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This weekend is the 2021 F1 British grand prix at Silverstone! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!

This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • szewei1985

    Hahahaha deng yo

  • B CV
    B CV

    Bring back refueling!!! They took away the mystery of a cars true pace. Took away a variety of strategy calls. Start heavy and run longer. Or start light to hopefully gain advantage etc etc don't see the down side of refueling. Any thoughts? 50% or more of today's fans have not seen refueling. But the unknown added to the Game.

  • Jamiedebb

    Red Bull keep moaning about the crash but don’t even look at their other driver- they won’t win the constructors like that. Horner has an obsession with making young champions to the detriment of the other driver.

  • Myspot Myrules
    Myspot Myrules

    This is getting old. Just sayin.

  • Batters56

    Not even scoring a single point when Max was on pole is embarrassing!

  • Felix Hinze
    Felix Hinze

    Red Bull where not playing to Checko's strengths this weekend, which is taking care of the tires, going long, then being strong at the end of the race! He had the tires to do so, but being stuck in DRS-trains, eventually resulted in impatience getting the better of his strategists this weekend! I am sure Checko could've been flying once the guys ahead of him pitted... Go 10 laps longer, then pit for fresh tires and be in a much better positions, tire-wise, than those around him. He could've been at least 6th or 7th after starting from the pit-lane, if RB had stuck to their strategy plan for him.

  • 47

    He's not even bother to ask how's Max... Is he a teammate or enemy?

  • Louis Harrison
    Louis Harrison

    The excitement of F1 😒

  • Ron Korving
    Ron Korving

    Was that Michael Masi talking directly to all the drivers from 1:00? I didn't know that was a thing.

  • Emmanuel Cortes
    Emmanuel Cortes

    FIA MOST change their rules about dangerous driving. There is no way Hamilton should have been awarded the chance to win at Silverstone after his reckless driving action at one of the fastest corners on F1; It is absolutely ridiculous that he only received a 10 second penalty for that. If FIA does not make a better rule about reckless diving in a highly dangerous area like a super fast corner, there will be more terrifying accidents in the future, because drivers will keep doing such dangerous actions, knowing that they can take out an opponent and gain major points (in this case it was a total 50 points gain in the championship. MAX -25 and Louis +25) and only carry an absurd 10 second penalty.

  • joseco1978

    It was just a horrible weekend for Checo Perez. He needs to relax and not try to be like Max. He's still getting used to the car. Better luck in Hungary!

  • vinod joby
    vinod joby

    If REDBULL lost the championship for Mercedes , it will not be from drivers but it will be by there poor strategies

  • Lux Keiwoker
    Lux Keiwoker

    he didn't even ask if max is OK. great teammate

  • seb gamer
    seb gamer

    Aie aie verstappen que passo?🤣

  • Manny Guerrero
    Manny Guerrero

    Leclerc, Vettel even Hamilton asked if Max was ok! Checo didn't!

  • Koi Stam
    Koi Stam

    Red Bull blames everyone for their second cars bad performance but themselves. They develop a car only for Max’s driving style, never give anyone any real time to come to grips with the car and you never see a real strategy for them.

  • Alg36

    Might as well told him, Checo at the next corner turn sharp left, join the A43 and on your way home for a nice cuppa. Pathetic!!

  • Wu

    I would ask,:" so he pulled an Albon on verstappen?"

  • W G Jansen van Vuren
    W G Jansen van Vuren

    The Egoistic champion caused this accident.

  • J Sam7mann
    J Sam7mann

    Not once he asked how Max was... What a great Human being.

  • molon labe
    molon labe

    Hamilton 👎

  • J I
    J I

    what happened? "Toto told Lewis to take Verstappen out of the race, and he did it here in England where he'll get the most lenient punishment"

  • AnDaenTte Truth Seeker
    AnDaenTte Truth Seeker

    It's simple, clearly the driver championship is most important than the constructor's

  • Robbie NL
    Robbie NL

    Checo needs to get his game up the next races and get some podiums again.

    • Robbie NL
      Robbie NL

      @DiscoStringHit we all know thats not true.

    • DiscoStringHit

      They're driving different cars. He's two steps behind Max on the updates.

  • John Pace
    John Pace

    I think Red Bull is getting racist

  • And people say I need a life
    And people say I need a life

    Most boring pointless video

  • Bountytracker

    After Kubica's accident in 2007 I'm sure drivers are save.

  • Paul

    Massive crash????? Fuck no

  • Oki Doki
    Oki Doki

    Damn, do they actually do something fully themselves? Do they order to drink as well??

  • canada painter
    canada painter

    max cut hamilton off,,,, hamilton was in his lane....that idiot max wanted to say hamiton FUCK OFF I CUT YOU OFF beleiving hamiotn will brake....IT IS A FUCKEN RACE,.,,,, no one will brake especially when someone cut you off...

  • Bob Parkhurst
    Bob Parkhurst

    Max really shouldn't have been so aggressive, he probibly would have won even if he let hamilton past.

    • thomas

      @Jack Smith yes, but this is a low IQ way to think. if you would get out of the way for anyone who drove dangerously, people would intentionally make illegal moves like hamilton did and force you to yield every single time, and you'd never win a race again... isn't that concept intuitive to you?

    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith

      @Gijs Bleeker actually it is, staying on the track gives you more chance of winning, ending up in a wall, kind of halts the chances of winning

    • Bob Parkhurst
      Bob Parkhurst

      @Gijs Bleeker Even if max had finished second, he still would be well in the lead of the drivers championship.

    • Gijs Bleeker
      Gijs Bleeker

      Thats not how racing works

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark

    Lot of wankers posting. Red Bull pitted him for fastest lap to take the point from Hamilton, it didn't affect Perez's race in anyway that was more important. Red Bull Racing is a business, not a retreat for the emotionally challenged, welcome to the real World people.

  • Rafael Soto
    Rafael Soto

    that was a racing incident....Verstappen is a Crybaby...

  • Nathan Hayn
    Nathan Hayn

    The fanatical barbara conversly relax because march controversly muddle during a rare difference. racial, lethal surfboard

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith

    Some of the shit coming from Verstappen fans is so comical. Some of you on here are making Wilder and Fury fanboys look sane. It's like all of John McEnroe's Tennis tantrums, all at once, through a megaphone, with a salt covered mouth piece. There is a dude on here claiming Lewis is guilty of Manslaughter?????? despite no one dying (which he is now trying justify under War crimes legislation...yep really!! lmao) Someone else has written a diatribe about Michael Jordan, Kids in Africa and Lewis' hair styles? yeh I mean that really is relevant to a 50/50 racing incident? the mental gymnastics though...quite impressive. FFS man's on here chatting more lies than the British government, and that is some achievement. What are you lot smoking? because Weed don't make ANYONE chat this much shit, so I know it aint that. I'm guessing DMT possibly? certainly an amount of purging going on, but the lack of self awareness points me away from such guesses. If it was a betting guess, I would say old tires, or some plastic product. I'm not even into Lewis, but when I see bullshit like this, I have to point at it...and laugh loudly in its face. Lewis played his part but it was a racing incident. Right now the ending of 2001: A Space Odyssey, is making more sense than you lot. All I ask guys is that you save some Sodium Chloride for the rest of us, we need that to hold down our terrible UK food, at least now I know where Marmite really comes from

  • Alecsis

    Mazapan está en frente Hasta a mí me dolió '(

  • tractorback76

    How is it that every time Hamilton should be screwed he gets a red flag or a complete break where he gets to fix any of his dumbass car and then continue. What a joke

    • Malcolm X
      Malcolm X

      Not quite sure about ”everytime” but there will be red flags when tyre barriers have to be fixed just like in Bahrain 2020 dumbass

  • jose edson ovando fernandez
    jose edson ovando fernandez

    Checo has the mission to crash hamilton in the next race .

  • Tyler P
    Tyler P

    I'm pretty shocked at how they handled Perez afterwards. If you wanted to know why Ricciardo left Red Bull, this was a great example. They completely threw away Checo's race just to steal one point from Hamilton, like they don't care about the constructors just getting Max the drivers championship. Maybe it was just rage and not thinking straight, just not wanting to let Hamilton have it but overall it seems more detrimental to the team as a whole.

  • Ian Rice
    Ian Rice

    I agree with many of the comments for this video - in fact you could say that it would be "amateurish and desperate" to fail to capitalise on the potential of a very talented No .2 - but that has always been the Red Bull way - just ask Webber, Ricciardo, Gasly, Albon, Kvyat, et al. Checo is a racer and deserved to be treated a bit better than this by his team. He has proven many times that he can get into the points from seemingly impossible start positions, and surely could have done so driving a Red Bull? Unfortunately, this is typical of Red Bull's blinkered approach to their drivers - if you're not Max you're never gonna get the team's focus or support. Just look how many careers have been burned or forced to change direction because of Red Bull's driver strategy - you could put a whole grid together. If I was Mateschitz I would be grilling Marko with "Explain to me again how this driver academy thing is supposed to work, we seem to have more casualties than winners, our current No. 2 didn't even come through the academy and yet he is better than almost all of those casualties."

  • UD2

    if you like unsportsmanlike losers who cheat to win, buy a Mercedes Benz

  • Frank Willfeld
    Frank Willfeld

    Lewis had massive amount off additional understeer in the semi warmed tires and heavy fuel load - to begin with - next - when u are attacking inside it is on you to stay as clear as conservative as possible - next - the Mercedes had nowhere near the turning momentum neither the car nor the line Lewis took allowed him to attack max from the inside like that - Max was on his race line and left Lewis enough space PLU at least 20 or even 30 centimeters for good measure - Max knows to finish first you need to finish first - it’s Entirely on Louis - sry - he should be banned for at least one race edit - the outside driver usually doesn’t see the inside guy from behind and MUST assume that he stays on a safe trajectory wich was close to the apex at this point - nobody must factor in such a stunt in his line - max even gave him more space than the reasonable line would have taken as it is already - sorry max - Hamilton is a narcissistic Douche - edit II - if Lewis really is as unprofessional and under dog as he often pretends ( wich he isn’t - no effing way ) and should really miss my point I suggest looking carefully at what LeClerk did. Or what Max did in Lap one when he avoided Lewis on his own expense in Brooklyn - Hey Lewis...less hair gel more believable heart ❤️ for ur fellow Man - I now t declare everybody they are racists for not loosing their grip on reality by misusing controversial sports (/where he s the champ) confusing Twitter or better the Kongress or Legislative bodies with the Racetrack or the Church - it’s DISPACED - go to Africa spend a year treat cholera ridden children’s - then folk might bow their knee - - not with a privileged millionaire - Lewis you have no idea of personal sacrifices people go thru to enable your BS - that make you look in my book actually like the douchiest douche ever and not a role model - how many hospitals did you visit in Ghana or Sierra Leone - how many school books did you buy for the underprivileged Tandlerin set down with them any kids that help their AIDS ridden parents all alone - no Haliton Fond for Ghana’s School System - they send home 90 % of the kids because they cannot pay two dollars for the semester - no pens - no paper - I grew up in DC wird 70 % black folk around us and idolized Michael Jordan, Dave chapel, Emmet Smith - no only do I remember much of a d3bate but the vreakthru of hip hop RNb - Rap Millionärs and the First colored President - and now you show us the ropes ?.. - who fought a bloody civil war many died over the terrible conditions the plantation owners treated African people and agains all odds have accomplished a LOT together( Tuskegee Airmen NASA ccalculators... shut up and show respect to ALL people - I was very disappointed that Hamilton didn’t reach out personally to Max and apologized in person like a person with balls - and the worst he celebrated like a rookie who know fuck all on being human without compassion for Max - who was traumatized by the crash and we by your your dreadful ruthlessness that finally shows behind the thin veil of your nice guy act ... - I hope Max knows who he is dealing now + Keep cool Max you are quicker, better and Lewis has lost it

    • Frank Willfeld
      Frank Willfeld

      @Jack Smith me an Office character... well I work in Offices at times - however you likely talk about the TV show . without specifying anything that could give readers a hint on what 5his metaphors even means - there are very different characters in office - also the UK and US Version differ greatly not counting the German Spinoff - uhh... Stromberg.... ? Was it..? Plus I am very certain there is an Ukrainian, a Hungarian, Usbekistan , Afghan and your moms version - however if you are a fan hater or gay or otherwise interested in my personal life or workplace Mr. Uhh Smith uhh Google knows me well ;)

    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith

      HAHAHAHA are you a character from "the Office" or Alan partridge in disguise?

  • María Magdalena Mixuhca
    María Magdalena Mixuhca

    He could've ended P7 if they had just let him keep those hard tires.

    • María Magdalena Mixuhca
      María Magdalena Mixuhca

      @Connor Eaton He was P9 before they had him pit for soft tires.

    • Connor Eaton
      Connor Eaton

      Umm he was in 12th behind Kimi raikonnen and had been there for 10 laps…. He was never getting points that race

  • Deepanwita Tudu
    Deepanwita Tudu

    RB could have scored some points had they planned the strat for Checo properly

  • Edwin Carrasco
    Edwin Carrasco

    Cuando sucede eso, ya no corres igual, es más ni te dan ganas de jugar la carrera.

  • LFS Customizing
    LFS Customizing

    Funny, He didnt ask if max is okay... first sentence from Vettel was, is He okay?

  • Kevin Worrall
    Kevin Worrall

    What happened Christian Horners having a breakdown Checo his love childs has had some manners put back on him

  • Shubh Belankar
    Shubh Belankar

    man tommorrow when I watched the race for checo for a bit I thought he is going to get the revenge or something like that for max. But they did what mercs do with bottas.

  • VEOdev

    sheco strategy was a mess , he could start in the soft and get out of the traffic , he could easly be top 7

    • fok ryan
      fok ryan

      if he extend the use of hard, he could be in top 7 too, and RB chose the worst strategy

  • Gumnaam Aadmi
    Gumnaam Aadmi

    RB's treatment of Checo post Max crashing out did a good job of convincing me that they are a one-car team.

  • Daniel Skuse
    Daniel Skuse

    Red Bull were so salty they ruined his race to take fastest lap away from Lewis.

  • Vigneshwarraj C
    Vigneshwarraj C

    He should have stayed in hards for long and switched to mediums for last 20 to 15 laps. He could have easily finished ahead of ricciardo if stayed much longer and make a late charge on low fuel in the mediums . He would have completed the race comfortably being a good guy in tire management. They went for a two stopper when it is hard to pass a lower midfield car on track. Also sabotaged him to cover the fastest lap.

  • Maduka Austin
    Maduka Austin

    RB seems not to believe in Checo that much afterall

    • ang chew yong
      ang chew yong

      It's more like on Horner wanting Max to have a lead still in championship even if Lewis win next race and follow by Max in p2

    • Keith Earl
      Keith Earl

      Don't like Christian Horner. Treated Mark Webber badly in favour of Vettel

  • Qamil _
    Qamil _

    They miss albon so they used checo as a substitute lol

  • Kuba.

    Next poor strategys for Sergio...

  • Navneet Singh
    Navneet Singh

    He was super fast..but always stuck behind drs train..

    • 47

      If he was super fast he won't be stuck behind the drs train.

  • Siddhartha Singh
    Siddhartha Singh

    Max's lapdog

  • Josh Hugo
    Josh Hugo

    Vesrtappen calling Hamilton celebrating a win disrespectful, what a joke. The aggressive way Verstappen drives is disrespectful and what made him crash. He is a child to blame others for this accident

    • Lewis Lawlor
      Lewis Lawlor

      I agree, it was very unprofessional of verstappen

  • A G
    A G

    perez is shit and slow get Schumacher

  • Tim L
    Tim L

    The real question is why you we’re too far back?😹😹 Checo pretend to care😹😿

  • andyman820


    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith

      But PaRtiaL CapS LoCk ToOoooOOOoOOoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • albinorhino6

    Perez should torpedo Hamilton next race.

  • Fotis Zisis
    Fotis Zisis

    Perez have a different car. Perez is better Verstappen. Red bull is ridiculous team

  • Stefanel Mapugay
    Stefanel Mapugay

    Poor Checo. The man has a lot of potential. I loved his last to first victory in Bahrain last year. One of the best races I’ve ever watched in F1. Money just can’t buy talent. Him and Vettel could be good teammates in Aston Martin.

    • Симон Петр
      Симон Петр

      He isn't Stroll's son

  • Senf Meister
    Senf Meister

    He didnt even ask if Max is okay?!

    • juggernaut316

      even drivers from other teams were asking if Max was ok

    • Mayra Castillo
      Mayra Castillo

      pretty much his engineer told him he will give him details and after race he mentioned that best part is Max is okay.

  • Daniel Thorneley
    Daniel Thorneley

    This isn't the first race of the season. The "team" has settled and drivers sit where they sit. Checo is far from max in the standings and as a whole its logical to see the "team" address that position. Get off the he is his own driver because hes not. Hes apart of a team, hes paid by that team to drive their car... if the team care about the drivers championship then guess what thats their interest.

  • Akira

    I hope RB doesn't treat Checo like how Mercedes treats Valterri.

    • OnionChoppingNinja

      @Onur Karakoç Yea... tell me about all those Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault juniors that got a shot at Formula1. Name me one from Mercedes that isn't George Russel. Name me one from Ferrari that isn't Charles Leclerc. Name me one from Renault that isnt... ow just name me one from Renault because I know none. All those " ruined" careers? All drivers that turned out not to be cut out for Formula1. But they got their shot. That's more then most in the Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault driver academies can claim. As for the other drivers. Ricciardo choose Renault dollars over being second fiddle at Red Bull. See what that brought him. Gasley couldn't handle the pressure at Red Bull. he was demoted to Alpha Tauri and now is doing just fine. Albon is much the same, except he had to make place for Tsunoda. Once he's out Albon will be back in F1. And Kvyat is just one of those " not cut out for F1" type of drivers.

    • OnionChoppingNinja

      @Mountain Man That's bullshit and you know it. Ricciardo (the man who;d beaten Seb remember?) couldn't compete against Verstappen in the end. Galsey couldn't. Albon couldn't. And now even a seasoned driver like Perez can't. Main difference being that Perez unlike Albon and Gasley has a truckload of experience.

    • Matt Hill
      Matt Hill

      Bit late for that! Literally dropping points for the team and Perez so that they can take 1 point away from Hamilton. It’s one thing to let your team mate pass but giving up points is another.

    • ACC

      How is Mercedes treating Valtteri? The guy was literally hired to not be good enough as they didn't want another Hamilton - Rosberg situation and he gets paid millions of dollars per year for not being fast enough. He owes everything to Mercedes.

    • 47

      If Checo wants to become the no. 1 driver so much then he should consider leaving RB and find a seat somewhere else. When he signed the contact he already knew he's a second driver and his job is to back up Max and to earn points for the team, not fighting for championship. It's a tough pill to swallow but that's the fact.

  • mxzrxp

    loss. U have a 30 point lead u need to drive differently. Max is still learning. CLEARY!

  • Zukeli Inniss
    Zukeli Inniss

    It's how I see people shitting on Lewis for asking if Max was ok near the end of the radio broadcast and Checo asked nothing and still no one cares. It just goes to show the hypocrisy and hatred towards Lewis from these redbull fan boys

    • Jovan Milic
      Jovan Milic

      Not the full conversation here, from what I heard he asked about Max's state

  • Ioannis Filippos Moschogiannis
    Ioannis Filippos Moschogiannis

    guys please stop commenting about the poor RB strategy. I cant like all the comments

  • Mr Bungle
    Mr Bungle

    This race changed my opinions on modern F1,its a show,its rigged and Masi and Toto can change it however they want

  • Ryan van Bemmel
    Ryan van Bemmel

    Hamilton clown

  • Frank Heist
    Frank Heist

    What just verstappened???

  • Coolio Aster
    Coolio Aster

    Ok Lewis should have enquired about max 's health soon after. But we need this type of racing not snow flakes. Schumacher used to do the same more often then now regarded as a GOAT...🗑 🚮 🗑

    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith

      thank you , and Senna too, and I cant front I adored Senna, good racing drivers...are aggressive they always have been and always will be

  • 34 Realist.
    34 Realist.

    Now this disgusting Mercedes driver shows his real face, such a dishonorable crook .

  • Paul Adolfs
    Paul Adolfs

    Did I miss the question “how is Max”?

  • Rhaegal 117
    Rhaegal 117

    Huge fan of Max,but this is just bad luck..happy he is ok

  • Wilbert Kendal
    Wilbert Kendal

    Crashstappen up to his old tricks again. That maniac is gonna kill either himself or somebody else in his desperate quest for glory.

  • Holistic Personal Coach
    Holistic Personal Coach

    the most boring video I have ever watched on youTube :) lol

  • Dirk official
    Dirk official

    Hamilton should have been disqualified but it's silverstone.i've lost all respect for this bad loser


    Come on man charge on in Hungary not our day today but we will fight it back

  • Zbynek Broda
    Zbynek Broda

    Wtf was that strategy?

  • Allemaalpannenkoeken

    Radio order. Perez let Hamilton lap you and destroy him after that!

    • Theo Simonidis
      Theo Simonidis

      if only

  • DoomRoomRecords

    I keep thinking they should have kept Albon and give him the time to grow

  • Jason

    Red Bull being sour losers. Instead of letting Checo score more points by possibly overtaking the cars in front, they just called him in to intentionally deny Lewis the fastest lap point. You sabotaged your rival and your own driver out of spite. LOSERS. Say what you want about Mercedes, at least they don't pull sh*t like this.

  • Richard

    Where did Checo say it? I only hear engineer

  • C A
    C A

    Perez should have been penalised for running Kimi off the track and out of the points at the end.

  • ernesto sousa
    ernesto sousa

    The worst scene to me was Hamilton promenading himself by the box after the touch in Verstapen in a acolonial style with that woman I believe to be called Angela colling him eagerly and following him everywhere like slaves use too do with big palm leafs.

  • Geoffrey van vugt
    Geoffrey van vugt

    Glad Perez got the fastest lap to take away one points of idiot LH.

  • Vishnu Sharma
    Vishnu Sharma

    redbull be like: use mediums like hards and hards like mediums SMORT

  • C Breeze
    C Breeze

    He’s better than how red bull treat him. If taking away his points finish, just to take away a fastest lap point from Hamilton doesn’t spell firm number 2 driver, I don’t know what does.

    • RMHutchings

      Red Bull has never tried to hide the fact that Max is no1 for them. I'm sure Checo is well aware of whats happened to drivers in his seat before him. It doesn't seem fair but that's F1. it's happened in the top-tier teams especially for as long as I can remember. Coulthard was no 2 to Häkkinen, Schumacher's teammates (any of them) Botas to Hamilton etc. 2 drivers being treated equally is very rare and Sergio knew he's no2 when he signed his contract. Having said that throwing a point away to stop a rival from getting a point just doesn't seem very sporting somehow. Not that much either Mercedes or RB do does.

  • ria dh
    ria dh

    that was uncessary , disgraceful , uncalled for , selfish and selfish move he could have killed him he would do anything to win if another driver did that they would have penalized , banned and stripped away points from him but when it comes to lewis 10 seconds only he has taken away a victory from max they ended ferrari and red bull dominance but nothing for merceders and now pitlane regulations mafia of fia

  • ria dh
    ria dh

    if lewis wins 15 WORLD titles he will never ever have the skills and potentials of micheal schumacher micheal turned losing teams to winners he worked with mechanics and was winning with dreadful cars something neither him or anyone else can do lewis has never had true competiton and he has one of the weakest driver as his slave and always find superior cars waiting for him

    • Jack Smith
      Jack Smith

      the guy who rammed Hill off the track to win a championship? double standards much?

    • Mahx M
      Mahx M

      Hamilton is one of the most gifted drives. Hence he has the ability to achieve good results even in mediocre cars and is able to dominate in the best cars. But I'm afraid he isn't really interested in things like development and doesn't care about the details nor the regulations of the sport. He's such a successful driver, but he's not an idol, at least not for what he does on track.

    • Thomas

      He was with McLaren when ferraris and Red bull's were winning. He joined PETRONAS replacing Schumacher. Now 7 championships later he does deserve to stay where he is. Do you see Vettel going to HAAS and try winning a championship?

  • ria dh
    ria dh

    there must serious repercussions and punishments for lewis he must banned for 3 races stripped 10 points that was totally uncalled for he has taken away the win from lewis and nearly killed him an irresponsible and a shameful and disgraceful act for 7 time world champion and he blamed max for that and did not even apologize a disgrace to the sport he must be seriously punished

  • Alexandru Dobre
    Alexandru Dobre

    He didn't even know that the red flag means?

  • katphisH

    Can we have Charles radio while he's trying to fix the engine problem

  • Joe King
    Joe King

    Red Bull gives you wing's!!..

  • Godvitz

    They used this guy to take away 1 point from Lewis... completely killed his comeback for 1 point... No respect, sh1t brand.

  • liam burgess
    liam burgess

    Checo been having a rough couple of races, was really hoping he could be closer to max.

  • Martin Gibbons
    Martin Gibbons

    Could not believe Hamilton took Verstapen out and was only given 10 sec penalty which was absolutely nothing, basically just gave the points to Hamilton. BLM obviously

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