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  • Fabian Leiva
    Fabian Leiva

    at Mclaren the highs are high and so are the lows


    He's never happy if he doesn't win

  • Oli Wilkinson
    Oli Wilkinson

    Click bate

  • Juho M
    Juho M

    Brritish GP

  • Billy McDowall
    Billy McDowall

    F1 needs a good mclaren team

  • Shimino

    His consistency really great Cant wait to see a season where he'll fight for championship driver

  • You Like Cars
    You Like Cars

    Shouldn’t have left Loserlton pass by like he was driving on motorway period

    • cinegraphics

      Well, they now have a Mercedes engine inside, that means they are yet another Mercedes servant. Mercedes now has 4 teams on the track. They are controlling half the grid.

  • jules brunton
    jules brunton

    Imagine how good mclaren would look if ricciardo had stepped straight into form

  • Spectraevil

    Sainz’s was much much worse. It costed Sainz, in Lando’s case it did nothing.

  • Pointblank

    Blame your team for the 4.6 Tyre change. Not your fault mate.

  • F1 analyst44
    F1 analyst44

    Bit more defending vs hamilton next time please. he maybe got the fastest car but youre more talented than him.

  • GERGOL99

    Maybe don’t let Lewis by next time… He didn’t even try to defend against him. Say whatever you want, but Bottas couldn’t overtake him on track(same with Sainz and Ricciardo). McLaren wasn’t weak.

  • Silver

    Radio: * Engine sounds * FIbill subtitles: [Music] I see your subtitle AI has been made with culture as well FIbill.

  • Ngurah Adi Adnyana
    Ngurah Adi Adnyana

    imagine he doesn’t has problems during pits..charles would win the race

  • Stuart Anderson
    Stuart Anderson

    McL need to tidy up these little errors. Ferrari are clearly showing some form, P3 in the team champs is not a given yet.

  • Caps Lock
    Caps Lock


  • Batt Damon
    Batt Damon

    Landon to replace Lewis next season

    • Batt Damon
      Batt Damon

      @sxints_ whilst I agree. It’s a matter of time. Lewis is now in the older bracket and if he don’t win this season he’s probably going to sell his soul one last time.

    • sxints_

      lewis is better lmao hell no bottas shld go

  • Mossy

    Ah man this broke my heart! Can’t wait for him to start winning man

  • HeinB’73

    Would love to see Max and Lando in same team…would be the best pair (Leclerc might come close)

  • Junio Queiroz
    Junio Queiroz

    Everybody talks about the DTS, but what is that huh? lol

  • Assa simon
    Assa simon

    Damn i've never been such a fan. Same age as me, very funny, nice racing, perfect on social media. He ist someone you only can love. Hope he will fight for the championship in the future.

  • incic drops
    incic drops

    Lando deserves a seat ina car capable of winning cuz he has finished top 5 in almost every race this season if i remember cofrectly he is incredibly consistent

  • NobleStar

    Norris : I'm P4 and I'm annoyed about the pit stop!!! Daniel : Oh my sweet summer child...what do you know of pain...

  • TheQuikMix

    damn, my biggest hope was for him to win that one. Between the pit stop and the hard tires not working well on his car, it was understandably disappointing.

  • xParallax

    It's so great that McLaren are back to the point where they're disappointed in P4. Remember back the McLaren Honda debacle a few years ago, they've done incredibly to get back to 3rd-4th best team. LANDOOOO

  • Happy Canayjian
    Happy Canayjian

    Lando keeping his driving so clean and consistent this year. And he’s still so young. The guy’s got another 15+ years of being top tier. 👍🏼

    • Michael Barton
      Michael Barton

      Except he's on quite a few penalty points & close to a ban, go figure ! His clash with Perez did not justify any penalty(s) IMHO But I agree, he's a very clean driver - it's what I liked about him some years ago when he was in Ginetta Juniors

  • Tang Jian Yuan
    Tang Jian Yuan

    This guy is not even pushing to pressure top 3 .He just hold people off every race

  • Skippy 4077
    Skippy 4077

    Where was he "FULL UNHAPPY" , More like "Full of shit "

  • prabha

    lando unhappy about p4 while riccardo is over the moon for p5

  • TazNZZ

    Doubt he would have held him off, might have helped leclerc though

  • Jamie Savelkoul
    Jamie Savelkoul

    F1Fun4u you, me and everyone else is seeing that you have written Brritish GP instead of British GP.

  • Embrik Uyakumpala
    Embrik Uyakumpala

    When he is unhappy about P4 you know its GOING well

  • Ronny King FPV
    Ronny King FPV

    It just goes to show just how much progress they made in the past couple of years. Just a few years ago this would have been stellar. Now they're "only okay" with a P4 P5 finish. Good stuff from the entire team! Good luck to them in the future 👍

  • O K
    O K

    Can’t spell ‘British’ 🤔

  • David Siegel
    David Siegel

    yeah, I think a p3 wasnt off debate were the pitstop ok. Bottas was clearly struggling in the dirty air behind lando in the first stint, and I would no doubt say that Lando would be faster than he was were he still ahead of Bottas after the pitstop, as he is clearly the kind of fighter that gets faster under pressure and if he knows he can fight for more. Hamiltons situation would also be much much harder, so Leclerc would have probably held on. Shame. I REALLY hoped Hamilton wouldnt win but it was to be expected for mr. blessed to get everything for free as per usual eh.

  • Jake M
    Jake M

    Drivers are never that happy finishing 2nd, 4th or 11th. To be so close to something better, but to just miss out.

    • HLMF1


  • dimsoneill

    Imagine how Max felt then!

  • NVofus

    Miserable bar$@*@. Lewis, no matter what, ALWAYS ENERGETICALLY PRAISES "THE TEAM", BUT NEVER GETS ANY PRAISE.

  • Kris B Broholm
    Kris B Broholm

    I love it when people make comments like "Durrrrr, he was 14 seconds behind at the end so it didn't make a difference!!" obviously, once you've been overtaken by a faster car whether you are 2 seconds or 15 seconds behind doesn't make a difference. The reason he is upset (which luckily a lot of people did point out in the comments) is that he MIGHT have prevented Bottas from overtaking at all with those extra seconds. Nobody knows exactly what would have happened, but just looking at the end interval is dumb. I was actually thinking at some point if Lewis got a proper penalty, and Leclerc's engine failed, Lando could have even been in position to take the whole race! But, alas, it did not turn out his way this time...

  • My Pal Hassler
    My Pal Hassler

    Lando is starting to get on my nerves each race, sounding more and more entitled and wants things to happen his way or he sulks passive aggressive way

  • Tanish Mamidwar
    Tanish Mamidwar

    Noone talking about carlos's 12 sec pit stop which cost him his p5

    • Tanish Mamidwar
      Tanish Mamidwar

      @Ahmed Ameen yea ik that but still important for ferraris 3rd spot uk

    • Ahmed Ameen
      Ahmed Ameen

      p5 is not a podium

  • Cam F
    Cam F

    @Lando don’t get precious.

  • Jonathan McD
    Jonathan McD

    Another haul of points for Lando

  • Carmillawoo

    Man the entire team sounds dejected but they take it in strides anyway. Good on you McLaren!

  • Featz

    Crazy that a p4 is such a common result for Lando now that he is that "unhappy" or atleast not as excited

    • Bogdun

      True, i love to see McLaren back in top

  • David Axford
    David Axford

    then again if he was only a bit faster he could have won - yes a 3.8 second delay is the full reason for finishing 17 seconds back .... not. It goes with - If only i bought amazon at 2 cents - 'if only' is a game for the lame. it was a good race though - can't wait til the next one. I'm not sure that the sprint race really did anything as things more or less finished where the friday quali did.

  • Alex Martin
    Alex Martin

    Before the pit stop, when Charles had engine issues and Lewis still had the penalty to serve, I really thought there was a chance Lando could win this race.

  • firstname lastname
    firstname lastname

    Intentional, Mercedes couldn't allow the shamilton to not win the race. McLaren is the customer team after all.

  • S P
    S P

    Police officer: why were you speeding? Me: I was trying to cool the car with more speed.

  • Bob Parkhurst
    Bob Parkhurst

    Bottas is such a bad driver.

  • Michael Peart
    Michael Peart

    Lando Norris should have had a telling off from McLaren for letting Lewis Schumacher pass him so easily.

  • Levi Kidder
    Levi Kidder

    Really excited to see what McLaren can do next year, Lando and Daniel are great drivers and they seem to have a really solid team of engineers.

  • Martijn Draijer
    Martijn Draijer

    When you drive with a Mercedes engine in the back, this happens. You get too close to their points, you get taken out.

  • Jo Rguez
    Jo Rguez

    At least his team mate Hamilton won the race. I’ll say well done 👏

  • M. Balaban
    M. Balaban

    Hamilton should have been black flagged lap 1, and this should have been a podium.

  • Nikhil Varghese
    Nikhil Varghese

    Brritish GP

  • deeshmond

    Not sure he would’ve caught Bottas for P3. Great race either way…

  • Jackson Li
    Jackson Li

    can we just appreciate though that Lando Norris is currently ahead of Vattari Bottas in the drive standings in P3, absolutely incredible

    • mcl48YT

      That's because he has a good car this year. You'd expect him to do well.

    • Seb Edgar
      Seb Edgar

      @Luca 0609 I think he signed a 3 year extension at mclaren

    • Josiah Boateng-Myrie
      Josiah Boateng-Myrie

      @ste exactly

    • Adamdodd

      And ahead of Perez, who everyone seems to let off the hook

    • Josh Mariana
      Josh Mariana

      Bottas is a potato. But Norris looking great.

  • Peter Campbell
    Peter Campbell

    After yesterday’s farcical bullshit allowing Hamilton to take out his opponent without consequences, why exactly do you think F1 is even a sport anymore? It’s a farce just like pro wrestling.

    • RDH-D Alias JB
      RDH-D Alias JB

      I know, it's only Verstappen that's allowed to take other drivers out. Doesn't Hamilton know his place?

    • Christopher Knee
      Christopher Knee

      I can't understand why Lando just let Hamilton by. Is it because he's a SIR or is it because Black Lives Matter?

  • Álvaro Moroño
    Álvaro Moroño

    Lando and Carlos fcked by the pitstops

  • Ice Cream Studios
    Ice Cream Studios

    He's unhappy about P4, shows how far he has come

    • cinegraphics

      It's the switch to Mercedes engine. Why do you think LH was winning all those years? Just because of his skills? LOL.

    • George WBA
      George WBA

      @LukeeX0 come off it. Everyone knows how good the car is. It’s been improving for 3 years

    • LukeeX0

      @Deezel Kane where’s Ricciardo been then? If it’s just “the car”

    • Ice Cream Studios
      Ice Cream Studios

      @Deezel Kane I was never immature enough to say that

    • Deezel Kane
      Deezel Kane

      he ? you mean the car ?... where are all the "its just the car" comments that you lot had for hamilton

  • ozon672games

    Leclerc > Norris

  • Johan W
    Johan W

    Well at least he didnt collided with Lewis.

    • Johan W
      Johan W

      @Viajo Dominguez couldnt agree more with him. 51G crash..get it in your head. Most people would not survive that

  • William Louch
    William Louch

    Even though it wasn't the best he could have done, he was objectively still happy with the position, just knew there was an opportunity for more. Still pushed him to 3rd on standings!

  • ant Nam
    ant Nam

    No need to point fingers, I’m sure they didn’t expect the wheel fun to jam.

  • Tintoycar

    What engine has te McLaren?

  • tarun1982

    They thought they could win at one point.. but didnt he lose like 3.5 seconds at the end?.. i dont think that would have made much of a difference tbh.. It's not like he lost 12 - 14 secs like Carlos Sainz

  • Worlds Worst Musician
    Worlds Worst Musician

    That pit stop cost him a podium.

  • dan shaw
    dan shaw

    Jose Cedric was promptly fired

  • Matthew McColl
    Matthew McColl


  • ahmed hemissi
    ahmed hemissi

    i wish mclaren could challenge for the title next year. Lando is doing such a great job since his debut in f1 . he is destroying ricciardo this year with his consistency and he is already beating both bottas and perez in the drivers championship. i hope he can keep the good work and secure 3rd this season and maybe a win he deserve it .

    • ahmed hemissi
      ahmed hemissi

      @JohnDough ricciardo is considered one of the best in the grid he shouldn't have a problem with the car we are halfway through the season and he managed to get strong results in a couple of races but he is not consistent and thats what matter in f1 . the only time norris finished outside top 5 this year was in spain 8th and he managed to get 3 podiums so far compared to ricciardo's 50 pts its a huge difference . i understand that its his first year in mclaren but all other drivers who switched teams at least managed to match their teammates so far .

    • JohnDough

      But this is Ricciardo's first year with McLaren, its taking him a while to get used to the car....longer than McLaren expected. Lando finished 11th in his first year with McLaren, Ricciardo is currently 8th.

  • XxJoelxX

    I am unhappy it was not him who crashed into the tyres. He reminds me of Verstappen in his first days of racing. Just immature punk kid who thinks he is the one that wins races. Once he gets a bit older and becomes a veteran race car driver he will realize it is the car and pit crew that wins the races. He is just another car part and nothing more. if car or pit crew fail they will lose and veterans know that and accept it.

  • RedCyanPhotos

    Gutted, could’ve been so much more!

  • its that wu tang guy.
    its that wu tang guy.

    wu tang..

  • Ajayz XBL
    Ajayz XBL

    Pit stop didn’t make any difference really

  • Anne Rud
    Anne Rud

    Lando doing a great job. Glad to see Danny Ric up there.

    • WellDone Baku
      WellDone Baku

      it's about time. hoping this wasn't a fluke, seems like it was a perfect storm for him (both RBs out of his way, Leclerc way ahead, and Kimi holding several drivers up for a dozen laps)

  • Fletcher Cleeve
    Fletcher Cleeve

    I mean he was ten seconds back from valterri at the end, so I dont think the 4 seconds that was lost in the pits wouldn't have gained him places

  • VOKE

    It’s crazy that just a few years ago, McLaren & it’s drivers would’ve celebrated a P4 all night, and now it’s a disappointing result - Amazing to see just how far these guys have come.

    • Daniel Berti
      Daniel Berti


    • cinegraphics

      Because Mercedes engine is abnormal. Why do you think LH has won 6 WDCs in the period of 7 years? And that other WDC in 2016 was again won by a Mercedes driver.

    • JESSS

      Again bad timing from Alonso to ditch McLaren.

    • RoPEK123xd

      it's always gonna be a bitter-sweet and kinda disappointing result when you're fighting for the highest positions (even if you're an underdog) - see leclerc finishing p2 or norris ending out of podium when for some time there was even hope for a win. had he not have the poor pitstop, the battle with hamilton for 2nd could've been different, but it would probably end up the same way leclerc did. only a few laps later, but those few laps would've also saved leclerc's p1 and maybe norris' p3

    • Dominic Jones
      Dominic Jones

      @divinuminfernum Ferrari's been burning more and more, this year is the first year in a while that they've done better than the last; McLaren is still humble, but they know they can push to be in the top 3 teams

  • Rhys Malcolm
    Rhys Malcolm

    i dont think he wouldve kept ahead without the bad pitstop but he would've but a little more credit to his name if he had a better shot. That being said, coming in p4 even with a bad stop shwos the progress the team has made

  • Herman Pamungkas
    Herman Pamungkas

    This the 2nd time pit stop mistake has stolen Lando's podium -_-

  • Kim Chichoo
    Kim Chichoo

    He could’ve been P3 if the pitstop going well hurm

    • Kevin Speed
      Kevin Speed

      And Hamilton P2

  • Benj B
    Benj B


  • R22

    Would’ve been nice to see him at least have a chance to hold off Bottas. I didnt think DR would be able to hold off Sainz all race but he did it, so you never know. Still a great race for him

  • Julian Griffiths
    Julian Griffiths

    could have been an easy podium if he ended up in front of bottas after the stop

  • M L
    M L

    He basically bent over for Hamilton. He got what he deserved.

  • ACAB

    he said something against his team?? so disrespectful black flag he's a loose killer

    • _collin2


  • Bond James Bond
    Bond James Bond

    Pit crew cost him a podium on home soil.... but solid race from Danny though....

  • just loreine
    just loreine

    He wasn't going to be on a podium anyway. Without Sainz bad stop, Sainz had a better chance than Norris at a podium. He shouldnt be unhappy with P4, next year is going to be tough for them so he should hang onto these kind if results

  • Chaos The baryonyx
    Chaos The baryonyx

    He is p3 in the championship 😆

  • colin Brown
    colin Brown

    He said he was annoyed by the pitstop. He's really thinking " I am fucking pissed right off with that pit crew."🤣🤣🤣🤣👍👍✌️

    • aZn2MIT

      @Captain Blacktooth mercedes has a blame bottas culture though

    • wohnmagie

      @Captain Blacktooth I agree with almost everything, but I don't think saying "Red Bull would be in a more fitting third place" is fair to RB. They worked very hard on this year's car and the results show it. They are the fastest car on the grid because they made it to be the fastest. The third place clearly wouldn't fit them in the current situation. This is not even coming from a diehard RB fan, but I just thought I'd point it out.

    • Alia SFamily
      Alia SFamily

      @Captain Blacktooth yep

    • Captain Blacktooth
      Captain Blacktooth

      @Alia SFamily ... Absolutely correct ... Like all professional level racing, F1 is a team sport. On this occasion there was a pit stop error, another day Lando will miss an overtake, have a bad start or stack it into a wall ... The question is how do we improve our pit stops, our starts, our one lap and race pace speed. McLaren like Mercedes have a 'no blame' culture, which is why they are returning toward the front of the grid ... It is also why Ferrari which is a hive of blame from the Italian public, press and directors are struggling to build a competitive car and have a competitive team ... In reality if Stefano Domenicali had remained Ferrari F1 race boss, then one has to suspect the last few years would have been far more interesting and Red Bull would be in a more fitting third place.

    • Alia SFamily
      Alia SFamily

      I don’t think so, he was pretty reasonable and said later that it could happen

  • Keith Powell
    Keith Powell

    Sound like they have lost the wage packet on the way home and then picked up the revenue bill. P4P5 and miserable wtf ?




      @Jack Fox well he kinda blamed the team. It was the teams fault but it's not nice to say I am unhappy while they say sorry to you. These things happen

    • Jack Fox
      Jack Fox


  • FI5H R1200R
    FI5H R1200R

    That mugging has effected him more than he’s letting on bless him sure he’ll bounce back

  • Marlylitjens

    Letting Hamilton pas like a Bottas.

    • Stephen Cooper
      Stephen Cooper

      Lando is not a winner and never will be one

    • Gillie Monger
      Gillie Monger

      What's the use of fighting a faster car on a different strategy? He'd only slow himself down defending the inevitable allowing that dipstick Ricciardo to catch up.

  • Rory Charlton
    Rory Charlton

    To be fair McLarens battle is against Ferrari so going wheel to wheel with the Mercedes would of been a waste but it actually refreshing to hear a McLaren driver not happy with mistakes and wants at least a podium finish that how far they've come

  • Small Ben7
    Small Ben7

    Mclaren needs to get better with the pitstops. So many errors with Sainz last year and now this

    • K. Z.
      K. Z.

      @N N Probably made out of aluminum which is not that heat resistant but its very light compared to steel or titan.

    • N N
      N N

      @K. Z. if anything I think they would need to develop better wheel nuts, made out of something that has a much higher heat tolerance. I’m not sure if the teams are allowed to change those though

    • K. Z.
      K. Z.

      @N N True but they need to develop better guns not just car...

    • N N
      N N

      @VI it’s literally just parts that are super hot slightly expanding and making it harder to get off. It’s got zero to do with employees or budget or anything🤦‍♂️

    • traida111

      @VI I just checked, you are about right if you include the Marketing staff, Heritage staff who work on the old cars, the Indycar team and the F1 team. You can trust that if a mistake is made in the pits, be it human error or mechanical fault, they will do their best to make sure the problem does not happen again.

  • CHF 92
    CHF 92

    Congrats for those 12 seconds, Norris. I'm happy for you.

  • esphi LEE
    esphi LEE

    Lando + McLaren = British Team.

  • Besard Kola
    Besard Kola

    it could been p2 or p1

    • 09thomas09

      No really not. It would have been interesting for P3

  • Jahin Mahbub
    Jahin Mahbub

    The pitstop ruined the race for ma boy Lando... keep fighting as you do champ.