitty pit stop, that put Butler Bottas in the right spot to let Lewis past lmao

  • Simo_Simo

    Poor Charles. FIA disgusting

  • Damian

    Nobody: Charles' engeneer: next car Ricchiardo

  • Akhilesh chandravanshi
    Akhilesh chandravanshi

    Nice ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏿

  • adib z
    adib z

    Deserved driver of the day

  • SavouryLobster

    In Italian he said "everyone who drove the 375 F1 won except me. I am second."

  • Goran

    The real winner

  • Ace The Skylord
    Ace The Skylord

    He will be a world champion the moment Ferrari get their shit together and make a proper car

  • JOJO

    Charles you did every thing but the car of lewis is better then your car perfect job from you and 2nd place is also not bad

  • carb0n

    Ah man would have loved to hear that Italian national anthem on that podium! But still, good weekend for Charles and Ferrari

  • z frost
    z frost

    I need a subtitle

  • A. F.
    A. F.

    You just have to love this kid. Pure racing passion.

  • Craig T
    Craig T

    I'm not a big Ferrari fan but I do like Charles as a driver and a person. I think the fact that he's disappointed with P2 just shows he's hungry for more, of course it would be frustrating to have led the race up until the last few laps and to come so close, but I'm sure it won't be his last opportunity and one day he'll be fighting at the front! Well done Charles!

  • Alex Fu
    Alex Fu

    I love the Ferrari team dynamics now. No more toxic energy like back in Vettel days before. Charles is an extremely talented young driver, he loves Ferrari and so wants to see it succeed and get back to the top of the podium. Treat 2021 as a warm-up to get both Charles and Carlos ready. Hopefully, we can finally have a fast car again come next year with the massive rules change and we will be able to climb back to the top. Chin up, Charles!! We will get there!! Forza Ferrari!!

  • Aref emami
    Aref emami

    I think the Italian part in the end means "everyone who drove 375f1 before the race won the race I'm the first one to lose, perfect

  • Simon Evans
    Simon Evans

    Did drivers always sware so much or has it become a recent trend?


    I saw it live my heart was broken for him great drive for Ferrari all round Lewis needs to chill this ain't T1 Monza ACC but even with his penalty Lewis is one of the greatest talents of his day so credit where credit is due

  • John Kurian
    John Kurian

    Charles drove the wheels off that car! Excellent job! I really hope ferrari has a competitive car next year

  • Loknath Shankar
    Loknath Shankar

    Ferrari engineers are so different 😅

  • KevinAbillGaming

    F**king Hamilton, he doesn't deserve that win! He cheated just for a "free" win on his home soil! Unacceptable! Hand him 12 penalty points for that, or I leave F1 for good!

  • KVisser26 Games
    KVisser26 Games

    Leclerc is the TRUE winner Not hamilton

  • EverythingTechPro

    Without those Stupid ferrari engine errors he could have won. Ferrari againt letting their drivers down.

  • Aaron Tan
    Aaron Tan

    Baby 👶 driver when push by adult he get punctured Ferrari worst choice

  • mayvb49

    For the first time in 2 years Ferrari gave me this type of stress and I loved it. No optimists could think of that 2 seconds lead after the restart. Pretty strong race, just some unlucky problems.

  • Sanjaya Wijenayake
    Sanjaya Wijenayake

    Imagine this guy in a competitive car fighting with Hamilton and verstappen. You did great lad.

  • Patrick Frederich
    Patrick Frederich

    Vinceremo..... come a monaco... :-(


    Charles you didn't have any other option.. you can push the car yourself if you want.. it will only give you so much.

  • DearTc

    Number 2 is just amazing i know how hard he push to p1

  • RedCyanPhotos

    Gutted for him

  • V12F1Demon

    He deserved to win had it not been that unreliable Ferrari engine.

  • LabGorilla

    Ferrari are a shit show. Sainz’ pit stop was a joke. They will not return to any glory days. Not under this leadership. Bullshit. And no you won’t win Charles. Not with this team. Ferrari are humiliating Italy

  • Marcel Renes
    Marcel Renes

    Charles, you deserved to win. You were the best driver today.

  • Eduardo Travi
    Eduardo Travi

    This guy deserver more. He has the hability, the mentality and the sportsmankind. And he'll get it. But please, keep all thiis good things with you in the future, even if you're the next 7th championships. Keep taking care of your mates like you do now, and everybody will remember you as a great driver.

  • Kuckoo

    Charles put that Ferrari higher than it should have been. He's nothing to be ashamed of.

  • Jose Nery
    Jose Nery

    Charles drove his ass off in the Ferrari.... It was just so disappointing that he couldn't get the win....

  • Gigsaw Soljier
    Gigsaw Soljier

    i think this self expectation could be charles undoing like seb said in 2010 you got to acept sometimes its not your day and move on yh it makes charles push but it could also eat away at him

  • SyndiCate Gaming
    SyndiCate Gaming

    His driving isn’t the only thing I like about him. His personality has also really improved imo. Lets hope he doesn’t become like Hamilton once he wins a world title

  • Ollie Martinelli
    Ollie Martinelli

    Ma quanto ti vorremo bene Charles. Grazie di tutto se la Ferrari si riprenderà sarà grazie alle tue magie

  • Nathanael Houri
    Nathanael Houri

    Thank you Charles I hop this year you can win a race

  • yippithebest

    Before the Pit Stop, when both the Ferrari and the Merc of Hamilton were on mediums, Leclerc managed to maintain a gap even with engine troubles... How was the Merc on hards so much faster than the Ferrari in the last laps?? Wasn't leclerc even on fresher hard tires?? I'm a little confused about this massive difference.. is it because the mediums worked so well on the Ferrari? Or did Hamilton just not really attack in the first stint? does anybody have an explanation?


      Yes ferrari was better with mediums and is also true that Mercedes was faster with hards

  • -Biological Entity-
    -Biological Entity-

    grande Charles, un'emozione dall'inizio alla fine. Hai tirato fuori l'impossibile dalla macchina, che senza dubbio su questa pista era settata meglio persino di Monaco. Meritavi il primo posto, come i brividi di Monza 2019. Ma tornerà presto

  • Pasha Gandomcar
    Pasha Gandomcar

    If the engine didn't keep cutting in the first stint, Charles really could have bought himself enough time to hold Hamilton off for the win. Stellar drive either way 👏🏻

  • Love Pizza
    Love Pizza

    Italian part Charles: "Thank you so much Mattia. What a shame though... mamma mia... shit." Mattia: "I know..." Charles: "And more, all the ones who drove the 1951 car won, and I'm the unlucky one who only got second place." Mattia: "We will win."

  • Joi Pol
    Joi Pol

    What can u expect charles fight 2 mercedes and FIA with broken car.

  • Kim Chichoo
    Kim Chichoo

    First of all Lewis should’ve got more penalty than only a 10 second and Leclerc nailed on the first stint. It seems the hards isn’t going well for him but still a good progress from Ferrari

  • Anton Milev
    Anton Milev

    What a driver! WDC material, no doubt


    He said who drive 1951's winning car but finished in second :(

  • eppsislike

    He didn't even acknowledged Leclerc 😂

  • Timur Mirzakulov
    Timur Mirzakulov

    We need car like in Monza 2020, then no HAM, no BOT can overtake

  • りずきくん

    Can't wait till Hamilton being replaced by the younger guys and these young folks battle each other. Get the old man's outta here, their time has change

  • Stephen Nedumpally
    Stephen Nedumpally

    Lec and max in red bull will finish all others.

  • Flash Razi
    Flash Razi

    Charles, I so hope u get the car! Only u can take it to max! Lewis is too old and wise to fight with max. But today Lewis had enough I so hope ferrari gets u the car I would love u to be a champion instead of that prick max!!!!!!

  • Upload

    I was cheering for you after Max got taken out. ❤️ you deserved it Charles 🙌🇳🇱

  • FMZown

    Driver of the day i think

  • Haltzo BE
    Haltzo BE

    Charles was an absolute legend today. He deserved more.

  • ViciousDogAustria

    Driver default alpha max nova

  • Vasil Anev
    Vasil Anev

    It's like having a robot with an Italian accent talking to Charles.

    • IGNlS

      In this race his engineer was one of the MVPs, even with those engine issues he kept his cool and fixed the problem and he also calmed down charles

  • hafiz oktarisky
    hafiz oktarisky

    Great drive from Charles, that Merc is just not like Ferrari...

  • Ash Is A Beauty
    Ash Is A Beauty

    He’s the real winner of this race for me

  • Mark S
    Mark S

    Charles didn't want to end up in the barrier like Verstappen, when he saw Hamilton on the inside of Cops corner!

  • Andres R
    Andres R

    Don't be harsh on you brother , you wasn't lucky today but did a great performance. If it wasn't for the engine shut he would've nailed it.

  • Rea Rey
    Rea Rey

    Charles you are the true winner, not some crying boys who's fighting for fair play and then show the opposite in real life. You, firstly, always play fairplay...

  • Ardi Meçi
    Ardi Meçi

    Today Ferrari threw away the 1-2 victory. They should have pitted Leclerc three or four laps later in order to fight until the end. Not to mention the disaster they made with Sainz.

  • r t
    r t

    I was so excited when I saw the news that Verstappen and Hamilton had crashed. Wondered who would be the winner today! Then I turn on the end of the race and there I see Hamilton still going!? And then he overtakes Leclerc. Just gutted.

  • Erick Fernandes
    Erick Fernandes

    Disappointed for what? It's a big mistake to blame himself alot and that will can disturb an oportunity to win the champonship on the future. The Mercedes car is so much better than Ferrari at this moment and there was nothing he can did to stop Lewis

  • Hot Girls Video XXX
    Hot Girls Video XXX

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  • Adi Nicolas
    Adi Nicolas

    he was scared not to happen to him as max. he scared for his life,I hope officials of f1 don't encourage this kind of behaviour. I want to see safe races , not bodies on circuit. no matter how much safety has improved , people can still die. I don't understand how Lewis could do the same to leclerc, after he did to max

  • luciano lombardo
    luciano lombardo

    Carletto sei un grande ti vogliamo bene

  • Rondras

    In my eyes he won. He literally only lost because F1 right now is completely unfair and two teams can literally outlap every other car in the grid

  • Noel

    Great job you let Hamilton pass like you were stopped u disgrace!!!

  • Clutchyfinger

    What could he do? He had to dodge the Copse serial killer.

    • aditya banerjee
      aditya banerjee

      Just realised how close the word copse is to corpse! Of course copse just means a grove of trees, so the words are unrelated, but still.

  • finton mainz
    finton mainz

    Leclerc's worst critic is himself. He's not just someone who happens to have a talent for driving fast. He's a role-model and an inspiration.

    • s7evin88

      I have to admit I'm deeply in love with the characteristics he displays. In the car fast, tough, self-critical, mentally strong, always striving for perfection. Outside the car immediately a fair sportsman, kind, humble and polite. And boy, he can deal with the media, never puts a foot wrong. Great great guy.

  • Mike Souter
    Mike Souter

    I hate DRS. Should be taken away. It does not make racing. Nando lost like this too. You are a sitting duck!

  • QurttoRco

    Bringing Silverstone trophy home to Rome would have been great lol

  • Ragnar Wiik
    Ragnar Wiik

    It is mega progress.

  • Ardeel Johannes
    Ardeel Johannes

    Hard luck Charlie boy

  • 149-AR

    I really disappointed because Fraudmilton win this race, he don't deserve it. Also i'm disappointed with Mazespin aswell because he don't try to take out Fraudmilton.

  • Berto de los santos
    Berto de los santos

    If you lose like this, your car is too low standard for Formel 1

  • Toro Loco
    Toro Loco

    interesting how different the cars behaved with different compounds

  • jstoli996c4s

    Monster drive by Charles. Lewis 🖕

  • Nikiforos Pavlides
    Nikiforos Pavlides

    Leclerc literally scared shitless when he saw Hamilton on his rear. He knew that if he defended correctly Hamilton would take him out like he did Max. Hamilton is an a-hole

  • Hard Driven
    Hard Driven

    He drove a great race, but made a mistake to let Hamilton take the lead.

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