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This weekend is the 2021 F1 British grand prix at Silverstone! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!

This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • Tejan B.S
    Tejan B.S


  • Akhilesh chandravanshi
    Akhilesh chandravanshi

    Super ❤️❤️❤️

  • Life's Good
    Life's Good

    Sainz's radio gets more views than 1/3rd of the drivers and people call him under rated

  • Patrick Frederich
    Patrick Frederich

    Rubbish Lewis

  • HuntingVideos

    I wish F1 commenters would be neutral

  • Eternal

    After Ferrari gave him a 10 second stop go penalty this is not a bad race at all.

  • Zebo

    Sainz in ferrari remembers me to the actor of Carlos reuteman in rush. Who also was in ferrari.

  • just loreine
    just loreine

    Excellent drive from Sainz. Started lower on the grid and still killed it. Badluck from pit, was running p2 at some point so this is a good sign.. Also I think the next track is a good ferrari track.

  • xiniks

    A p6 is good considering all the bad luck he had this weekend

  • Edu00

    Every time Ferrari perform a slow pitstop it’s always Carlos 🤔

  • HereWeGoAgain

    so close to riccardo. Sainz tire management today was mega

  • Small Ben7
    Small Ben7

    No matter where Sainz goes he gets screwed by pit stops

  • Twin Fun
    Twin Fun

    Pitstop was horrific.

  • Nadia Passarelli Carvalho
    Nadia Passarelli Carvalho

    Another Great race by Sainz Shame Ferrari screw him with that shitty Pit stop

    • orio_

      lots of people had slow pitstops today because of the heat

  • __Ireth

    Unfortunate 😬

  • Razvan Turc
    Razvan Turc

    I honestly believe Ferrari have the best line-up on the grid.

    • Pixel Boujee
      Pixel Boujee

      @Noel alright then let's hear your opinion on the best pairing of the grid. Obviously you'll reply if you're not just a troll :)

    • avada

      I think that's obvious with Ricciardo's performance. Otherwise it would be tight.

    • L Pollock
      L Pollock

      I hope that Ferrari are appreciative of Carlos…I’ve been worried ever since Mattia made that stupid remark regarding Mick Schumacher.

    • Karan

      i second that overall leclerc and sainz are probably the most perfect duo in terms of talent

    • Razvan Turc
      Razvan Turc

      @Noel what am I? Your mom?

  • Sia Mandhaniya
    Sia Mandhaniya

    Sainz is doing really good in Ferrari. Today was not the best day...but he will do great.

  • mycoplasma in your ass
    mycoplasma in your ass

    Would be P3 or P4 with better pitstop

  • Krishna Chaithanya
    Krishna Chaithanya

    No worries after the eng said sorry. Sainz is demanding unlike a second driver. Good that he is doing a great job in his first yr with Ferrari.

    • Woo

      @Krishna Chaithanya 🤞

    • Krishna Chaithanya
      Krishna Chaithanya

      @Woo NWS. Hope they can bring a long waited constructors and drivers championship. 👍

    • Woo

      @Krishna Chaithanya ahhhh ok sorry for the misunderstanding. I agree 100% as a Ferrari and Charles fan. I hope Ferrari keep these two for a longggg time. Anyways sorry again and have a great day/night.

    • Krishna Chaithanya
      Krishna Chaithanya

      @Woo Sainz is underrated and he is a very good driver. Most of us including me thought he is a second driver but he is proving wrong day by day where ever he was. Tororosso McLaren or Ferrari. I am a charles fan but he is right up tr with the top guys. BTW I never put down any driver for other driver. It's a bloody money driven sport.

    • Woo

      @Krishna Chaithanya sorry I misread that. But in all honesty who were you referring to? Or just making a general statement.

  • Flintey

    Unlucky 😭 He's really pissed

  • Rohit

    Ferrari is coming back. Hopefully they continue this trend

    • ZeroDucks


    • simpleton :)
      simpleton :)


    • Noel

      Lol 😂😂😂😂

  • Vigo

    Do you have the team radio of Leclerc after the incident of Max and Lewis?

  • 24AMPER

    Sainz is really doing great in Ferrari. I thought he killed his career when he signed on last year. Thankfully, 2020 was just a one-off for the team and not the new norm.

    • Woo

      @ShadoPulse no no. I totally agree with you. Just pointing something out.

    • ShadoPulse

      Woo i never said that was a bad thing? All I’m saying is that the opinion has always been that Sainz ‘killed’ his career when he moves team, and that in hindsight he’s only done the best of moves

    • Woo

      @ShadoPulse I mean he’s beating the driver he replaced and the driver that replaced him- as of right now. Not to bad. Not to mention the few points he is behind his teammate.

    • ShadoPulse

      Sainz “killed” his career when he moved to Renault and McLaren. Risky moves, but it’s paying off right now

    • Woo

      @Zune sainz and his engineer did a rendition of baby shark a couple races ago… so he still sings. And he seems happy at Ferrari.

  • Xform Esports
    Xform Esports

    He wasn’t happy

  • Proxylamborg

    Do you have seb's radio after the Spin?

    • A Bloody Nova
      A Bloody Nova

      @ThatRacingGuy Ah, shit. Man ain't been so lucky these days, huh.

    • ThatRacingGuy

      @A Bloody Nova Overheating engine I believe

    • A Bloody Nova
      A Bloody Nova

      I seriously wonder why AM pulled him out. No info so far.

    • randhir seodutt
      randhir seodutt

      pronto ,Sebastian

  • Geert Matthys
    Geert Matthys

    Bottas-esque pitstop

  • Teo Cobos
    Teo Cobos

    That pit stop costed him the P4

    • Dario Montieri
      Dario Montieri

      @eewrtutyty uyutr they didin’t mess it up themselves. The pit crew did everything right, the brake temperature was too hot so the wheels had trouble coming off. Stop blaming ferrari themselves.

    • eewrtutyty uyutr
      eewrtutyty uyutr

      @Flintey If Ferrari didn't mess up Sainz pitstop there's a higher chance he could've overtaken Norris. He was on fresher tyres and for some reason, Ferrari had a better race pace than Mclaren.

    • Hipotenuza

      Lando also had slow pit stop - 8 seconds.

    • Akshansh Sharma
      Akshansh Sharma

      That moment when we knew Charles was gonna come next in the pits...

    • M. Fadhil Akbar
      M. Fadhil Akbar

      The respect**

  • TheJokerit19

    Shame for the long pit stop as otherwise, he would've finished ahead of Ricciardo.

    • Simone Bolognani
      Simone Bolognani

      That's right, and then Ricciardo changing trajectory on the straight

    • L Pollock
      L Pollock

      @09thomas09 Also, Carlos was in either P2 or P3 and at one point set the fastest lap on his 25+ lap tires while in that position. He might have had an opportunity to overcut Bottas, Norris and Ricciardo if the pit stop had gone more smoothly. Notably, Carlos was gracious to the pit crew and said that this is the first time it has happened this year.

    • chris _
      chris _

      @09thomas09 He was way faster than Ricciardo but couldn't get past because McLaren is way faster on the straights and you can't follow closely through Maggots and Beckets

    • 09thomas09

      @Michele Di Pietro He didn't even get Riccardo and then how Norris?

    • Michele Di Pietro
      Michele Di Pietro

      @What is My Name? I don't think so but without the long pit stop he would have catch up Norris because when he was free-air he had the pace to catch Norris


    Ruined his race with the 12 second stop ffs

    • FishFingerConnoisseur

      @orio_ yeah exactly

    • orio_

      lots of people had slow pitstops today because of the heat

    • Akshansh Sharma
      Akshansh Sharma

      I dont what better could they have done - they did everything right but the brake temps were too high so tyre was stuck. They did everything right.

    • Mattia Cisternino
      Mattia Cisternino

      It's the first one for the Ferrari unlike other teams

    • mehmet atila
      mehmet atila

      Seb said in 2020 after bad pit stops, the ferrari pit stop crew isn't bad. he said ''Vettel: Slow pits stops caused by equipment not crew'' ''It’s tough enough for the guys, so I feel sorry for them.''

  • Utkarsh Anand
    Utkarsh Anand

    Great race. Fia really deserved the win.

    • BlosK.

      @Michele Di Pietro GET IN THERE, FIA!

    • Michele Di Pietro
      Michele Di Pietro


    • Godfather95 MBS
      Godfather95 MBS


  • pietro iodice
    pietro iodice

    Well frickin done Carlos 💪