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This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • Sonu666

    why isn't this guy in Mercedes or Red Bull guaranteed to get points only problem he won't play a bitch boy like Perez or Bottas 🤣

  • Rogelio Damian
    Rogelio Damian


  • Bolty Boat
    Bolty Boat

    He's a good driver. A good race but russel is too aggressive

  • ブランドーディオ

    _well he's the smooth operator after all_

  • mayday

    Pretty sure he said Russell DESERVES to be in front

  • Jaco Olivier
    Jaco Olivier

    But Hamilton does... F1 is a joke

  • C May
    C May

    For some reason Russell has become the darling of the FIA and F1 media. I just don't get it.

    • Kira Yoshigake
      Kira Yoshigake

      Sky F1 is located in the UK and Russell is British so that's the reason for his big media support. Which i have to say gets on my nerves aswell because i want to hear about other drivers performance aswell and not just Lewis Lando and Russell

  • Davide Tambaro
    Davide Tambaro

    Sainz stop crying, this was a racing incident.

    • Adam N
      Adam N

      You’re a racing incident

  • Wuss Sup
    Wuss Sup

    “Good comeback , madonna” ahahah

  • Fikitupper

    Drives like a moron and then complains. Get good. If you qualified properly you wouldn’t be behind a Williams.

  • AndFig Koud
    AndFig Koud

    dislikes from Russel fans xd

  • af8@kj

    All those blind russell fans dont see how he just ruined this man's race.

  • milkshakemuncher

    Sainz is a good driver, and I can understand his frustration but, wtf was he doing putting his car in a vulnerable position? Even the driver in front of him locked up from the inside line and drifted outside, so he decides to hang on the outside when Russell on his inside is likely to, and did lock up and run wide like the car ahead! Not very smart driving Carlos. That said, my view is Russell 51% deserved a penalty, 49% did not deserve a penalty, so in the end I think it was fair and consistent from the stewards. Having said that, if I were Ferrari boss, 80% Carlos should not be trying to hang on the outside there, 20% it was a reasonable move. Therefore I'd give him a stern warning not to do it again or I would penalise him half race pay.

    • Delnevo420

      What? He tried to go round the outside where there was plenty of room, not his fault George locked up

  • 劉新宇

    Russell is just an idiot 🤡🤡🤡 Always makes excuse for himself. You say “gIvE geOrGe a MeRCeDeS” Is he derserved ?

  • Darrell Border
    Darrell Border

    Sainz always wanting to talk later!!! Russel, in the right Merc, would easily dominate and be far out in front of Sainz and 15 other drivers.

    • PhilGerb93

      You could say that for anyone in a merc lol

  • Adam 222
    Adam 222

    The restart from him was appalling. He also should have been penalised.

  • fredk

    Sainz is the perfect addition to Ferrari, super quick and very reliable. Vamos!

  • donald duck
    donald duck

    It's always humorous to see people who have no idea what driving a racing car is like driveling on about the fine print of racing incidents.

    • prod.cozybeats

      I only hope you’re saying this in favour of Carlos😂

    • bro wtf
      bro wtf

      Ikr it's almost as if they're simple talking about their views and opinions about the matter wouldn't the sound crazy? Hahaha

  • quentin bearez
    quentin bearez

    After the session of Practice 2, Race control confirms no further action for Carlos Sainz but he got warning at Turn 7!

  • Kucing Kejeblos
    Kucing Kejeblos

    Carlos's comeback is very underrated

    • Armands

      It's not.

  • Petru Stefan
    Petru Stefan

    For who is saying this was a racing incident just because Russell caused it, and everyone knows what's the hype on him, just imagine if Leclerc had caused this incident, and instead of Sainz would be Russell or Seb, everyone would have clearly blamed Leclerc.

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      @meep yes it does mather because unintentional ones are usually not penalized just like leclercs incident wasn't. Especially first lap incidents.

    • meep

      @John Smith Intentionality doesn't matter. No driver wants to collide with an opponent and lose time. The vast majority of penalties are handed for unintentional incidents that ended up compromising another driver's race. It's the same reason why Leclerc should've gotten a penalty vs Gasly even though it was unintentional

    • Fikitupper

      Max Chong there is nothing rash about what Russell did. You can clearly see that he steered away from Carlos. But he understeered as is common in racing. Now racing incidents are becoming penalties. But it’s because of Ferrari. The golden boy of f1. Cant wait to see them lose to McLaren and hopefully even alfatauri

    • Fikitupper

      John Smith welcome to 2021 f1.

    • Max Chong
      Max Chong

      @frosty snow Kimi would also somehow get penalised in the race, granting points to someone behind him

  • spikem603

    Dry your eyes Ferrari hahahahaha

  • Cheezdealer

    Well he got his wish

  • Andrew Shøvlin
    Andrew Shøvlin

    Thank God it's not Lewis saying this

  • Luu Duong Hy
    Luu Duong Hy

    Good news: Russell get three place grid penalty, so Sainz started ahead of Russell

  • Callum Guthrie
    Callum Guthrie

    All the technology in this sport and the radios are absolutely shit.

  • __Ireth

    I don't know, maybe a race incident. Anyways, Carlos is gonna have a hard day tomorrow, Alonso and Vettel are never so easy to overtake, tyres are gonna suffer to go after McLarens. I'm so frustated 😒

    • Dally Wang
      Dally Wang

      It wasn’t a race tho

  • Teabag McPick
    Teabag McPick

    Tried to pass on the outside of a long, late apex corner & is surprised to receive slight contact....... All bets are off when you choose the Raikkonen route. If it goes wrong, it's on you.

    • prod.cozybeats

      @Teabag McPick why in the world would sainz be predicting the Williams to understeer just because it’s a Williams? This is not a sim game drivers a not thinking like that on track. Carlos choice was perfectly fine because he gave Russell MORE THAN ENOUGH room and still got hit. Wether Russell locked up or understeered it is the drivers fault

    • Finlay COYS
      Finlay COYS

      @prod.cozybeats Yes, so much fanboys for george, which isnt bad just they need to except drivers make mistakes. Nobody is perfect at racing

    • Teabag McPick
      Teabag McPick

      @prod.cozybeats George did not open the wheel, he maintained his line. It was entirely predictable that the Williams was likely to understeer because that's what it does. Carlos made a poor choice. It was purely a racing incident & did not warrant a penalty.

    • fearlesstoad323

      @prod.cozybeats I think I explained myself wrong because I was saying that it was Russell's fault 🤣

    • prod.cozybeats

      What nonsense are you talking about? If anything a long late apex corner is one of the PERFECT corners to go round the outside of? Just admit that He gave George room, George locked up and hit him and that this isn’t Sainz fault.

  • Sanat Kapur
    Sanat Kapur

    Russel starts at p12 now Got a 3 place grid drop

  • Papillon

    George might have moments of brilliance ( or it looks like it), but i have the feeling that people overrate him a bit. I also have the feeling he is prone to doing mistakes and in a car like Mercedes, it would be even more evident. Would like to see how it would go for him 🤔 That being said, he is 23- just like Max. Just for the comparison

    • Kira Yoshigake
      Kira Yoshigake

      @Fikitupper sainz still consistently ends up above Russell tho. You only score points on Sunday my friend (except sprint)

    • Fikitupper

      meep he was outqualified by a Williams for the second time in a row

    • meep

      @Fikitupper That gap sounds a lot except when you realize the difference from P4 to P12 was around 2 tenths. I love Leclerc but Carlos has been sensational as well

    • Fikitupper

      You must be a blind Carlos supporter if you think ppl overrate Russell. Carlos in a Ferrari was behind Russell in qualifying. Charles in the same car is p4. Carlos is just a shit driver with privileged parents.

    • NobleStar

      @frosty snow not necessarily. Better in what? RB have very good cars, some of the fastest season after season doesnt mean its easy to drive them. In fact, both Gasly and Albon, both very talented drivers, find it very hard. Even Perez found it hard and he has a ton of experience, which is the only thing why hes the best 2nd driver RB has in years.

  • Yogesh Rupani
    Yogesh Rupani

    I could hear everything so clearly.

  • B. Sar
    B. Sar

    russell directly dived into him.

    • Anas

      @Mika M.M. russell p12 with 2 dnfs and perez going in 2 times, so p15. Overrated confirmed

    • Mika M.M.
      Mika M.M.

      @Fikitupper he starts in front of Russell today so yeah shut up

    • Fikitupper

      Look at Russell’s steering angle. He turned all the way to the left. His car understeered. He couldn’t do anything and Carlos is such a shit driver he qualified behind a Williams in a Ferrari lol

    • Finlay COYS
      Finlay COYS


    • Anne Catherine HARTMANN
      Anne Catherine HARTMANN

      He did the same with Bottas and ... terrible crash ! Russel 😱

  • Kunta Kinte
    Kunta Kinte

    Took the chance on first lap where you should not try to overtake with so many cars. He should be happy with the result and all the penalties he escaped in the past. Just in Austria he escaped 3x.

  • KM

    Honestly he should have touched the break as well. He knew there was Mclaren clearly locked up. So they needed to break. Russell got oversteer couldn't do lot but Carlos should have been more careful as well. He went there and there was not enough space

    • Petru Stefan
      Petru Stefan

      Russell fanboy alert

    • Im The Bald Guy💽
      Im The Bald Guy💽

      @KM wtf are you saying!? He locked up and hit other drivers, it was his mistake. Intentionally or not that was a mistake that cost other drivers to lost position

    • KM

      @Pablo hr11 no but he should have be more careful as well. Russell doesn't do something intentional + he couldn't do lot there with cars locked infront. He had to break and Carlos should see he has to. That's all

    • Pablo hr11
      Pablo hr11

      So is Carlos fault because he got collided when overtaking U r a fcking genius mate

  • Aswads Aswad
    Aswads Aswad

    But didn't wide sainz Cut George up and take himself off!

  • 24AMPER

    First that debatable battle with Kimi and now this... I love this boy, but he better start cleaning up his race. He's overachieving, but that doesn't mean he can start getting overly aggressive.

  • Life's Good
    Life's Good

    tbh, sainz's engineer looks british but sounds italian.

    • Tuche Sampho
      Tuche Sampho

      that's the white gense for you very strong

  • Toto Wolff
    Toto Wolff

    Dont be agry to my boy!😡😡😡

    • Toto Wolff
      Toto Wolff

      @Sebas987 fine, i am drinking with helmut marko right now

    • Sebas987

      How are you Boss

  • Karan

    good fightback that was unfair on him

  • Lee Claxton
    Lee Claxton

    Once again, SAI performs worse than Vettel

    • PhilGerb93

      Fake F1 fan spotted

    • Marco Filice
      Marco Filice

      M8, are you for real? The pace between Charles and Carlos are really close, last year Vettel was annihilated by Charles...

    • Vicster90

      If that's what you think... How come Sainz has more points in the championship? Care to explain that?

    • Inot88 J
      Inot88 J

      Russel kicked sainz out.... so no

    • Mattia Cisternino
      Mattia Cisternino

      Because sainz went wide after the first sector

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys

    Russell gonna hold everyone up tomorrow lol

    • Tomáš Šimčák
      Tomáš Šimčák

      @Madin Bingöl Alonso did slow the whole train behind him yesterday, so even Williams was able to match the pace of others.

    • NobleStar

      @bro wtf race pace is not the same as qualy pace. The cars have different parts and set ups for qualy and race.

    • Who Wee!
      Who Wee!

      He got a 3 place drop iirc

    • Omblero Randy
      Omblero Randy

      @bro wtf he's talking about the race pace bruh

    • bro wtf
      bro wtf

      @marco clar you're talking about a car that out qualified half the field.

  • Frankie Ag Nostos
    Frankie Ag Nostos

    Sainz Ferrari vs Russell Williams. When you are Russell trying to get the worst / second worst car round the track you have to get your elbows out if you are going to have any chance of impressing.

    • Frankie Ag Nostos
      Frankie Ag Nostos

      @Mohit Anand Nonsense. The only reason why Williams is slightly ahead of the Haas is because they have two complete rookies driving the Haas. Compare the past three seasons at Williams. The Williams is nowhere near the alpha Tauri nor Renault (Alpine). The Williams team almost went bust because of the shocking behind the scenes management.

    • Cali Steezy
      Cali Steezy

      George understeered into the corner, so could do much after that.

    • Mohit Anand
      Mohit Anand

      Stop with this 2nd worst car nonsense in this sprint Russell’s car was at par with alpha tauri or even alpine Latifi is just very bad which makes russell look like a god

    • Lohith Reddy
      Lohith Reddy

      Mate you must be blind Carlos gave him space and Russel pushed him! that’s not taking elbows out but that’s bad driving

    • Justin Prins
      Justin Prins

      Was a bit like Hungary 2017 Max and Ricciardo.

  • Edu00

    George Fraud Russell

    • Adam N
      Adam N

      Lap times don’t make you racing driver

    • frosty snow
      frosty snow

      @Mohit Anand shame that he's only been in a good car for one race then? Imagine being in the worst car for most of his career and now it's the second worst car. He was overtaking Bottas in the second worst car and has had a lot of good races for Williams. So it's not just one race. Obviously you don't want Russell in a good car because he'll beat whoever you support.

    • Mohit Anand
      Mohit Anand

      @frosty snow one race is not a good enough sample size

    • frosty snow
      frosty snow

      @Mohit Anand he's already proved himself in the Mercedes.

    • Mohit Anand
      Mohit Anand

      @bro wtf wow don’t get so hyped up I am just stating facts how many points has George scored in Williams if he didnt make all these errors in races he would have scored something by now the Williams this year has really improved as a car some drivers who didn’t make errors this year are max and lando

  • Matteo Pera
    Matteo Pera

    Russell deserved a penalty

  • Shiling Toh
    Shiling Toh

    Pace was very strong

  • Pat Buchanan
    Pat Buchanan

    The most overrated driver screwing the most underrated driver

    • frosty snow
      frosty snow

      @Mohit Anand Could just be that George is overdriving his car which leads to mistakes. If he drove a better car and left a bigger margin to acheive the same laptime then the mistakes wouldn't have happened either.

    • frosty snow
      frosty snow

      @Am Naah Russell dominated Norris in equal cars in F2. Put Norris and Sainz in the Willams and they'd do worst. There's no reason a Williams should even qualify ahead of a Ferrari.

    • Mohit Anand
      Mohit Anand

      @bro wtf dude George is very good but just quali prowess is insufficient he needs to improve his racing drastically also some drives who are error free this year are max and lando

    • bro wtf
      bro wtf

      You calling the guy who can outqualify half the field plus sainz in a Williams overrated? Sure whatever you say chief

    • Am Naah
      Am Naah

      I think Russell has high potential. But, he is pointless in 3 years of Williams. And, you can't say he hasn't had his chances. His Qualifying is exceptional. But he is not on Verstappen, Sainz, Leclerc, Norris or Gasly's level. Atleast not in race.

  • TheJokerit19

    A mere racing incident.

    • Petru Stefan
      Petru Stefan

      Racing incident just because Russell caused it, and we all know the hype that is on Russell, but imagine If Leclerc had caused this incident, and instead of Sainz there would be Russell, everyone would have clearly blamed Leclerc.

    • Sadfoxes

      @Siadon Games no, but he had to go back to the pitlane to change his front wing and that was his punishment

    • ricard gallart
      ricard gallart

      @gęňzø he had his penalty

    • gęňzø

      @Siadon Games and what about perez pushing two Times Leclerc wide in austria 2021 ?

    • Siadon Games
      Siadon Games

      @Sadfoxes leclerc took out gasly in styria and didnt get a penalty

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann

    Sainz is incredible talented, unfortunately he has freckin oft bad luck man!!!

    • Max Mustermann
      Max Mustermann

      @Fikitupper i well know his background, doesn’t change any fact that he is a amazing racing driver

    • Awesome Airplanes 2.0
      Awesome Airplanes 2.0

      @Fikitupper so his parents got him the Ferrari seat?

    • GKC MrMikpik
      GKC MrMikpik

      @Darth Revan kimi had to go to public bathroom when he was young, he said that once

    • Joy L
      Joy L

      Almost every driver on the grid this year is extremely talented. All but Mazespin.

    • HenryKBD

      @Darth Revan vettel

  • Tejas shah
    Tejas shah

    Good recovery. He will be pressurising mclarens tomorrow.

    • Alex Díez
      Alex Díez

      He also had bad luck at the race…

  • shef K
    shef K

    Poor Sainz he got screwed for no reason. There should be action against Russel.


    Again very underrated job for him

    • Armands

      @Simey Yeah, but that's besides the point.

    • Simey

      @Armands Kimi

    • Armands

      @Simey What?

    • Simey

      @Armands yeah but he completely fucked up quali

    • Armands

      What are you talking about? Everyone noticed it. Judging how Sainz is rated by "screen time" doesn't seem like a reasonable tool of measurement, because of how many drivers are on the grid. Everyone's talking about him. Is Kimi Raikkonen an underrated driver? He made up 4 places. Barely was on TV. Ironically only that one time when he was passed by Sainz. Stop making false narratives.

  • Shreyas Chaudhary
    Shreyas Chaudhary

    It was a good little recovery tho!

    • Jejking

      Little? Lol

  • prod.cozybeats

    Rightly upset in my opinion. Left Russel a lot of racing room.

    • Aamir Khan
      Aamir Khan

      @prod.cozybeats no worries.. Russell took that L in the race.

    • Gustavo Silva
      Gustavo Silva

      @Tuche Sampho he probably has never gotten laid because he corrects everyone he dates thinking he's so smart while being a complete douchebag

    • Pugrug 420
      Pugrug 420

      @Koncis Lol sainz baku 2021 go brrrrrrr

    • El Jefe
      El Jefe

      @Claudio Solomon Locking up has never been an excuse for anything. It is drivers fault and his fault only, if he locks up his tires and crashes into anything.

    • Tuche Sampho
      Tuche Sampho

      @Justin Prins wowzers didn't get laid today mybro?

  • PivotShorts

    Sainz drove brilliantly