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So glad to see the Red Bull driver walk away after that mega crash!

This weekend is the 2021 F1 British grand prix at Silverstone! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!

This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • Keir Mardy
    Keir Mardy

    Here for the tears of man child Horner.

  • yallow rosa
    yallow rosa

    who is Jonathan?

  • Marcfx

    Of course, red bull never hounds the stewards said Horner……best he go sit in a corner and stick his thumb right up his a…..

  • Paul Lawes
    Paul Lawes

    Red Bull are a bunch of whinging hypocrites. Complete over reaction. Max has been super aggressive all season and before expecting others to back out. This time Lewis didn’t. “Everyone knows you don’t stick a wheel up the inside at Copse!!” Don’t make me laugh. There’s me thinking it’s a race track!! Max has done the same thing his whole career.

  • Pizzaki

    If max keep's driving and taking stupid risk not respecting follow pilots he gonna end up like Marco Simoncelli,

  • Shane Brown
    Shane Brown

    Honers comments about not overtaking up the inside of Copse is complete bollocks. I've seen countless overtakes there and there were at least 3 more during the same race. Lewis sent a message by not yielding and tbf he was far enough up the inside and Max didn't yield either. Both drivers were at fault so it was a racing incident in my eyes.

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    It's motor racing there will be crashes it's as simple as that. I'm not a fan of Hamilton but that said suggesting Hamilton should have just conceded and backed off is ridiculous. If F1 carries on like this it won't be racing anymore.

  • JohnnyReggae Reggae
    JohnnyReggae Reggae

    Lewis Hamilton should have gotten a black flag...

  • MustardFuelledVengeance

    Red Bulls behavior after this has left a bad taste in my mouth. Horner was straight up lying.

  • Mr Bill
    Mr Bill

    I used to like Lewis but now he disgusts me, his desperate voice screaming on the radio says it all. He is too obsessed with winning and will probably kill himself or someone else with this mad obsession. Not cool.

  • J Cerullo
    J Cerullo

    FIA found both driver at fault the penitaly was for not going for the apex People want good close racing this is what happens some times. It being way over blown by RBR and media

  • Adam France
    Adam France

    Deary me this is a big debate for a racing incident, Hamilton gets aggressive once and its unacceptable, only reason we've not had a crash before last weekend is because hamilton has seen max being overly aggressive and backed out.

  • robert nolan
    robert nolan

    max got it wrong, get over it, he tried to take hamilton out, but it backfired so live with it o.k

  • Victor Greenwood
    Victor Greenwood

    Hamilton is a professional - he place his car in the position to tap the rear wheel - that simple !

  • Dec McC
    Dec McC

    Wahhhhhhhh wahhhhhhh! The drivers are there to race and take risks. It’s not a sport to show off how safe people can be. It’s about taking risks and racing. Lewis saw a gap and went for it. It’s about time Max hit a taste of what gained him the nickname “Crashtappen”.

  • Pamberi ne Hondo
    Pamberi ne Hondo


  • Stuart Cairney
    Stuart Cairney

    Red Bully’s

  • Dirk Hofman
    Dirk Hofman

    They look all like a couple of kids

  • Adam Britain
    Adam Britain

    Max has driven like this for years. What goes around, comes around. He can’t expect to be the only racing driver who doesn’t pull out to avoid contact.

  • Hugh Jass
    Hugh Jass

    The amount of crashes Verstappen's caused in his career, he's in no position to criticise. Red Bull just proving what sore losers they are, like trying to get the FIA to limit Mercedes engine power. It's not in it for the sport and never has been, the team is purely a marketing tool to sell shitty drinks packed with sweetener.

  • Dammika abeywardana
    Dammika abeywardana

    Shame on redbull

  • Xander Rage
    Xander Rage

    Jesus Christ, salty or what, it was hardly a wheel, it was pretty much the whole car. And Verstappen has been aggressive at every race with Hamilton having to back out each time. I guess he'd had enough of Verstappens aggressive tactics and gave him a bit of his own medicine. Its racing after all

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones

    How about we take all the cars off track and run one at a time, add traffic calming measures, a couple of lollipop ladies, average speed cameras and wrap the cars in bubble wrap just in case anybody gets the stupid idea to overtake in a motor race!

  • Lance Alex
    Lance Alex

    So sick of this drama, why do I keep reading all this bollox🤣

  • Mark Barker
    Mark Barker

    it is curious that Max did not criticise Lewis directly for this incident, he only made a comment about disrespect; Max has caused many such collisions in his past and was penalised; they were racing which Max wants; I love Max - he is the next Lewis, Horner and Red Bull comments are all flummery, but that is their job. F1 is not about racing it is about publicity and marketing. A shame we could not see a full race of Max vs Lewis but neither would back down. Remember Prost vs Senna or when Vettel deliberately crashed into Hamilton at Baku or, when Schumacher deliberately ran Damon Hill off the road?

  • Jason Owen
    Jason Owen

    The biggest winner F1

  • Matthew Smithson-Ellis
    Matthew Smithson-Ellis

    The torpedo sunk its self again better luck next time what kind of clown says you can’t stick a wheel up the inside or outside in race conditions would he prefer that Hamilton had to tunnel under him

  • Pea-tear Wingedlion
    Pea-tear Wingedlion

    Let's have a "Show of hands", who thinks Hamilton knocked Max out of the race because he's behind in the points? Deliberate!?

  • Sean Michael O
    Sean Michael O

    Emotional IQ on point

  • LewisHamilton2020

    Redbull cry babies we will get layers to sue Lewis waa waa

  • Pierre.W

    Next race, Perez should do a hamilton on hamilton. You only get 10 sec for it, worth it.

  • K L
    K L

    In front of a British crowd, British media, towards a British driver, anyone would be polite and bias. If it was a German driver it would have been WW3.

  • Stevie Obie
    Stevie Obie

    Crazy! He completely lost his head there. Never heard him so pissed off. He almost raised his voice 😂

  • Alan

    Verstappen aint no angel .....just gotta look back how many times he had forced other drivers off the track...was a move lewis shouldnt have gone for..but max did turn in to him..

  • J Rod
    J Rod

    Helmut Marko's Nazism is finally showing. He's surreptitiously fueling the flames of racism under Red Bull's name and using Lewis Hamilton as his "whipping boy". Helmut Marko and his protege Christian Horner, giving racism and haters "Wings"

  • J Rod
    J Rod

    Romain Grosjean's crash in Bahrain was 67 G's, the car was split in two, engulfed in flames and Romain extricated himself from the car. Max Verstappen and his fans need to stop being such "pussy's" about the Silverstone crash. He has been setting himself up for a massive shunt with his aggressive driving style.

  • J Final
    J Final

    Honestly Horner sounds more upset than max. Someone grab this guy a tampon. 7 points😉

  • Nismo Gaming
    Nismo Gaming

    Does Mr Pro Westie works at Red Bull?

  • Jason Wonder
    Jason Wonder

    In the past when i listened to what Lewis said in the radio, he kept saying his car has all sorts of problems but he kept passing every car in front. I would not trust what he said. Really sick and tired how he sent smoke screen to position himself for a good surprise. He was the one to press Bottas to give way to him through team order. Fair racing almost non-exist.

  • PsychoticLeprachaun

    10 seconds is a yoke. A yoke.

  • Giui Stefan Jr
    Giui Stefan Jr

    FIA being a prick everytime something like this happens. You can see here who advantages Mercedes aka Hamilton.

  • Max

    I’m feeling really cross about it. So english hahahh

  • Danny Dawn
    Danny Dawn

    Max has been rubbing most of the drivers the wrong way for way to long, its time he was given the same treatment he has gotten away with it always and this time it was payback, justa as lewis was the aggressor earlier now its max so let them fight and take each other out, makes f1 more interesting to watch, to people of similar nature meeting their match in each other is good fro racing if no one back down others will win so the race is on

  • ricky

    One of Hamilton's cronies, possibly the crook Sir Philip Green? Has got Lord Hain to say in British parliament an accusation of Christian Horner of string racism. Not kidding. I want to see Mercedes get out of F1 asap. This team has nothing to do with the historic team. It's just shady German money thrown at Brit engineering companies.

  • Jake M
    Jake M

    Lewis sticking a wheel up the inside of Copse to overtake Leclerc and take the lead of the race…

  • Norm Mallory
    Norm Mallory

    Racing incident...but RB's gotta make their point - wrong as it was...don't hate MB because their successful....

  • dj cy lewis
    dj cy lewis

    Hold on your racing so why not try to over take..isnt that what racing is about...come on guys..its not a train.

  • The Checkmate
    The Checkmate

    Toto : Michael I send You Email ! Check your Bank Account !

  • TheRikuideFurame

    Horner refusing to blame his own driver's aggressive error as being part of the problem as usual. Thank goodness Verstappen's OK, but he needs better people around him that will temper that aggression in future. That crash has been coming all season long.

  • Nico Montinola
    Nico Montinola

    10sec penalty is a slap on the hand for attempted murder

  • Just Another Austrian Girl
    Just Another Austrian Girl

    After the 2018 chrash of seb and bottas (seb then finished higher then bottas there) Lewis said in an interview "if the one who cpuses the chrash can finish higher than the other one the penalty was to low" and something along the lines of "its unfair and should not be possible" I know it was not the exact same thing but I think it still fits. AND also the celebration after this "very special moment for me" was really not okay with max still being in the hospital

  • Edgar Franky
    Edgar Franky

    100 % max's corner? 😛 nobody owns any corner fackas!! 🤣

  • Poke boi
    Poke boi

    I think the ideal outcome of this incident should have been a grid penalty for Hungary. Much like MSC received a grid penalty for Monaco after taking out Senna at Spain 2012

  • Frank Bronstring
    Frank Bronstring

    FIA punishments are plain jokes. If you are Hamilton, or in the past, Ferrari, then you get a softer punishment than when you are somebody else is getting for lesser faults. Here we are talking about a 7 times champ with massive experience, who is affraid he will not win the title again and wants to show off in front of his home crowd. He should have been disqualified and in case the engine of MV is destroyed, he should get a free new engine into his pool.

  • Suriprofz

    Small mistake huge outcome, but the penalty is for the mistake.

  • Mart Y
    Mart Y

    It was a racing incident. We will never know but I doubt there was a unanimous opinion amongst the stewards, their decision to give Hamilton a ten second penalty likely reflects the difference in opinion among the stewards and should not be viewed as binary. Both drivers wanted the corner and neither driver was prepared to compromise. Hamilton's car was further alongside than the rule book demonstrates has ownership of the corner, Verstappen knew Hamilton was alongside but still turned in across his front. If the drivers were in the opposite positions then Horner would be saying "that's just racing" as he has done many times before. Interesting to search FIbill for Hamilton/Verstappen crashes, there is much more for Verstappen that involves other cars. Perhaps more of a concern in this case is the fact that Verstappen's car was able to travel so far off circuit with hardly any speed reduction before hitting the tyre wall.

  • Samsung 50s
    Samsung 50s

    Of course lewis desperately just have to shrug off max..very dangerous..disrespectful n stupid move..FIA should have penalize lewis heavier.. 👎👎👎

  • Mike khoh
    Mike khoh

    Please banned Lewis from racing

  • Bill Clifton
    Bill Clifton

    To be honest there should be no contact with the stewards by any team or driver until after the race, no trying to justify or persuade them to decide a certain way.

  • Jonathan Vogel
    Jonathan Vogel

    before the corner he almost had the whole car up the inside and Max knew he was there

  • Boyke SE
    Boyke SE

    Imagine Conor Mc Gregor starting a lawsuit against Dustin Poirier after he broke his shin. Don’t start a fight if you can’t accept getting hit.

  • Jatinder Kumar
    Jatinder Kumar

    Stewards are sold-out as most of things in this world,for example WHO to china.

  • Rudolf Valente
    Rudolf Valente

    Hamilton, what a BLM looser.

  • Miles Williams
    Miles Williams

    'Stick a wheel up the corner' - Lewis was alongside 0.5 seconds before. He left a wheel, not stuck one. Racing incident.

  • Jack Booth
    Jack Booth

    It’s a racing incident, glad max is ok but even current F1 drivers and pundits are classing this as a racing incident, enough said

  • Zohab Ali
    Zohab Ali

    I am fan of both, Max and Lewis. Everyone knows that Max is aggressive and in few past races Lewis every time back off whenever Max made an aggressive move but not this time!!!! Without taking anybody's side I think Max got taste of his own medicine :)

    • Alex Beckers
      Alex Beckers

      Lewis did not back off in the previous situations, they got to the parts of the track where Redbull was dominant and all Lewis could do was follow. This is supported by Lewis's constant complaining on the radio where he claims that RB is too fast. The same goes for this situation, Lewis already knew he had to stick the move before Copse Corner because it is the section of the track afterwards where he would start to lose time against the Red Bull. If he didnt pull the move there he would have to go for the undercut and this would be a lost race for Mercedes. It was an all or nothing situation and the stewards judged accordingly - supported by telemetrics and the space on the inside (Lewis missed the Apex) it was decided that fault lies with Lewis. We can argue if the 10 second penalty was appropriate but you cannot say the fault lies with Max. If he had gone any further to the outside they would be in trouble on the exit.

  • TC2

    Sick to see that dirty driver doing anything he could to win. Stay cool Max, we all know the truth.

  • mtjoeng

    They both drove too fast, Verstappen ended up with the short stick, tough luck.

  • Gray Fox
    Gray Fox

    Max takes revenge on Lewis with the first opportunity, I am pretty sure that it will happen

    • Pirate Remy
      Pirate Remy

      Well that would be deliberate, as opposed to an accident. It will be penalised severely and rightly so.

  • T Mar
    T Mar

    Amazing that people forget past great drivers were bullies on the track. And one bump by Lewis and he’s garbage. Anyone who is ticked off at him just hates him and would be mad no matter what he does. He’s been clean his whole career, boring, even to some. Get over it. Red Bull needs to stop crying, because someone pushed back at him!

  • Markus

    Superspade gets to make his own rules.

  • Rudolf Diesel
    Rudolf Diesel

    F1 = Mercedes owned

  • Granwell Farao
    Granwell Farao


  • Tomy Arif Utomo
    Tomy Arif Utomo

    This is how mature-polite-well educated people discuss even in bad situation

  • hdtv00

    Red Bull's radio is just beyond stupid. I get trying to get their drivers back but that's just embarrassing. Hope Max is ok though racing incident move on.

  • Actinia Huppel
    Actinia Huppel

    FIA mafia

  • megasyxx

    To rub salt to the wound, Ham has won the race....

  • Steve Hodgson
    Steve Hodgson

    So is that the only corner in the f1 calendar that they carnt overtake I’m sure if this happens again on a different track he’ll say the same thing thing is Hamilton was at least trying to get out of the move sadly max didn’t want to save gave he took a gamble at Hamilton not being there but that gamble didn’t pay off maybe next time he’ll learn that and he’ll back out himself if it looks dodgy, always live to fight another day you carnt do that if your off the track

  • Andrew Wilson
    Andrew Wilson

    Ha ha, Max couldn't help himself and wrote a cheque Christian and Marko don't fancy cashing. No wonder they are getting so sanctimonious about it. Lewis was over 50% abreast which is what the rules say he needs to contest the corner, then backed out. Max had to chop him off, hit his wheel and departed to the point of the accident. Forced error, simple as that. Strange how Charles managed to avoid a collision at the end, even though the same tactic at the same place led him to run wide and lose a place. At least he didn't lose his car. Max still has some tough lessons to learn, hope he doesn't hurt himself.

  • Monkey Mentality
    Monkey Mentality

    Radio war ???? 2 gentleman being really very polite to each other.

  • Rudi van Aswegen
    Rudi van Aswegen

    Really everybody, this was a racing incident. Basically all the other drivers and most racing commentators also saw this as a racing incident. Surely a formula 1 driver knows best.

    • R.G. Amsterdam
      R.G. Amsterdam

      Yes! F1 drivers never have agendas and are never biased!

    • Alex Beckers
      Alex Beckers

      Some F1 drivers, and some racing commentators may have said so, but not all - also the stewards judged differently - A F1 driver does not know best, they are all tied up in politics, no serious driver that is looking for a career move is going to suddenly pick a side here. Do you think a Russel or a Bottas are ever going to say that this was Hamiltons fault. You cannot be so naive.

  • Scott

    Did Horner not see the sprint race the day before where max was on the inside and Hamilton on the outside and lewis had to yield?

  • Steven Cook
    Steven Cook

    Hamilton proved how easy it is to pass at copse when the guy on the outside doesn’t chop down on you. Successfully passed Norris and Leclerc both

    • defdaz

      @Alex Beckers It's called a block pass ffs.

    • Alex Beckers
      Alex Beckers

      He didn't miss the Apex in both those overtakes.

  • Scott Wharton
    Scott Wharton

    Those words from horner will be played over and again everytime max throws his wheels up the inside. over half of verstappen overtakes are identical to this

  • Vaibhav Singh
    Vaibhav Singh

    Next race. Perez please crash into Hamilton.

  • Shakhster

    Wow what a radio war…….NOT

  • Sean Price
    Sean Price

    if you are not allowed to pass at copse... take silverstone off the season. sorry but some arbitrary rule of "you arent supposed to pass there so its your fault" is insanely stupid on a track you are supposed to be racing on...

  • Shell Dahl
    Shell Dahl

    WHY DID NOT VERSTAPPEN BACK OFF some corners earlier WHEN HAMILTON WAS AHEAD ?!!! Max Verstappen is simply a BULLY and AGGRESSIVE DRIVER, that is putting his own and others life in danger - it is called IRRESPONSIBILITY !!!

  • Shell Dahl
    Shell Dahl

    " Max's corner " WHAT A JOKE !!! ( Every post race analysis conclude, and must conclude, the incident was caused by irresponsible and aggressive moves from Max Verstappen! )

  • todd Sween
    todd Sween

    First, yes, I’m a Hamilton fan. I’ve also had some years behind the wheels of various completion vehicles so not inexperienced. My take on the incident from the live video coverage is this; Hamilton was aggressive to push his front wheel into the right hander also, a touch of oversteer didn’t help the situation but, Hamilton had already been in front of verstappen, Verstappen knew he was there, it’s clear on the video. The way verstappen chopped across Hamilton’s car was reckless. If the positions had been reversed I’m pretty certain Hamilton would not have cut across the way verstappen did. Before anyone attacks my comment, study the video and tell me verstappen didn’t know Hamilton was there.

    • todd Sween
      todd Sween

      @kristian hendriks read my post; I said “Hamilton had already been in front”. At the time of contact he was alongside, clearly visible if you watch the in car video. Verstappen knew he was there and his cut into the apex was obvious to cause contact.

    • kristian hendriks
      kristian hendriks

      hamilton was in front of verstappen? why he hit his frontwheel against verstappens rear right?....sounds kinda strange to meTodd...

  • Salt AU
    Salt AU

    33 point lead, there is no question in my mind that prior to the race Verstappen and Red Bull would have planned to be aggressive and if they come together they're both out - we still lead by 33. Didn't work out as planned, hence the panic from Horner and Wheatley. The hospital stunt was exactly that, a complete stunt for sympathy. Akin to a dive in football. Pathetic and I am just glad Lewis is ok.

  • Salt AU
    Salt AU

    Horner having a little cry

  • Justin Timbersaw
    Justin Timbersaw

    Jeremy Clarkson was right. These stewards should retired.

  • Yaniv

    If i was redbull i would substitute perez next week to sabotage hamilton

  • Captainbeard22

    "We want the drivers to be heroes. If he crashes the car, trying, if he's going for it, I don't care" - Christian Horner S2 E5 Drive to Survive

    • Captainbeard22

      @Jerry Drake yeaaaaaahhhh he made 2 other successful overtakes in that corner and didn't "crash into someone" - it's 50/50 racing incident

    • Jerry Drake
      Jerry Drake

      crashing "his" car....not some other car!!!

  • Bax

    “He was never even near the inside” “Every driver knows you never should stick a wheel up the inside” w h a t.

    • Eq_NightGlider_

      @Bax it’s not in the context of formula 1. Being “near the inside” simply means being the closest car to the Apex of the corner.

    • Bax

      @Eq_NightGlider_ alr still the same shit tho ain’t it lmfao

    • Eq_NightGlider_

      “He was never anywhere near *alongside* “ that’s completely different to what you said and isn’t a contradiction like you’re implying.

  • Dubravko Balta
    Dubravko Balta

    Max is driving like a Mad Max. Every first lap he’s going from left to right like a truck driver. He did the same to Ferrari several times in the past. Before the accident he was outside of track with 4 wheels. On saturday he did the same in the first lap. Right, left, left, right.

    • Alex Beckers
      Alex Beckers

      No he was not, the right side was on the curbs and that is within track limits. Literally no one has had an issue with racing like this. It is what we have been waiting for.

  • Kunj

    You can't blame any racer here. Its racing at the end of the day. Yes this is a big crash. But, you can't entirely just blame one driver. Its not the true spirit of racing. Now we just have to pray Verstappen recovers and support Hamilton after those racist comments.



  • Rich D
    Rich D

    Hamilton never changed his line Max turned into him clear as day. Macx needs to tone down his overly aggressive style.

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