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This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • Petar m3
    Petar m3

    Russell best driver in the world , trust mee !!!

  • Alzex

    Gutting situation

  • quentin bearez
    quentin bearez

    Race Control confirms for George Russell got 3 places grid penalty and 1 penalty point for causing a collision! He started P12 for Sunday race!

  • david marrazzo
    david marrazzo

    Every time GR has a chance for points he bottles it. He would have been a perfect pick for Southgate in the pens.

    • david marrazzo
      david marrazzo

      @Fikitupper everyone outside of GB knows you all can’t perform in a team setting. We all make fun of you for it. Team sports elude GB. Facts.

    • Fikitupper

      He’s driving a car that’s not very competitive. But Russell haters love to hate. He out qualified a person driving a Ferrari while the others Ferrari was on p4.

  • Dave

    Remember Russell got 99 awareness

    • DrakeFields

      Hahahahaha that’s a good one 👍

    • Sebastian Frühwirth
      Sebastian Frühwirth

      Gasly showed his 99 awareness as Sainz rejoined

    • Johannes Berglund
      Johannes Berglund

      Ofc he was aware of him. Ever heard of a tire lock up guys ?

    • RizeF1

      @feel that theyre not, theyre just funding them

    • MHL

      That was the 1 % missing 😂😂

  • rico saputra
    rico saputra

    Breaking : 3 Grid penalty for russell

    • Mila Shah
      Mila Shah

      Yea is it?

  • Suharwanto Murty
    Suharwanto Murty

    finaly williams gotch point!!!

    • Bambang Gunawan
      Bambang Gunawan

      No he's not, point in sprint race just for first until third position.

  • PanFousekCZ

    +3 place penalty for George Russell :/

  • Franco Viejo
    Franco Viejo

    Knock knock Who der Austria 2019 Oh god oh fuck

  • Piotr Walczak
    Piotr Walczak

    Russell should get a penalty. Lando in Austria was penalized for similar move.

    • Dean Games
      Dean Games

      Just saw max almost die, thank God hes ok

    • Ден С
      Ден С

      no he shouldnt. And norris was penalized unfairingly

    • Gix

      @Fikitupper You still got time to delete this comment

    • Dean Games
      Dean Games

      Perez could but that wouldn't matter hes at the back of the grid

    • Fikitupper

      MB Clip he won’t because Ferrari is f1s golden boy. Special rules for them.

  • matteo fonda
    matteo fonda

    penalty imo

    • Mattia Cisternino
      Mattia Cisternino

      He has got a 3 place grid penalty

  • TheJokerit19

    Merely an unfortunate opening lap incident, so I doubt Russell will get any sanction.

    • RizeF1

      @Anne Catherine HARTMANN the Bottas crash was in wet weather conditions, its not dangerous driving from just him, Bottas spooked him out and Russell went onto the wet part of the track, just a racing incident

    • Anne Catherine HARTMANN
      Anne Catherine HARTMANN

      He is dangerous ! Hope you don’t forget his big crash in Valtterî’s car !

  • Rafael Farrugia
    Rafael Farrugia

    Nothing you he could do, ofcourse 😂😂

  • Papillon

    I knew somebody between places 5-10 is going to crash at the start 🙄

  • Andrea Pellegrino
    Andrea Pellegrino

    Damn, they are my favourite drivers:'( Not the interaction I was looking for

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys

    Russell with the Schumacher skillz this is promising

  • Sudeep

    Looked to me like Russell understeered into Sainz

  • Antonis Polymerou
    Antonis Polymerou

    Russell deserves a penalty

  • Shengz

    Sainz was never making it. The brand new outside torpedo XD

    • Nikt Ważny
      Nikt Ważny

      @Shengz Spanish torpedo 😂

    • prod.cozybeats

      @Aswads Aswad except that Sainz didn’t turn in on him? Please go watch the footage.

    • Muhammad Putra
      Muhammad Putra

      Look at Vettel's on board. Sainz gave him room size of a football field yet he still get taken out. Gtfo

    • Omblero Randy
      Omblero Randy

      Russel fanboys are deluded

    • Shengz

      @Volkan Uzuğ Special XD

  • Toto Wolff
    Toto Wolff

    Look at George! My boy!🥰

    • Mattia Cisternino
      Mattia Cisternino

      Toto bee when Mercedes contract

  • KayJblue

    Ferrari’s are just invisible to other cars I guess.

  • Tejas shah
    Tejas shah

    Honestly after watching the austrian GPs, russell deserved a penalty. 😂

    • KS KHAS
      KS KHAS

      @RizeF1 smh, then if he didnt go there where is he supppse to go

    • RizeF1

      @KS KHAS ok? Doesnt take away from the fact that Sainz also put himself in a position to where the contact was made

    • KS KHAS
      KS KHAS

      @RizeF1 i mean he did just made sainz lose mor than 6 pos

    • RizeF1

      @KS KHAS his fault but I dont think a penalty

    • KS KHAS
      KS KHAS

      @RizeF1 still his fault

  • Виктор Московский
    Виктор Московский

    is his point's hopes over? *explosion*

    • suhailmall98

      "there's moments where silence falls on a race track..."

    • Woo