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  • Little Stan
    Little Stan


  • Alejandro Porras
    Alejandro Porras

    This puts a smile on my face, Daniel has been getting a lot of hate lately, specially since Lando is having a monster season so far, but I still believe he's one the finest drivers in the paddock, he's just been in a bad spot. I really hope he can bounce back.

  • Ruthless

    As long as he can get on top of the braking in the McClaren, I will have high hopes and expectations for next year. Driving for 3 F1 teams now will give him a advantage in adapting to the new cars. Plus he is all class unlike a particular driver at the moment.

  • Simone Abate
    Simone Abate

    I love that he is not happy With the result. I hope he can improve maybe even be faster than lando

  • Dimski

    Well done Daren!

  • xMtF54x

    Idk why but i like this guy and im newish to watching f1

  • Ice Trae Young
    Ice Trae Young

    P5 is great but still disappointing that he's an average 0.4 slower each lap to Lando

    • souldry

      Still early days. Lando has spent the last 2 years in this car. Next year they’ll both have to adjust to a completely different car from scratch. Though Daniel isn’t getting any younger.

  • Phil Porter
    Phil Porter

    Clearly millions aren't enough. He gets lots of love and pampering as well. Lando continues getting on with it.

  • Ernie H
    Ernie H

    better late than never

  • Thilebu

    Well done Daniel.. the pace will come.. you will soon be there..

  • Danmark

    over 20 laps of defending with Sainz who have DRS. just wow.

  • dimsoneill

    Go Danny Ric! Well deserved, unlike some we can mention....

  • calci

    I’m so happy!

  • Lez Barker
    Lez Barker

    Can’t wait to see him in the new car next year we will see real racing hopefully and not just the richest team winning over and over again.

  • Ryan Ventura
    Ryan Ventura

    So happy for Ric

  • Josh Allen the GOAT
    Josh Allen the GOAT

    I can't wait to see both Lando and Ricciardo battling for podiums. I only started watching F1 last year but just from last year to this year it seems like McLaren is the most improved of any team on the grid.


    Congratulations Daniel. I am so happy for you. Missing your interview n your big smile. You will be there soon. All the best nice guy. Did you see a lady was displaying and asking you to marry her ?? 🤞🤞🙏🙏💛🧡

  • 1908hufc

    All starting to fall into place for him

  • rodas malucas
    rodas malucas

    That was good but we All know that this guy is way of his full potential... We hope he get's there

    • souldry

      @rodas malucas I’d bet anything on that being the case

    • rodas malucas
      rodas malucas

      @souldry I really think that if DR was in Checo seat the battle for the championship would not be only between Lewis and Max

    • souldry

      Absolutely nowhere near it yet. I genuinely think he can challenge any driver on the grid when he’s on form.

  • Gillian Sweeney
    Gillian Sweeney

    Driver of the day for me, holding Sainz off all those laps 👏🧡

  • Zen Lysa
    Zen Lysa

    Hat Tip Daniel 👊

  • Akhilesh chandravanshi
    Akhilesh chandravanshi

    So super ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • forzabrendan

    Ricciardo will have the drink

  • Harly Slamm
    Harly Slamm

    For someone earning $17M I would have thought he would do better then finishing 15sec behind his team-mate…

  • Mattsretiring

    Daniel: so I have the drink?

  • Nagassh

    Hope he keeps it up, my favorite driver bar Raikkonen. Been sad to see him struggling.

  • Naman Khatwani
    Naman Khatwani

    Surprised at the lack of Kimi comments here

  • Kevin Hillergren
    Kevin Hillergren

    Yeeees Danny ricccccc

  • leongt1954

    P5 But going by his interview he still wasn't happy with his drive and the next race Hungary is not one of is favourite tracks

  • NobleStar

    People has been ragging on him but this guy is the only guy that fought Verstappen in the same car toe-to-toe, Perez has been an excellent wingman but Daniel was NO wingman, hes a challenger.

    • James Stephenson
      James Stephenson

      Red Bull seems to lean the hardest into prioritising one driver. Doesn't seem to be a positive environment for that second seat. They made Perez pit and lose at least 4 points just to take 1 point off of Hamilton. And he's on a slower upgrade schedule than Max, since Austria. They fucked up by causing Ricciardo to leave for a more positive environment, and haven't had a top performing second driver since.

    • comeatme Bro
      comeatme Bro

      @Robert Overbeeke Sainz has openly said that Mclaren is very different to drive and concidering Lando has only ever driven a Mclaren it would be Natural to him, Sainz drove a torro rosso, Renault, Mclaran and a Ferrari so to say its the hardest to drive has merit, then you look at Ricciardo, HRT (barely counts as an F1 car) Torro Rosso, RedBull, Renault and now Mclaren, if the Mclaran is the hardest to drive its makes sense he will; struggle. if someone has drivern cars a certain way for 9 years and then in his 10th hes told your style doesn't work with this car and this car only its going to be hard to change your style to match it. and will it even be worth changing since next years cars are going to be completely different?

    • Robert Overbeeke
      Robert Overbeeke

      ​@Nicholas Bainbridge I don`t know racecraft. On judging f1 racers`personal driving ability i am out. casual fan here hoping for max and thus checo to get it done.

    • Nicholas Bainbridge
      Nicholas Bainbridge

      @Robert Overbeeke Riccardo seems extremely uncomfortable with the brakes on the McLaren for some reason. That's where his speed has always been and he's losing out right now. I'm not sure where Perez loses to Max

    • Robert Overbeeke
      Robert Overbeeke

      @Nicholas Bainbridge Perez is doing better as a second to Verstappen than Ricciardo as a second to Norris. Just saying.

  • Simon Lavelle
    Simon Lavelle

    Still not worth the money

  • Veres Andrei
    Veres Andrei

    Amazing Defending !!! Gj Daniel !

  • Worlds Worst Musician
    Worlds Worst Musician

    Dan the man is on his way back…getting to grips with the car…

  • Chris O
    Chris O

    I'm as big a Ric fan as anyone, but he's not going to be truly happy with the lucky result. On a weekend without incident he'd unfortunately have been 8th, with Verstappen's crash, Sainz pit stop, and Perez's disaster filled weekend. Though sounds promising after pushing with Carlos on his tail in those last laps it helped him learn a bit more about the cars handling at the limit.

    • comeatme Bro
      comeatme Bro

      Ricciardo also had that engine smoking issue at the start and when that happened his pace dropped so i wouldnt say he got all the luck.

  • Lappin

    What a drive by Darren!!! 🤟💪💯

  • Bufsol

    That was some intense defending!

  • Noel Kerns
    Noel Kerns

    Kimi: "Danny gets the drink?" Engineer: "Yes Kimi, Danny gets the drink." Kimi: "May I have the drink?" Engineer: No Kimi, you will not have the drink." Kimi:

    • DJAXEJ

      I read the first 'drink' as 'drunk' because I know kimi lives drinking😂🤦‍♂️

    • Maxwell Holbrook
      Maxwell Holbrook

      TBH he was probably saying that to try and ditch some weight in case they got a random stop at the weigh bridge

  • Gabriel Menendez
    Gabriel Menendez

    He has de DRINC, not like Raikkonen :'v

  • divinuminfernum

    i cant believe Sainz couldnt get past Ricciardo when he was on his tail for like 20 laps and so often surely within DRS - Ricciardo wasnt going to let Austrian gp occur again

  • Mior Ahmad Haiqal
    Mior Ahmad Haiqal

    Every Daniel's finished radio : "Cheers"

  • Pupper needs Subs
    Pupper needs Subs

    Promising race from Darren today

  • NolanEP

    I feel like if they got rid of all that extra tech on the cars and just raced more straight up, it would be better racing

  • Collin Wadham
    Collin Wadham

    Well Carlos wants Daniel to struggle because it so helps his now Ferrari team and himself. So definitely no loyalty now to McLaren. That shows. And that's as it should be.

  • A Honcho
    A Honcho

    Darren held that Ferrari off really well!

  • wad316

    Had me worried thinking Sainz was gonna pass him like Austria but damn good defense there! Still a lot of work to do but best result so far!

  • BlueChinchillaEatingDorito

    "Yea Daniel use the drink, remember to have a drink." *Kimi Raikkonen has entered the chat*

  • Red Neck Racer
    Red Neck Racer

    Daniel have a drink

  • Jon Hoffman
    Jon Hoffman

    i saw the smoke early on and genuinely panicked, i thought he was about to get robbed of a a decent performance. He needed this

  • Ash Is A Beauty
    Ash Is A Beauty

    The honey badger is back in action!!

  • ThatOneNigeriansFomulaOne

    Go and visit max in hospital dan you earned that p5

  • terkmadugga

    Still finished 15 secs behind Lando, even with Norris's slow pitstop. This whole season just hasn't been good enough. You can bet McLaren are wondering what exactly they spent their money on.

    • comeatme Bro
      comeatme Bro

      @Andrew Cowley they have also got him with the new cars in mind, this years car will be nothing like next years car, next year Lando might struggle with the new car and Daniel might be at home with it, nobody knows.

    • Andrew Cowley
      Andrew Cowley

      His results have room for improvement for sure. He's also arguably the most marketable driver on the grid so that's worth something to those paying the bills.

  • Diarmuid Marsden
    Diarmuid Marsden

    yes daniel, you will have the drink

  • Max C
    Max C

    Use the drink sounds like a code phrase .... 😂

  • Salt AU
    Salt AU

    Well done Darren

  • Alex Brown
    Alex Brown

    Grand to see him there.

  • TA29

    well done rici...McLaren need up their game and give the boys more power.

  • Karson Beauregard
    Karson Beauregard

    I know we can see him getting better but he’s still improving but the fact he’s still improving means he could get a win for mclaren or even podiums in the future

  • Mark Harcourt
    Mark Harcourt

    Bit of luck on Rics side today. Didn't get caught up in dirty air which helped his tyres, even though he pitted before Sainz had a shocker of a stop. Held up Sainz for a long time which probably ruined Sainz's tyres. Reverse the roles and i don't think Ric would have passed Sainz either. The best part is that Ric made his own luck by putting himself there with a good qualifying/Sprint. So its great to see. This will only improve his confidence moving forward

    • comeatme Bro
      comeatme Bro

      he had a bit of bad luck at the start of his race though, his engine was smoking and you could see by lap time something was wrong because it dropped and then when the smoking stopped picked up again, so we don't know if he had to manage something in the race or not.

  • Giray DAYI
    Giray DAYI

    I was so nervous all race Daniel did a great job.I sweated so much during the race. 🦡

  • Mell Clarice Allen
    Mell Clarice Allen

    sooo proudd. he is getting better and better. i think he is getting ready for a podium

  • Kanishka Kudaliyanage
    Kanishka Kudaliyanage

    why he seems to force daniel to have a drink! sounds suspicious! was it some sort of code word or what! lol

    • Kanishka Kudaliyanage
      Kanishka Kudaliyanage

      @whatson94 ohh that might be the case

    • whatson94

      he might be right on the weight limit and they lose a lot of weight throughout the race (up to 4-5lbs I've heard), so maybe they asked him to take a drink so his post-race weigh in was fine?

  • Amazing A The Dreamer
    Amazing A The Dreamer

    Yeah, not bad. 🙂

  • EchoPapa

    A great race considering there was some fierce fighting in the midfield. Hopefully both cars can score points for McLaren on a frequent basis

    • EchoPapa

      @James Shunt Yeah, last season, McLaren were lucky Stroll had bad luck in the last 3-4 races, otherwise they would’ve finished behind RP

    • James Shunt
      James Shunt

      They need to in order to secure third in the championship. They were third last year too and need to stay close to the top if they're serious about challenging for the title in the coming years.

  • Jay Bevoman
    Jay Bevoman

    Clickbait title but fair enough

  • R A
    R A

    I need a Tom in my life.

  • Ciaron Smith
    Ciaron Smith

    Kimi Raikkonen should have been driving for McLaren Mercedes. This guy is a joke. Once again obliterated by a kid.

    • Thilebu

      Fan of the kid! There's always the one!

    • Thilebu

      Here it is again!

    • Blaik Lewis
      Blaik Lewis

      Lando has had nearly 3 years to get accustomed to the car, and tune it to his liking. Daniel has had half a season to adjust to the car and tune it to his liking. Also, getting beaten by Lando isn't really a big deal. Lando has been going really well this season, the fact Daniel got within a few thousands of him in qualifying is impressive.

    • Ciaron Smith
      Ciaron Smith

      @jstoli996c4s So he wasn't obliterated by Norris? The season is half over. Wasted.

    • jstoli996c4s

      @EchoPapa the OP. Danny is slowly getting up to speed but is definitely progressing.

  • Apis4

    He's improving. Cant judge too harshly with is gap to Lando, because he was smoking for the first three laps, and we do not know how that might have effected his race, and he copped a shunt, caught up in the Vettel/Perez thing, which meant he had to back out of his own attempts to pass Norris. All in all, he is going from a trough, the nadir of his career, at Monaco, back in along the path to form, nicely. If this trajectory continues, he could still be a bit of a challenge for Lando before season's end, and more, it will prove to be a faster adjustment, in actuality, than his Renault debut season. So long as he keeps doing what he is doing, the pace will come. Once he is confident in the car, which every time he improves, improves too, he'll gamble more, take more risk, surrender more to faith in the car having his back so to speak, and through that, get faster. His defense today was epic, and as Lando found out first hand in France, he is good at it. In fact, he is known for his overtaking game, but Ricciardo's defensive driving skill is just about the best on the grid, and his abilities in defending his position, when it is worth it, at least......do not judge the guy on inevitable passes being made easy by him, he knows what fights should and should not happen....but when they should.... he is truly formidable in defense, and way underrated. Every race like this will lead to better. Just has to build on it though. He's in a do or die moment in his career, at least psychologically, he needs to be as good as he was last year, before the end of this one. If possible, he needs one race at least where it shows so much he dominates Norris that one, and even lands a Podium. Now he knows he can do this, that needs to be his target. I have faith in his mettle, mentally, emotionally, to be able to keep clawing back, but if that is wrong, and he gets broken by a few steps back as he moves forwards, he is done. Hopefully he has not bitten off more than he can chew with this move.

    • Magucci13

      I have a feeling the ground affects next year are going to benefit his driving style a lot

    • Apis4

      @comeatme Bro He was on par at the last, but it was a bit moot, because he's had bit of sandwich moment in the Vettel/Alonso fight, as well as a smoking car.....we do not know what was wrong, but Martin Brundle was amazed he finished, and it went away a few laps in. That put him in a rut Nevertheless, had he not, his initial deficit was a little much, and needs to worked on. Once he's comfortable with a heavy car, it'll get better, but relying on lowered fuel load to let your times come alive is a bandaid at best. I think he'll only get faster from here on out, but he needs his end of race pace, in Quali and from the green flag dropping. That said, I've got the utmost faith he more than just about anyone else can do it. He proved that at Renault.

    • comeatme Bro
      comeatme Bro

      @Apis4 and to be fair the Ferrari was really quick and looking at lap times as fuel load went down his lap time got closer and closer to lando's and by the end he was actually lapping a little faster then lando but thyen again lando might have just been cruising at that point. at the end of the day even if hes not fully comfortable with the car this year, next years car is going to be completely different anyway.

    • Collin Wadham
      Collin Wadham

      @Apis4 An absolutely first class assessment. I couldn't have said better. Daniel's defensive skills are unmatched. I've never seen better. And when he feels HIS car, his attacking style of overtaking is second to none. He has it all. And now that Carlos is so obviously committed to Ferrari beating McLaren, Daniel and McLaren CAN become one.

    • Apis4

      @2jzandy s Yes, though by his own admission it didn't translate to race pace. Admittedly, he had an engine problem during the opening laps, and got caught up in other people's fights, but he then just ran off the lead pack. The previous few races his Quali was balls, but he found race pace. Now he's got to string a few races of both together. If he can, he'll be matching Norris by the last quarter of the season, more than likely, maybe even beat him a few times, claim a few podiums. He's definitely improving, but he's got to keep the pressure up on himself. If he does, it's still not impossible he even beats Lando by the end of the season, though unlikely now. If he doesn't, he's going to start next year on the back foot, and THAT could be a hard thing to come back from. Hopefully he'll keep this up.

  • Louis Dnd
    Louis Dnd

    Daniel "Okay, Understood, Cheers" Ricciardo

  • Mr. Hepo
    Mr. Hepo

    I knew my faith in this man was not in vain. Excellent stuff from Danny Ric and McLaren

  • muhammad shofwan
    muhammad shofwan

    Sprint Race was really helping him. It's obvious his problem is in his 1 lap qualy pace, not his race pace

    • Jarrod Parker
      Jarrod Parker

      @F1 Master Lando has been killing him this year dont think im trying to discredit Lando with this statement. But that 20 second gap would have been because Lando has fresh air the whole race while Daniel had to overtake Alonso right at the start and was squabbling with Sainz the whole race

    • ranger

      He would've easily out-qualified Norris yet again if it wasn't for McLaren fucking up....only 0.002 separated them.....

    • comeatme Bro
      comeatme Bro

      he was only 0.002 behind norris in quali

    • Arvin Rao
      Arvin Rao

      He still has a long way to go but he has improved

    • F1 Master
      F1 Master

      20 seconds behind Norris...hit with a 6 second pitstop. Still some room for improvements

  • GDDX_ jibster
    GDDX_ jibster

    Go easy on the drinccs

  • Aaron :D
    Aaron :D

    good race but we all know he can do better.

  • Indrasyah Putra
    Indrasyah Putra

    this is how to maintain a race position, not like cheatmilton clown today

  • BuiltNotBought

    great form today from ricciardo

  • TNT Gaming
    TNT Gaming

    Great job by Darren today💪🏿

  • Sabine Kleiner
    Sabine Kleiner

    i hope it was THE breakthrough this season

    • James Shunt
      James Shunt

      More to come.

  • Alexandre Neto
    Alexandre Neto

    oustanding defense considering sainz had a much faster car and fresher tyres

    • niosen

      and DRS...

  • TheJokerit19

    A decent drive, even if he was lucky with Sainz's long stop, but kudos for keeping him behind until the end.

  • Aditya Gambhire
    Aditya Gambhire

    How do you get these radio conversations?

  • Franco Viejo
    Franco Viejo

    YES DANNY YES. I can forgive the rest of this shitshow to see the honey badger happy again.

  • Claire M.
    Claire M.

    Our honey badger is getting it done!!! Issues from engine; slow pit stop; neck n neck with Sainz many times; No one and nothing can stop him. Great defense Danny Ricc! I'm like a proud mom right now. Podium soon for Daren!

    • Ayush Kumar Singh
      Ayush Kumar Singh

      He aslo had hay fever that day

    • Ayush Kumar Singh
      Ayush Kumar Singh

      @Dragon Slayer smoke was coming out of the engine at the start For 1.5 laps

    • Dragon Slayer
      Dragon Slayer

      @Selcho it wasnt engine issue the smoke was coming cuase of heavy fuel tank and it was hitting the ground

    • Selcho

      he had engine issues again? I havent wathced the race.

    • Amogha Acharya
      Amogha Acharya

      I saw his pit and called it slow. Saw everyone else's slow stops. His was a world record compared to the others

  • Dipanshu Singh
    Dipanshu Singh

    What great defence 🔥 oh boyy

  • Ucantseemeverywell

    engineer: have a drink dani: don't need to ask me twice engineer: have a drink

    • Gurin Jeimuzu
      Gurin Jeimuzu

      @Nideen Yep, even to the point that drivers will try pick up the dead rubber from the track to increase the weight. Absolutely crazy

    • Nideen

      There's weight requirements that have to be met after the race and F1 engineers push regulations way beyond the decimal point they may need the drink bottle emptied in order to aid with staying within the rules or it could be radio code for anything they may not want other teams or maybe even the FIA to have knowledge of.

    • Ultradeth

      code for something?

  • Shrey

    Amazing defence Danny! Loved it!

  • Ritik Deshmukh
    Ritik Deshmukh

    Nice work Daren

  • Lee Claxton
    Lee Claxton

    every time this guy uploads a video of RC's radio, the title is always RICCIARDO GETS LOVELY SUPPORT lol, come on think of something else for a title

    • Blaine

      A comment not hating on the driver Lee??? This is unlike you

  • Dinoironsaver

    Good that we get something good out of the race.

  • Jacob Richardson
    Jacob Richardson

    Great race from DR!!! 🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Karan

    sainz breathing down his neck the whole race nice defending

    • R Rani
      R Rani

      @Alex Gaming point proved Sainz was lucky then but still faster car but couldn't pass Ricciardo.. that's the point.b

    • Alex Gaming
      Alex Gaming

      @James Shunt norris wouldnt have got a podium at imola if it wasnt for the red flag. Charles was ahead by 30 sec+ before the red flag

    • James Shunt
      James Shunt

      @RST UVX Funny how you don't see how *lucky* he was in Monaco when Mercedes screwed up Bottas's race when he was an easy 2nd? Sainz inherited that 2nd place. He was also lucky that Leclerc's car gave up on the formation lap meaning Sainz could gain a lot of points on him. What if Leclerc's car had started and lasted the race? Thought of that?

    • James Shunt
      James Shunt

      @Alex Gaming Would Sainz have had a 2nd place finish in Monaco if not for Mercedes welding the wheel nut onto Bottas's car? They needed another 2 days to finally get it off.

    • Dope Soldier
      Dope Soldier

      @Alex Gaming the pit stop have nothing to do with Daniel's defending !

  • Yirga Damtew
    Yirga Damtew

    That was pretty good compared to his season so far

  • Brooke Buckley
    Brooke Buckley

    He defended fantastically today! ❤️

  • 24AMPER

    Now THAT'S the Ricciardo that I know best. Really proud of the guy, this was far and away his best race all season.

    • Tom Neale
      Tom Neale

      @AB 26 Gasly held ricciardo up for a long time, I think that's where he fell behind so much

    • twelve.

      Daniel was about 2-3 tenths quicker than sainz in the 2nd sector and sainz about 0.5-1 tenth quicker than daniel on the last sector ten om the first sector they were pretty much equal

    • Greg Mayled
      Greg Mayled

      Spain was his best performance this year

    • Evanburt27

      @Yannik Häring you do realize Norris has been driving with Mclaren since 2019. Also Riccardo has been slowly adjusting his driving style as the car likes to understeer on late braking which is his specialty

    • Mr. Crunch 2
      Mr. Crunch 2

      @Flintey still, he defended from Sainz who was on around 8 laps newer tyres for 20 laps, with no drs or slipstream to use in front of him. Plus the Ferrari was faster than the Mclaren during the race so its still pretty good.

  • Jasper Lee Qian
    Jasper Lee Qian

    Very please to see Daniel becoming 1 with his car

    • Harry Parkinson
      Harry Parkinson

      @RST UVX you're everywhere just shitting on Danny, aye mate?

    • sai

      @RST UVX Lando has been in that team a longer time and in the car and knows thr car lot better than Daniel. Calm the f down

    • RST UVX
      RST UVX

      @sai lol he can’t even get within 10 seconds of Norris no chance he ever gets a podium again

    • RST UVX
      RST UVX

      He was like a pit stop window behind Norris lmaooo

    • Nikhil Kumar
      Nikhil Kumar

      @Sparky yep...its coming

  • Shreyas Chaudhary
    Shreyas Chaudhary

    He defended really well👏🏻👏🏻