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This weekend is the 2021 F1 British grand prix at Silverstone! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!

This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • RedlineShadow29

    Mercedes can go to hell as well as Bottas man. What a dick move on the start

  • Monokult

    Valteri its time to say goodbye

  • Tyler Y
    Tyler Y

    You HAVE to feel sorry for Valtteri. Mercedes is doing nothing but using him to make Lewis more successful. If he has lost passion for racing because of Mercedes, who would be surprised? Maybe he can find better success in a different Motorsport such as rallying. He just seems so destroyed and hopeless, you wonder if he’s going to park the car mid race and walk off the track. And would you blame him if he did? If your whole role is to be a tool to assist with the overwhelming success of your teammate, which means you don’t get to show your true skills at all, would you still have passion for what you do? The least Mercedes can do for this man is make his drink work when he needs it good God man.

  • Mangekyo Sharingan
    Mangekyo Sharingan

    Silence that speaks a thousand words

  • Lexie Krewitt
    Lexie Krewitt

    I feel really bad for him! Would definitely prefer him and Russel there next season, could also get interesting!

  • Marvin Aberegg
    Marvin Aberegg

    i can't understand what they think Russell will do better than Bottas. He consisty earns high in quali...has plenty of podiums...understands race strategy...and isn't allowed to beat Hamilton in a race. How will Russel be any better? What could anyone do that he isn't? He's been a great number 2 driver. I hope he lands in a good car and comes back to haunt Toto.

  • Jokerdog 333
    Jokerdog 333

    the silence is palpable........................................ Totos and Hamilton have destroyed him

  • Squeezy Hugs
    Squeezy Hugs

    bottas is basically the equivalent of the rider in tour de France who sacrifices his whole world just so the top rider in the team gets to win. so he is not alone in that respect.

  • P M
    P M

    Leclerc deserved that win not Lewis is a much faster car.

  • nbobba

    I genuinely can't believe how f1 and fia just sit and watch this team preferences of whole 1st and 2nd driver concept. Teams just use one of the drivers as support unit for blocking the backmarkers and just giving way to the 1st. And if you don't stick to the team strategy you know that you'll get sacked. Remember this is the top tier competitive driving. Unbelievable.

  • Piano RTD
    Piano RTD

    Everyone is talking about this:"i want to see if russell would do the same thing" But i think that, if russell is really slower than lewis, this will happen again, if only valtteri could be faster or equal to lewis, this would never happen

  • ShineStreet

    He got the merc seat in 2017, hoping he will become a champion one day but look at how they treat him. He had quite a bit of opportunity in 17 and 19 but it just wasn't meant to be.

  • Ryan Bland
    Ryan Bland

    If Lewis can catch him so fast why can’t bottas😬

  • Tyler Simmons
    Tyler Simmons

    Sad thing is, Valtteri is probably the 6th/7th best driver on the grid, but because his teammate is possibly the best in F1 history (and many act as if George is already better than Lewis), it looks like he's garbage. Even Nico, who beat Lewis that one time, was throughly beaten by Lewis many times as teammates. Nico was a better driver in a fight though, that seems to be Valtteti's main weakness.

  • suhaila sukri
    suhaila sukri


  • Maximushornet

    AWKWARD LOL ... We all know hes going ..and I think he does too

  • lyly

    it's rlly a my sisters keeper situation where valtteris only purpose is to aid lewis

  • Jim

    I hate to be that guy and nit picky but it’s Painful not Painfull .

  • reboot

    what painfull XD win a quali and a race every weekend XD stupid vid

  • Samuel Hollinshead
    Samuel Hollinshead

    The silence the entire time just speaks volumes....

  • Sam Owen
    Sam Owen

    He really is Lewis’ Barrichello

  • Cowboy Animal
    Cowboy Animal

    "We won" but Valterri didn't. because he is not allowed to race the woodhead and gets paid to be no 2.

  • AZ

    This is why I don't want Russell to be in Bottas' seat if he were to have a sit in that next year. Apart from I'd like to have Russell lead Williams back to where they used to be, he might get the same treatment as Bottas at Merc, which would probably be a waste of talent.

  • Natasha Burgess
    Natasha Burgess

    I'm damn sure if Bottas was leading 2nd in the championship And Lewis was 4th or 5th he would be helping Bottas out. Although I'm afraid Bottas has no aggression at all in racing. Everybody gets passed him. His defence isn't good when he is against others.

  • Mike Swannick
    Mike Swannick

    I only hope Bottas has significant financial compensation written into his contract for everytime he has to comply with team orders that are detrimental to his career.

  • Brian T
    Brian T

    F1: we are the most advanced sport in the world Also F1: water bottles are black magic to which we are at the mercy of

  • steven G
    steven G

    part being that your way slower than Hamilton lol

  • Sekar Pag
    Sekar Pag

    Veltteri response to the engeneer is understandable how quickly people will forget our hard work and our loyalty this is the world,in the end no one is happy......

  • Sekar Pag
    Sekar Pag

    He waste his telant and time for protecting hamilton and mercedes, sorry for him, but gets lots of money,but money doesn't make satisfaction fulfillment achivement in our life.....

  • Axel Alexson
    Axel Alexson

    I learned to really dislike Mercedes in the past few seasons. The way they treat the second driver stinks. Even Nico, but Nico had the ultimate exit. Snatched the win and then F-ed off. I mean sure other teams (caugh) Ferrari (caugh) had preferential drivers and that Massa move was genius. But surely they never acted like they let drivers duke it out on equal terms. Mercedes just keeps lieing to us about this.

  • MS DB
    MS DB

    Valtteri, are you sheep or wolf? Why you did not win and give new hope to the black life matters guy? No backbone and therefor you will be replaced! Mark my words!

  • Joke Brouwer
    Joke Brouwer

    Bottas, the white poodle of LH

  • Steven Toast
    Steven Toast

    Who 🤌🏼

  • Davey Cloutier
    Davey Cloutier

    Yeah sure Mercedes believe’s they won the British gp hahahaha! Good job Mercedes you almost deserve it too!

  • Helikot

    Poor Bottas. Unlucky for him to be with Lewis in the team. Remind me Eddie Irvine or Rubens Barichello times :(

  • YouthEnergy

    Sure, Valtteri deserves to continue at Merc, but at this point one has to wonder if he even wants to? I hope he doesn't. He deserves a team that respects him.

  • Brian Ligat
    Brian Ligat

    ANY team would have applied those team orders to win the race. Thanks VB for following them. But remember that Lewis was a second/lap faster and caught Charles.

  • basically bastiaan
    basically bastiaan

    2030. Valtteri this is James, you're part of the reason Russel won again, how's your drink?

  • HB JR
    HB JR

    Valterris' silence speaks volumes...

  • MrNiksu

    Why you people pray for Perez how good he is while he does stubid mistakes. Every race that Valtteri has dnf has not been his fault. Valtteri would be even better fit with Verstappen because he is actually a good teammate.

  • M Vnk
    M Vnk

    4ever wingman in mercedes. Sad but true.

  • Affalterbach Brackley 1967
    Affalterbach Brackley 1967

    James: If you let Lewis44 pass, we will give you a drink. Valtteri: OK

  • Denhalen79

    Bottas, this James. You will never win a Grand Prix as long as Hamilton is in the race. And even if Hamilton is last and 2 laps down, you have to let Hamilton pass you. Oh, Bottas. You will always be in the shadows, as long as you are a Mercedes driver. You will never be able to shine, with Lewis in tow. I do hope that if Russell will driver for Mercedes, he will outclass Hamilton every time.

  • Vishnu Narayan
    Vishnu Narayan

    If and when Russel joins Mercedes next year, Hammi will be the pseudo #1 ..

  • Kana

    They rlly say enjoy your drink when the dude mentions it's not working shit is sad.

  • M Watson
    M Watson

    This is the same old problem with F1. It is first a constructors championship and second a drivers championship. It can never be a true driver competition until all the cars are the same build without constructors. The problem with that is the money goes with them.

  • Edward Fitzgerald
    Edward Fitzgerald

    James: 🗣"Valtteri it's James. Once the race is over, go in Toto's office. There is a pen and a Williams contract for you to sign. George will replace you next season. Don't try to fight it. Do it for the team." Valtteri: 🗣"OK. Copy."

  • Marc Paola
    Marc Paola

    Once again, Bottas has to help Lewis win a race. As much as people don't want to admit it. Mercedes brought Bottas to the team because he is the opposite to Rosberg and would rock the ship like he did ( he did finally get his championship over Lewis in 2016). How many times over the last 3 years have we seen this happen. As for the saying that he has never been in championship contention, that's bull shit because Merc started using him to help Lewis straight away. Bottas should just do his own thing for the rest of the year and leave the GOAT to fend for him self.

  • MXS

    Bottas.. like a puppy on its back

  • Steve Fortier
    Steve Fortier

    Valterri is trying his best, very hard to get a fair chance when going against a 7th time world champion and Vestappen. He just needs to try to be more consistent

  • Lord uRN
    Lord uRN

    I would try to figure out a way to get my microphone where I could let a big nasty fart into it. They treat him like crap. I hope someone picks him up and they value his abilities.

  • ILLxgicxL

    “As you can hear Lewis won” “Okay”

  • Andrew Reynolds
    Andrew Reynolds

    Enjoy your drink..... yes i could of had one in the fuckin pub .

  • J W
    J W

    Im 100% convinced that Lewis is crying for Valterri to stay so he doesn't have to race Russell. I'm also 100% convinced that Lewis only stayed with Merc because Max said no to Merc. I'm also also 100% convinced that George won't accept this treatment.

  • Nice-oscar

    Mercedes should keep Bottas and help him win the championship next year. He is such a nice and respectful guy.

  • Andy Parker
    Andy Parker

    Last season with this team

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva

    James should be fucking banned from motorsport and Valtteri is a better wingman than Rubbens Barrichello

  • Ajay

    Such patronising bullshit. Hamilton could absolutely have won this race without Bottas. He isn't part of the reason why they won at all. This is one of the most awkward team radios I've ever heard.

  • Phill Alderson
    Phill Alderson

    Surely Russell can see how they treat Bottas. What makes him think that they'll treat him any different?

  • John Gallagher
    John Gallagher

    It has already been leaked that Bottas is out and Russell will replace him next year.

  • SEAC_1986

    Bottas is a very good driver i wonder if the team helps him a bit more, sure he can win a f1 world title! And he deserve's 1 title in my opinion!!

  • Marcelo

    Yeah, one of the reasons. First one is Hamilton's murder attempt

  • G.G. Baxter
    G.G. Baxter

    I don’t get what his or other peoples problem is. Ham let him past, he’s let Ham past. Ham has given the place back if he’s not progressed before too. They are paid to drive for the team and he did exactly what was needed to maximise the team points haul. I’d get peoples issue if he was in this championship fight but let’s be honest he’s fighting. Norris and Perez for 3rd

  • Tai


  • semur jengkol
    semur jengkol

    Someone much suffer than verstapen is valteri

  • je ukbrist
    je ukbrist

    Life is unfair, that’s it.

  • yco67

    whats the painful part anyway.. its a team sport and he couldnt beat Lewis over the years..

  • Nick James
    Nick James

    He's gone after this season - why on earth he doesn't just drive for himself is beyond me. Fuck Mercedes!

  • Luke

    Fuck it, stick Valterri in a Red Bull.

  • Peekster

    Q: Isn't Valterri a wingman to Lewis? Toto: Fuck you Well that's that sorted then.

  • Vishnu Simba
    Vishnu Simba

    If only he was treated as a driver and not as a wingman. He deserves better than this.

  • NOVI0974

    I think Hamilton is probably a nice guy .. his fans though are a bit English :-) 😀

  • Babar Asghar
    Babar Asghar

    Russell will be a tricky guy to be a wingman

  • Curtizz Larsen
    Curtizz Larsen

    Bottas must be one of the Best Team mates a world champion could beg for....And I think Lewis knows that and will miss him next year if he is replaced with Russel. In my mind, Bottas deserve a new contract with Mercedes!! Let`s say Lewis get his no8 championship this year, thet Mercedes team could let Lewis support Bottas to a championship next year!!!

  • Pash Mackintosh
    Pash Mackintosh

    They should give these bullshit orders while they still can, Russell ain’t takin that shit.

  • Jamie Boer
    Jamie Boer

    The real sucky team, order was checo ngl, coulda got multiple points, had to give up to take 1 from lewis

  • sachin more
    sachin more

    I wish you valtteri all the best but let Hamilton wins...and by the way, enjoy your drink.

  • Sports World HD
    Sports World HD

    I remember him saying in the netflix episodes how he isn't gonna let Lewis pass again with so much determination, now it seems like it's over for him :(

  • Joseph frg
    Joseph frg

    This is just sad

  • R As
    R As

    He is not PART of the reason why lewis won…HE WAS THE REASON WHY LEWIS WON

  • Baker

    Free my boy Valtteri

  • Belgrave Wallace
    Belgrave Wallace

    i am new to f1, why is everyone crying for valterri? if he was good, why couldnt he end up 2? he sucks so he is just used to being yet another teet for the anti-lewis cucks to latch on to like max. loving max and valterri is really more about hating lewis for a lot of people it seems and valterri has a chance all the time but he always charlie browns something.

  • Cate tv
    Cate tv

    I have feeling Mercedes might sign him

  • Arcana XV
    Arcana XV

    All I want ti hear when Russel joins is: James: George this is James, let Lewis pass George: Hello, Hello, is this even working repeat James you said keep Lewis behind James: Let Lewis pass George George: James I can;t hear you anyway, Imma win now. Jame: GEORGGGGGGEEEEE!

  • Pedro Valle
    Pedro Valle

    Valteri = Barrichello as Lewis = Schumacher Now u know where Lewis' hate come from

  • Diego Mora
    Diego Mora

    he deserves this, for been lewis minion.

  • SF0311

    What James means is, “ You are part of the reason why Lewis won.” 😂 what a fucking joke.

  • Guenther Steiner
    Guenther Steiner

    Enjoy your drink 😭

  • Berny v H.
    Berny v H.


  • Games R Us
    Games R Us

    Bottas was silent throughout

  • EL Kushmo Magnifico
    EL Kushmo Magnifico

    He needs to get away from Sir Dorothy and Toto. He will be Forever 2nd or 3rd behind those 2...

  • Joe Colclough
    Joe Colclough

    If you guys don’t undertsand the reasoning by letting a teammate past when he’s 1.5 seconds a lap faster than you then do you understand F1? Also if you think Valterri’s situation is bad and see no issue with how Perez’s strategy is literally planned to help Max win then you’re lost

  • soupe2000

    This is the most depressing "cheers" I've ever heard xD

  • Samuel Hopely
    Samuel Hopely

    He may not get the glory he wanted by the end of his career, but he certainly has appreciation for the driver he is in spite of the circumstances. Rooting for RB this year but seeing him have good days always makes me happy.

  • Legendary JueHa
    Legendary JueHa

    I can't imagine how thirsty you were during the race without any drinks. Still get a great results. Very proud of you Valtteri

  • Stephen Emmanuel
    Stephen Emmanuel

    Its difficult being Valteri Bottas :(

  • Kogure

    It's a joke. He's basically forced to bend over backwards and do whatever they tell him if he wants to have even the slightest chance of a contract extension. They could already know they won't do it and still use him like this for all we know. He won't even get a chance to fight back in his last season, because they purposely won't tell him when that last season will be.

  • Aredio Vani
    Aredio Vani

    people cheered when perez let verstappen through, or danlie let lando through, but somehow hate it when bottas lets lewis pass to win the race. Bunch of clowns if you ask me

  • Joe Lawler
    Joe Lawler

    Embarrassing and more importantly it's not what I pay my tv subscription for nor the ticket price at the track. The fia should remind them what the fans want.

  • Tyler Goodwin
    Tyler Goodwin

    Mercedes is such a shit organization