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This weekend is the 2021 F1 British grand prix at Silverstone! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!

This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • Ryan James
    Ryan James

    Riviting stuff here

  • Michael Kehdi
    Michael Kehdi

    "Start picking them off"

  • Anubhab Das
    Anubhab Das

    Checo is pushing too hard

  • Suriprofz

    What a noob

  • Rotor Air Group
    Rotor Air Group

    Most spins this season: Perez - 1st Schumacher-2nd Mazepin - 3rd WTH is Perez doing driving for Red Bull ? Not on for the task.

  • ibnu fardhani
    ibnu fardhani

    Albon: my time has come

  • xTriplex

    I hope Merc fucks up with George so we get him instead.

  • P Reds
    P Reds

    Checo spin off in quali, me geeting exited for the race

  • 37 -Jeya balaji
    37 -Jeya balaji

    Being a perez fan is pain . yeah ofc he is going to recover maybe 10-15 places but him not being able to take the fight to mercs and stuck in the midfield is going to be a pain for rb

  • Niko

    Checo OUT Russell IN

  • nickelsd N
    nickelsd N

    Haha , may be red bull should stop with the diversity hires and focus on finding someone who can drive :D

  • Mukul Raj
    Mukul Raj

    Checo at his best on race day when he is last 😅😅😅

  • twil

    I'm not the most technical person, but isn't telling them what diff modes to enter the corner with driver coaching? Thought what was banned.

  • Per07

    Checo chupa

  • twelve.

    Why did they pit him on the last lap?

  • Fausta Bagas
    Fausta Bagas

    Tomorrow strat for checo: Hard to Medium.

  • Dario 108
    Dario 108

    What a talentless driver, they should replace him with someone with 10 years experience.

  • Physs Gaming
    Physs Gaming

    Looks like Checo's gonna be a rocket tomorrow like he did in sakhir 👀

  • cafe88 racer
    cafe88 racer

    at least he didnt blame the car lol

  • Cher Abdou
    Cher Abdou

    perez is dissapointing, he screwed the strategy for max who will have to fight the mercs on his own

  • Sir 96
    Sir 96

    Undercover FIA account

  • Matt

    If Mercedes signs Valterri, I hope George gets looked at by Red Bull. I like Sergio but he has not been a consistent driver.

  • Comody

    Sergios second last to P1 challenge of the year tomorrow, coming up.

  • Serbian Boy
    Serbian Boy

    In this titan fight, Perez can't afford this. tomorrow he left Max in a fight with two Mercedes. A mistake that can cost him dearly ... that he had good races, but as the second driver RB must always be in the first trenches, not P7 not P6, not P9 and not P20

  • hubert hui
    hubert hui

    Bring albon back!!

    • Sideways Miths
      Sideways Miths


    • Albines mi pasion
      Albines mi pasion


  • mycoplasma in your ass
    mycoplasma in your ass

    Imagine he wins the race tomorrow like in Bahrain

  • ashingashinga

    I don't understand why having one of the 4 fastest cars, couldn't even pass latifi on the Williams??

    • mastrdzastr

      Because he bounced it through the grass finished the tyres and made it effectively a haas

  • I Just Fell Down
    I Just Fell Down

    I know Red Bull fans care about Checo staying in top 5 for the Constructor's title points for the team but I'm actually happy cos we'll now get to see his signature back to mid field recovery battles tomorrow.

  • KD F1
    KD F1

    Somewhere in the near distance, Marko is shredding his contract… even though he has won a race and earned more points than Albon and Gasly did at this stage😬

    • Rotor Air Group
      Rotor Air Group

      That is because this Red Bull can make 50 seconds over Mercedes with Max. Albon or Gasly never had that level of advantage. He is doing worst than them.

    • Quacking panda
      Quacking panda

      tbf gasly had a worse car on performance not to mention ferrari were actually good back then. And Albons 2020 car was an unbelievably difficult car to driver

    • cafe88 racer
      cafe88 racer

      if he races back to fifth or higher hes good to go lol

  • Ivan

    looks like differential issue, engineer told him to change it and as soon as he changed it he got off track touching the kerbs in becketts

  • nicholas chai
    nicholas chai


  • Diogo Simoes
    Diogo Simoes

    Just goes to show how good Max is

    • mateo

      Or how bad Checo is.

  • TheViennaDude

    Bring Gasly back

  • liam connell
    liam connell

    And pick them off he did not...

  • Soulless

    Okay, so, let me get this straight. Albon had... half the points of Max, and he was driving nowhere near him. Now, Peréz, after tomorrow, will have half the points of Max, while driving possibly the best car on the grid, if not, then the 2nd best... and he is driving nowhere near. It looks like Hamilton might cry his way to keep Bottas, so Red Bull might replace Checo with Russell? What a move that would be!

  • V_vit R
    V_vit R

    Waiting for tsunoda radio .

  • Myung Suk Lee
    Myung Suk Lee

    Hm I'm smelling another Checo recovery drive and even if he doesn't always win them I gotta say they always put me on the edge of my seat

  • Christian


  • Joy L
    Joy L

    He's gone from 16th to winning a GP before. No worries!

    • Joy L
      Joy L

      @James Shunt just trying to stay positive for Checo's sake

    • James Shunt
      James Shunt

      How many times do you think lightning strikes at the same spot? Even Schumacher only ever won from 16th on the grid (Spa 1995) but managed that a single time in his entire career. Kimi Raikkonen won from 17th in Suzuka 2005 and Rubens Barrichello won from 18th at Hockenheim in 2000. All of those were one-offs. Be realistic. Drivers have their rare very lucky day when circumstances and their skills give them a win but even those are highly unusual. No worries you say?

  • Denis Liber
    Denis Liber

    When looking at the season so far he has done a good job, but his inconsistency is his greatest enemy...he is not a top driver because of that...

    • Rotor Air Group
      Rotor Air Group

      @AirmaxFSK Let's concentrate in Bottas & Perez and leave all the other "examples" aside. Perez started in F1 in 2011 and Botta in 2013. In 2014, Bottas's 2nd season he finished 4th, ahead of Vettel, Alonso and of course Perez. He was driving a Williams that had the same engine and was at the same level as the Force India of Perez. It took 10 seasons and a Pink Mercedes for Perez to finish 4th in the standings in 2020. So their best result before joining a top team was 4th but Bottas did it in 2 and Perez in 10 seasons while driving a Mercedes. Perez won his 1st race driving a Mercedes in his 191st start and Bottas won his 1st race in his 81st start and 5 seasons. So far Bottas has 9 wins and Perez has 2, both Perez's wins are in top cars, Mercedes and Red Bull. Bottas has 18 poles, one made this season over Max & Hamilton. Perez has 0 poles, even when his team mates Hulkenberg and Stroll made poles. Bottas has 60 podiums, 9 of them made before Mercedes. Perez had 9 podiums before getting the Pink Mercedes so even in Podiums before having a top car Bottas did better than Perez. In the 2021 season with top cars Bottas has won over Perez in 6 races, has 5 podiums and has lost to Perez only in 3 races and have 2 dnfs. So Bottas has done better than Perez in all kind of sircumstances, this season is ahead on the standings as well.

    • AirmaxFSK

      @Rotor Air Group That comparisons are useless and a real F1 Fan knows this. You could easily say Maldonado was a better driver than Hulkenberg for example since he had a win, but is that really true? Is Rosberg the best driver ever since he was able to beat the record champions Schumacher and Hamilton in the same car? Those comparisons might make sense when looking for teammates, but even than there are many many aspects that cant be considered which might matter in the results of races /championship standings. Ricciardo now is a good example. I didnt watch in 2013,but i think that was Perez rookie season, while in 2014 or 2015 ( i dont remember it exactly), the Williams was still able to get a podium here and there. Since 2014 the first two places where reserved for Mercedes, until 2017. I think 2016-2018 Perez was the only non-top-team driver to achieve podiums. In an Force India. Which is a quite good work for a paydriver, dont you think so? How many of his poles did Bottas get in the Mercedes? Since when is Perez driving a Red Bull? Is Perez strenght being a good qualifier? What is Bottas strenght? How many wins Bottas could claim when driving Williams? Oh its none, his first was in Mercedes. How many years Bottas is driving for Mercedes? Fifth year now, how many races is Perez driving for RB? 9 races now. How many Podiums did Bottas achieve before signing at Mercedes? How many podiums did Perez achieve before he signed at RB? How many years Bottas was driving the fastest car? How long is Perez driving the (maybe) fastest car? And remember: Who is Bottas Manager? Toto Wolff, his team principal. Bottas dont had the same pressure as Perez, especially not in the first Mercedes years, since his manager is his team principal and since the car was very strong. While Perez is a buyed mercenary and nothing more for his team,just thrown in the cold water of a constructers championship fight. Bottas and Perez are very similiar when it comes to driving skills. Bottas is better for one lap, while Perez is better with handling the tyres and when driving in racing speed. You could exchange them, yes, but while they know their role in the team, a new, young and hungry driver might bring troubles, since he doesnt follow team orders (remember Multi21?). Bottas and Perez do so, as we could have seen in the race yesterday (Bottas lets Hamilton past, Perez sacrifices his point to steal the fastest lap point by hamilton.) You didnt answer my question though, who would you sit into the RB? And who tells you he gets better results than Perez?

    • Rotor Air Group
      Rotor Air Group

      @Denis Liber In Austria Max won with 16+ seconds after making a 27 seconds pit stop to get fresh tires. That is 43 seconds ahead after a safety car. The Red Bull can easily put 50 seconds on the Mercedes in most tracks.

    • Denis Liber
      Denis Liber

      @Rotor Air Group you are just reading the statistics, you dont understand the races...

    • Rotor Air Group
      Rotor Air Group

      @Denis Liber do you watch the F1 ?

  • inflatable2

    Bad Perez.. Not doing his reputation any good.. Pushing to hard to keep up with Max? Max on his own again on Sunday, he's used to it unfortunately.. Just copy Hamilton strategy regarding what Mercedes does with Bottas and he should be ok..

  • Dragon KRIEG
    Dragon KRIEG

    guys. Perez is still 3rd in the standings, behind Hamilton but ahead of the 2nd Merc of Bottas. what more are you asking for in a two-car championship? a 1-2 is only possible in a one-car championship like 2016. don't forget the fact that Checo has, in half a season, brought in better results than the previous two 2nd RB drivers combined. and now you want him sacked for whatever asinine short-sighted reasons

    • AirmaxFSK

      @Dragon KRIEG I agree except the mentioning of Stroll. He was very good before his puncture, could have been a podium as well if i remember correctly (and the second time he get robbed of a good result by a tyre failure after Mugello).

    • Dragon KRIEG
      Dragon KRIEG

      @Soulless 4th is rather fine for a top two car, especially when hes the 2nd driver for his team. 5th was his first race he finished after starting from pit lane cuz his car broke down during formation. that is a splendid performance. 11th was his 2nd race in said car at a rainy Imola, it's whatever. i forgot what happened for 6th, but that wasn't an entirely terrible result in the end considering hes still ahead of Bottas. his win at Baku was fortunate, yes, but part of winning is also being at the right place at the right time. if not him, it would've gone to Vettel and Aston Martin. could you see either Albon or Stroll being where Perez and Vettel finished? Albon would've been nowhere fighting for 8th or something. this is the best 2nd RB driver since Daniel Ricciardo. if this is not good enough then i don't know who else you could/should throw into the car. his job is to SUPPLEMENT Max the same way Bottas is used to support Lewis in a two-car championship, and hes done a fine job at that especially in France

    • Soulless

      After tomorrow, there is a real chance he will be P5 in the championship, and have half the points of Max. Spoiler: That was why Albon was fired, for having half the points of Max and being nowhere near. And Checo's 4th, 5th, 6th and 11th place finishes are nothing to write home about, when he should be getting consistent podiums against Bottas, and he has only 2, with one being a rather fortunate win. Not good enough.

    • Jo Rguez
      Jo Rguez

      Exactly !! Haters experts on ps5 😂😂

  • Volcán SV
    Volcán SV

    He got caught in the dirty air from the two cars up front, sucks

  • quentin bearez
    quentin bearez

    I’m little sad for Checo spun and retire the car to started P20.

  • Gandalf with an AK-47
    Gandalf with an AK-47

    Sprint sucks

  • Nadia Passarelli Carvalho
    Nadia Passarelli Carvalho

    You've been Albonized

  • md5matt

    it happens

  • Will See
    Will See

    Last time Checo went from last… 🏆

  • Daniel Bellucci
    Daniel Bellucci

    Red Bull will consider Gasly or another driver for 2022 ? is not going well for Red Bull second seat driver in the last 2 seasons . i don't see how Checo will recover sunday in Silverstone after ending last.

    • Quacking panda
      Quacking panda

      hel'll recover to p5 ish i reckon but it's still not what RB needs. They need someone who can protect Max and cover off strategies

    • Blaine

      red bull are leading the constructors. checo is P3 in the standings. ????

    • J T
      J T

      P6 possible?

  • Hannah Barley
    Hannah Barley

    Don’t know why he wasn’t investigated for his unsafe entry 🤷‍♀️

    • Soulless

      ^^^^ YES, this. He nearly took someone out when rejoining, they had to swerve around him. Nothing against Checo, but that was not safe.

  • S. M.
    S. M.

    Only solution for RB to get two equal drivers is fire Max.

    • VolvoGuy_


    • My2Cents

      @Aadi Umrani Max and Hamilton in same team, that will be fun. And when Hamilton retire, Russell and Max in same team. That will be nightmare for Toto.

    • Aadi Umrani
      Aadi Umrani

      Then he moves to Mercedes

    • My2Cents

      That will piss Max.

    • A_Gentle_Smackdown

      haha i laughed XD good one

  • lala kumar
    lala kumar

    Mazapin finally starting better than 20

  • Salahadin Abdulahi
    Salahadin Abdulahi

    One question am asking why did they want to retire on the last lap

    • Jo Rguez
      Jo Rguez

      @J T Exactly 🙂 And we’ll celebrate with Fish & chips instead of Champagne !! 🤡

    • My2Cents

      They can change some parts if there is any damaged without plenty. (Not sure but there was some talk about it)

    • J T
      J T

      To show Checo's dominance.

  • spikem603

    I like how Checo doesn't make any excuses, like Lewis or Vettel, he just admits he made a mistake and then tries to correct it. I will enjoy watching him cut his way through the pack tomorrow...

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark

    The continued excuses in the comments for this useless POS are unbelievable. How much slower than Verstappen does he have to be, and how poor a result does he have to be before people start admitting the truth about him. He was slower than Ocon, and you see what Riccardo did to Ocon last year, and what Alonso is now doing to Ocon.

  • Terminator 666NL
    Terminator 666NL

    Checo out Russel in! That would be a nice slap in the face of mercedes. :D

  • Toto Wolff
    Toto Wolff

    Good job perez

    • Toto Wolff
      Toto Wolff

      @Arkangel Gaming I want max and russel.

    • fk fakemusic
      fk fakemusic

      @Arkangel Gaming xD xD!!

    • Arkangel Gaming
      Arkangel Gaming

      Mercedes Master 🅱️lan. You want Red Bull to get Russell... right?

    • fk fakemusic
      fk fakemusic


  • Kunta Kinte
    Kunta Kinte

    If they brought back their boy, we would for sure have seen a 1-2 RedBull a couple of times. An average driver cannot turn into a champion all of sudden

  • CADigital City
    CADigital City

    The pressure is getting the best of him nowadays, hope he gets it under control, needs 3 podiums in next 5 races

    • goldi k
      goldi k

      Not the pressure. I think he wants P1 or nothing else. He needs to improve his starts for that then it'll be all fine and ofcourse team needs to improve their pitstops.

  • Adrian kim Leow
    Adrian kim Leow

    Sergio will not get his seat in red bull next year if the sprint race is in place.. he just too slow.. we need a young and hungry driver to partner Max.. how he going to maintain his 3rd place championship..

    • Blaine

      @Spotter indeed.

    • Blaine

      @Adrian kim Leow if you follow, you'd also know sergio has been consistently getting results, and also has a race win. he's P3 in the standings. if sergio isn't being consistent enough you are expecting way too much of an F1 driver.

    • Adrian kim Leow
      Adrian kim Leow

      @Spotter Max was 17 then, now already 6yr in F1, he is more than experience to get what he need.

    • Adrian kim Leow
      Adrian kim Leow

      Sergio already declared that his car setup is totally different from Max. Redbull is doing all to suit him. So he must perform.

    • Spotter

      @Blaine they act like Max hasn’t had a shit ton of incidents in the past years

  • Grand ethernal
    Grand ethernal

    inconsistent driver

  • Drunk Argonaut
    Drunk Argonaut

    Well, good thing he spun otherwise haters would be crucifying him because that terrible terrible start instead. (Sarcasm mode off)

  • kaushal shinde
    kaushal shinde

    i think checo lost the momentum after french gp....even if he does good in quali,he losses places in race...till now his best quali is austrian gp he was p3 in quali but lost place to norris....i think more than bottas , norris is the real threat for checo up there.....i know he is more of a sunday man but there is no point losing places and gaining them again through out rest of the race...RB hired him to be up there with max. also having norris around making the race difficult for him.......let see what he does 2mrw...i hope RB keeps him for next season.....

  • President of Estonia
    President of Estonia

    I really like Checo and I still think he's doing better than Kvjat, Albon or Gasly ever did in RedBull, but it's still not good enough. It should be minimum 4th-5th places for him. Just too many mistakes. Maybe it's time to bring Gasly back to RedBull 2022.

    • Pietro Villa
      Pietro Villa

      @Rotor Air Group he was still getting lapped by his teammate

    • Rotor Air Group
      Rotor Air Group

      @Dragon KRIEG Perez has 0 dnfs this season. Bottas has 2 dnfs in Monaco by team fail and Imola by being crashed by Russell. He has won 6 races over Perez and Perez has only won 3 races over him. Bottas has beat him on the last 3 races with ease.

    • Rotor Air Group
      Rotor Air Group

      @Pietro Villa Gasly's Red Bull was not putting 50 seconds on the rest of the grid like Verstappen this season. The comparison is not fair.

    • Rotor Air Group
      Rotor Air Group

      Kvyat, Albon and Gasly did not had a Red Bull that puts 50 seconds on Hamilton and the rest of the grid. Perez is as bad as them but this car is way faster than the rest.

    • Soulless

      Well, yes, 4th should be minimum, and he's had 5th and 6th and 11th and this one will also be a forgettable weekend. His rather fortunate win has helped him, but he still only has half the points of Max, which... that's not good enough. He was hired to fend off the 2nd Merc, and if he cannot do it, well... Bring Gasly back, or, if Mercedes really are stupid, sign Russell.

  • Reynaldi Widjaja
    Reynaldi Widjaja

    Still to difficult, guess it front row cars only work in clean air.

    • My2Cents

      If you are likely to be in front, you want to optimize for clean air. Max is in front, so second driver either have to be a front runner or suffer.

  • leah lycas
    leah lycas

    I thought red bull second seat curse was over :(

    • Mattv323

      @Psychocilia thank you… I was gonna say max doesn’t have some crazy driving style that’s hard for everybody to replicate. He just drives extremely well, he’s smooth and precise with his steering. It’s not like he’s going senna with some wild driving style.

    • Psychocilia

      @James Shunt The car isn't based around Max's driving style, stop feeding into that myth. Max has just adapted better to the car than his teammates.

    • Bronco Balboa
      Bronco Balboa

      @James Shunt at the same time no other driver next to max has been that "close" to max as checo.

    • James Shunt
      James Shunt

      The car is developed for Max Verstappen's style of driving. All the other drivers are forced to adapt to his driving style and that's not easy. This is why Ricciardo left. He noticed how the team began to ignore him and put all focus behind Max. Perez is at the stage of his career he has nothing to lose by going to Red Bull. Trouble is Max would have 9 straight podiums in 9 races if not for his puncture at Baku. Perez so far only has 2. That's a significant difference.

  • Jeremy Williams
    Jeremy Williams

    If he doesn't improve he's a gonna.

  • Nikt Ważny
    Nikt Ważny

    I wish him best results at RB. Previous race and this sprint race was painful to watch.

    • Linkin Park Forever
      Linkin Park Forever

      @Nikt Ważny to już chyba wiem dlaczego taki nick masz. Ja przyznam się że ta koleżanka to jedyna osoba która docenia to jak wyglądam jakim człowiekiem jestem także podnosi mnie na duchu i co najważniejsze nie zgadza się z moją opinią że jestem złym człowiekiem sam zacząłem w to wierzyć i niewykluczone że zostanę też Świadkiem Jehowy i to pisze osoba która w pewnym momencie życia mocno wątpiła w istnienie Boga teraz jednak mam wrażenie że to mógł być znak 🙂 także się trzymaj pozdrawiam bardzo serdecznie i do zobaczenia 😉

    • Nikt Ważny
      Nikt Ważny

      @Linkin Park Forever Też przechodzę przez ciężki okres w moim życiu i gdyby nie było życzliwych mi ludzi (bardzo niewielu ich jest ale są) którym mogę się zwierzyć i którzy mnie podnoszą na duchu to też by mnie tutaj już nie było i to zanim jeszcze Chester odszedł. Trzymaj się tam mordo i wszystkiego najlepszego w życiu 🙂

    • Linkin Park Forever
      Linkin Park Forever

      @Nikt Ważny tak wiem o tym że ma być rocznica z tego powodu 20 lipca zmieniam zdjęcie profilowe na FB i zapewne długo pozostanie niezmienione. LP pomagał mi w bardzo trudnych chwilach w walce z depresją i dopiero od miesiąca zaczynam czuć się lepiej, kiedy poznałem świetną koleżankę chociaż jedną, która docenia to jaki jestem. Jestem przekonany że gdyby nie ten zespół nie byłoby mnie tutaj. A co do poprawek do samochodu Pereza to może faktycznie i coś dali ale ja za bardzo o tym nie słyszałem. Szkoda że Checo nie jest bardzo szybki w kwalifikacjach to by bardzo pomogło Red Bullowi bo w wyścigu jest bardzo dobrze 😉 chociaż jeśli dostanie kontrakt na przyszły sezon to sądzę że to go też podbuduje i wciąż w trakcie sezonu będzie się powoli zbliżać do maksimum jakiś czas temu w wywiadzie mówił że jeszcze nie jest w stanie wycisnąć wszystkiego z samochodu. Warto też zauważyć porównanie Pereza z Albonem ktoś pod jakimś filmikiem pisał że Perez zdobył więcej punktów niż Alex przez cały poprzedni sezon a nie jesteśmy jeszcze nawet na półmetku sezonu

    • Nikt Ważny
      Nikt Ważny

      @Linkin Park Forever Z tego co słyszałem to Perez dostaje takie same ulepszenia tyle że z opóźnieniem. Z punktu widzenia Red Bulla mistrzostwo konstruktorów też jest ważne a sam Verstappen nie da rady go zapewnić. Zależy im by Perezowi szło jak najlepiej i by problem z drugim kierowcą który mają od kiedy Ricciardo odszedł został wreszcie rozwiązany. Tak na marginesie to też słucham LP. Bardzo cenię ich za teksty. Za 2 dni smutna rocznica. To już 4 lata będą...

    • Linkin Park Forever
      Linkin Park Forever

      Ja tam Perezowi kibicuję i ja liczę na to że w przyszłym sezonie dalej będzie w Red Bullu zresztą warto zauważyć że odstaje od Maxa w kwalifikacjach ale to nie tylko przez to że Max jest w tym segmencie geniuszem ale też poprawki tylko w jednym bolidzie dają przewagę

  • Drunk Argonaut
    Drunk Argonaut

    😭 Even though he didn’t finish, that was a good save IMO and no major damages for the car (irrelevant at the end actually). Go Checo. With a safety car at good timing tomorrow you will end up P5, otherwise P9 to P11 😞 RBR is crushing him with that amount of pressure and UNCERTAINTY. He gets overly aggressive/impatient trying to make an impression on Marko and Horner and these are the results. Just f***ing sign him already.

  • ExitiabLis

    can perez take point tomorrow ?

  • puitea lalpuitea
    puitea lalpuitea

    Come on checo you just have a bad day

  • Mahesh Sohan
    Mahesh Sohan

    Fight with Norris is destroying his career....

    • Adımı Bulamadım
      Adımı Bulamadım

      @Huey Freeman i know how checo is good driver i answer the question i write the “obviously” because of the say how could you don’t understand.

    • Huey Freeman
      Huey Freeman

      @Adımı Bulamadım check his stats with RB. Include Albon, Gasley.

    • Jim Wilson
      Jim Wilson

      Haha destroying his career? He’s had 2 wins and 12 podiums from 200 starts, he’s very much a middle order driver.

    • Adımı Bulamadım
      Adımı Bulamadım

      Checo’s obviously

    • Huey Freeman
      Huey Freeman


  • Bruno Alves
    Bruno Alves

    As i've been saying since the start of the season, the farse of the most overrated driver on the grid goes on, how long until Red Bull realise that they made a mistake by signing him?

    • Blaine

      Red Bull 286 - 242 Mercedes

  • paperboy

    I think he just got in the dirty air of the Mclaren and the Alpine

    • Rotor Air Group
      Rotor Air Group

      @paperboy sucks at driving tbh

    • paperboy

      @Rotor Air Group Yeah he sucks at qualifying tbh

    • Rotor Air Group
      Rotor Air Group

      With a faster Red Bull he shouldn't have been behind them.

    • James Shunt
      James Shunt

      "just" A racing driver is aware of this.

  • Vijay Shelke
    Vijay Shelke

    Checo pulling another sakhir grand Prix tomorrow

    • Fireburst Gaming
      Fireburst Gaming

      Hope so 😀

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar

    Redbull wont tolerate it anymore. He is going to lose his seat for sure. No contracts talks over the summer break. Get back Alex or Russel or Bottas in to the seat. Alex and Gasly didnt have good cars behind them. Perez is truly being overrated now

    • My2Cents

      Alex don't like when people race him too hard. Checo has done much better than Alex. RB already said, they don't want Russell. But if Russell gets Merc, Bottas can be perfect second driver for Max. Gasly can be switched any time so that is not an issue.

  • TheJokerit19

    His start was already poor, although so was Hamilton's. How he suddenly lost the rear without any apparent reason was weird. Most logically a driver error. I assume a pit exit start for the actual race, and I hope he can do a good recovery drive.

    • TheJokerit19

      @pradyumna 162 Unless they want to change setup or part spec.

    • TheJokerit19

      @Jesse Davila Everyone else managed Maggots-Becketts close behind another car without spinning, so a driver error.

    • Jesse Davila
      Jesse Davila

      I believe dirty air affected him in the corner

    • Chief Denis
      Chief Denis

      @Scully's Tie turns out the rb is still a peaky car, it's just slightly better this year

    • milkshakemuncher

      @Elon Musk yes, Alonso, the best out there!!!!!!!!

  • Luis Rodríguez
    Luis Rodríguez

    Are they allowed to fix the car? I heard they are under parc-fermé rules…

    • Rowin Grunder
      Rowin Grunder

      They can change parts because of safety. But they need to lay the parts on the ground and FIA needs to check if they’re not changing parts. Only safety related parts may be changed without penalty

    • Drunk Argonaut
      Drunk Argonaut

      As they retired the car, yes. Minor changes without a penalty and major changes he would be penalized by starting from the pit lane.

  • xGus17

    How didn’t he go under investigation after entering the track like that?

    • frosty snow
      frosty snow

      It's a joke, Vettel would've gotten another 5s penalty or worse for that

    • xGus17

      @Drunk Argonaut well he almost hit the alpha tauri

    • Drunk Argonaut
      Drunk Argonaut

      No need for that as there was enough space. Not a reckless/dangerous “entry”

  • ZF Angelo269
    ZF Angelo269

    Fingers crossed for a Sakhir-style comeback drive

    • Drunk Argonaut
      Drunk Argonaut

      @My2Cents Of course he can. It's just that ZF said "Fingers crossed for a Sahkhir-style comeback", but yes, "In F1 anything could happen and it usually does"

    • My2Cents

      @Drunk Argonaut or Checo can have DNF.

    • Drunk Argonaut
      Drunk Argonaut

      Not impossible. Pits screwing up both Mercs. Max and Leclerc retiring. That’s the recipe. Highly unlikely but not impossible.

    • Fireburst Gaming
      Fireburst Gaming

      Yeah hope so 😀😀

  • Hobbievissen

    I want to see alonso besides max .. , who agrees?

  • LewisHamilton2020

    Good he deserved it after his dirty driving the past few races

  • Porb Pirn
    Porb Pirn

    That diff change .. couple of laps after his spin, his engineer ask how's the balance and checo said the entry diff..could be that diff change was what caused his spin

    • Quacking panda
      Quacking panda

      nah he there was damage from his spin. he didnt hit the wall but from the sheer vibrations

    • Scenario 7
      Scenario 7

      @BomimoDK just stfu I bet he speaks a language that you don’t even know

    • Porb Pirn
      Porb Pirn

      @BomimoDK idgaf read

    • JustSoManyBulls

      Nope. Was very clearly dirty air, going through high speed corners that close behind another car. Dirty air

    • BomimoDK

      None of this was english. can you try again?

  • Megumin

    Watch him do something amazing at the final race.

    • MrLumie

      @Jim Wilson I'm not sure if you're talking about the same Perez who won from last at Sakhir, or the one who saved Red Bull's Azerbaijan race this year. That one was actually funny, considering that after he previously said that he's going to need 5 races to get used to the car, he went ahead and won the 6th race. So yea, Perez definitely has a chance of saving it.

    • Blaine

      @Jim Wilson 200 starts and 9 (soon to be 10) have been in a top level car. you are delusional.

    • Pufftii

      @Jim Wilson exactly like you said he has 200+ starts of experience and cause of that he could potentially pull a move like in 2020 when he won the race from last place.

    • Jim Wilson
      Jim Wilson

      Hahahaha all you Perez fans are deluded, they guy has never had the pace or skill to run at the front. If he did he’d have more than 2 wins and 12 podiums from his 200 starts.

  • Kabosumama Doge
    Kabosumama Doge

    Put Alonso on that second RedBull instead. His supreme talents wasted on inferior cars

    • Jo Rguez
      Jo Rguez

      No !

  • Swachchha Ahmed
    Swachchha Ahmed

    Like dude how did you find the recording this fast?

  • Zoradeity

    Shame, another weekend to forget for Checo. Also, the sprint race was just...meh. Don't find anything particularly exciting about it.

    • HVRLYN

      what do you mean? Checo is one of the best drivers for this situation. last on the grid and the best driver at managing tyres. he'll get top 8 easily

    • Anuar Del Castillo
      Anuar Del Castillo

      You have to watch alonso start!! He was the man by far this time. Just brilliant!

    • Paul Hope
      Paul Hope

      For me this sprint was just as exciting as qualy but for a fair bit longer. The last few mins of Q3 are the only real exciting ones of normal qualy for me.

    • Sudipto SHP
      Sudipto SHP

      @Hobbievissen qualifying was much more exciting than sprint race

    • Marcelo

      Alonso had a great performance and Perez spun, apart from that nothing much really happened. It's fun to watch but it's pointless

  • jimthai 81
    jimthai 81

    This guy SMH!

  • Lohith Reddy
    Lohith Reddy

    Man I feel like the engineer doesn’t like checo

    • BarbarossaBMW88

      >Engineer does his job You: "hE HaTeS cHeCo oMg"

    • MC Hammer
      MC Hammer

      that's just a personality and professionalism thing. i quite like the no-bs reaction of "ok, head down" instead of anything unneccessarily long

    • Drunk Argonaut
      Drunk Argonaut

      He gives that impression but trust me, he likes Checo. Check last two races ending radio and on both of them the engineer starts with an “Aw Checo…” with a really empathetic tone 🙂

  • henno van damme
    henno van damme

    The entire grid is a redbull sandwich now 😅🤣

    • SilverKEY official
      SilverKEY official

      @Glenn sounds good

    • Glenn

      @SilverKEY official Olives... Car is black, Hamilton is black, and he's vegan so this sandwich has no meat

    • DL

      @SilverKEY official Mercedes is the Lamb patty in between. 😝

    • Devrishi Singh
      Devrishi Singh

      Lol 😂😂😂

    • SilverKEY official
      SilverKEY official

      @Gerard Fong Yea possibily haha

  • Omblero Randy
    Omblero Randy

    Sbinalla of the day: Sergio Perez

  • Do Choroszczy Na Badania
    Do Choroszczy Na Badania


    • Mads Buhrman
      Mads Buhrman

      I believe Russell will be signed if Bottas stays at Merc.

    • Fireburst Gaming
      Fireburst Gaming


  • crazybeartimba

    uploaded faster than Ham's sprint start

    • Chief Denis
      Chief Denis

      His start was alright, verstappens was just better

    • DRAKONxD

      he had a great reaction, but launch wasn't great, he did everything he could do

    • Alex Waltman
      Alex Waltman

      So as fast as Verstappen's sprint start?

    • Maa Seeta
      Maa Seeta

      slower than the red bull honda.

  • Karan

    i jinxed him fuck

  • Milankumar Patel
    Milankumar Patel

    Perez performance gave Mercedes big chance for strategy win.. Max will have tremendous pressure tomorrow

    • Azizul Rahman
      Azizul Rahman

      Well silverstone is not the same as austria. Plus RB this time has slow straight line speed. Lets just hope max doesn't push too hard and break his tyres

    • Nevernever 21
      Nevernever 21

      @James Shunt they actually did this with Kimi in 2018 at Monza and it worked

    • James Shunt
      James Shunt

      @You Say Yes I Say No That will never happen if Verstappen takes the lead in the start. Also, trying to slow a faster car with worn tires is an idiotic strategy. Never works.

    • James Shunt
      James Shunt

      Utter nonsense. Verstappen doesn't need Perez to win. The last two races he led from the start and every single lap. When you do that you don't need any assistance.

    • You Say Yes I Say No
      You Say Yes I Say No

      They'll have Max and Lewis pit at the same time and purposefully slow Bottas down without pitting him so he can slow Max down, it's a predictable strategy

  • askia

    Smells like another recovery drive tomorrow then...

    • Bruno Alves
      Bruno Alves

      You might need to do a covid test, your sense of smell is clearly gone 😦

    • askia

      Well that aged perfectly.

    • jaishaan pillay
      jaishaan pillay

      Vaar ay

    • alext36

      seems like the theme with this guy lol

    • Arch TechGamer
      Arch TechGamer

      You're a savage

  • Mario81178

    Perez Sbinalla

  • JX25

    Red Bull's second seat curse continues

    • Frank0221

      @Nozo Poke That is actually crazy, wow

    • Nozo Poke
      Nozo Poke

      @Scenario 7 Perez could miss all the races left in the season and will still have more points than albons full season…. Big difference

    • Scenario 7
      Scenario 7

      @My2Cents Albon did the same in the season beginning Or not?

    • My2Cents

      Mistakes happen, so far he has done decent.

  • عيستبان عوكون Esteban ocon
    عيستبان عوكون Esteban ocon

    What a race congratulations max

  • AtomUD

    So no 2022 contract talks for him during summer break, red bull Gasly 2022??

    • Maverick Jimenez
      Maverick Jimenez

      So… it’s like there is no 2022 for max because azerbaiyan crash? 😅😅😅

    • Master Race of everything
      Master Race of everything

      @Do Choroszczy Na Badania Russel is more reckless than Perez! and you don’t understand ? RB needs second driver not 2 hot heads! Max is enough for the wins and they just need other driver to keep them up in the points despite of 2nd driver wins or not which, Perez currently is doing fine.

    • A.R

      Why the heck do you talk about Gasly and 2022 ? Checo makes an amazing work with current team, he nearly never makes errors unlike this donkey called Albon, so this was his single real mistake since the season start.

    • Do Choroszczy Na Badania
      Do Choroszczy Na Badania


    • Master Race of everything
      Master Race of everything

      Helmut hates gasly! They had beef. I don’t think gasly himself want to work under that man