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This weekend is the 2021 F1 British grand prix at Silverstone! During this race weekend I will upload as many team radios for you as possible!

This video includes the team radio from Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Lando Norris, Yuki Tsunoda, George Russell, Sergio Perez, Romain Grosjean and many more!/ Mclaren F1, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Ferrari F1 team, Mercedes AMG F1 team, Alpine F1 team, Haas F1 team

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  • F1Fun4u Gaming
    F1Fun4u Gaming

    So glad to see he's okay!

    • F1 freak
      F1 freak

      @Anne Catherine HARTMANN Stop lying

    • Devin Jensen
      Devin Jensen

      Oh he for sure couldn’t breathe after that. Hurts to hit the ground when you fall and knock the wind out of yourself I cant imagine what 51 Gs feels like

    • Mika Renzullo
      Mika Renzullo

      Yeah it was a 51g impact

    • Anony mous
      Anony mous

      @Double Bubble Disco Queen shtfu

    • Christian A
      Christian A

      @Joe King do you know what a concussion is?

  • szewei1985

    Ouch that hurt

  • D M
    D M

    Damn that was a grim radio. Probably the most grim

  • Otto -
    Otto -

    Verstappen is a loser. Typically a dutch who dont understand maneuvering. Imaging cutting someone when he is driving past you

  • Alvaro

    0:11 I wonder what that sound is

  • B CV
    B CV

    48 seconds I won't get back.

  • Hunor Pokoraczki
    Hunor Pokoraczki


  • Hunor Pokoraczki
    Hunor Pokoraczki


  • MSC_SchumiWM2022

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 verstappen out I hope Hamilton 2021 Champion (i am Ferrari-Fan)

  • Edgar Axtli
    Edgar Axtli

    Read my lips,this guy Hamilton doesn't care about other drivers,and soon he's gonna end up killing some one. He almost did,with Verstappen.

  • lun l
    lun l


  • Tasha kay
    Tasha kay

    Is it wrong i get a image in my head him asking if max is ok then we hear peter griffen doing the oooowwwww owwwww owwwww routine ?. sorry my head is chaos sometimes.

  • Arvin

    51G, that could cause brain damage

  • infamousKONVICT

    What a crazy sport.

  • Darrell

    Don’t listen to this around other people 😂😂

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson

    Is anyone else sopping wet after watching this?

  • Βουνό Αραλίκη
    Βουνό Αραλίκη

    Full Mute Team Radio.

  • Joseph frg
    Joseph frg

    English fans jesus christ 🙄

    • JohnDaWhale3

      Jesus Christ has capital letters in his name like everyone else you know.

    • TheRikuideFurame

      Wait until you see the Dutch fans...

  • Jelle

    thats what 51G does to your body

  • Yvonne K
    Yvonne K

    Terrifying! Its a miracle he didnt end up rolling and or catching fire. it did had a different outcome.

  • Kaherdin

    Pretty sure he was unconscious a few seconds and that's the sound he made when he came back. Glad he survived this and i wish he'll win this season.

  • aniki937

    0:24 German g0nz0 😂🤣😭😭

  • aniki937

    0:23 sounds like a big load unleashed 😂🤣😂

  • Silviu


  • Guy H
    Guy H

    In Indycar they laugh at a 51G impact.

  • gemini 6179
    gemini 6179

    Was hoping Max was going say: “This guy is such a sore LOSER!”

    • Alex Gibalski
      Alex Gibalski

      @321_720 Productions **almost passed out**

    • 321_720 Productions
      321_720 Productions

      -Alex Albon Austrian GP 2020

  • Justin Wong
    Justin Wong

    fu.k the silence! fu.king like the heart beating rapidly sosoo glad he's ok 🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • TL

    Lewis Hamilton got away way to easy with this one, and the similar move on Leclerc. His luck will run out soon. I’m sure Max is ready to do battle again soon! Enough is enough, destroy that Mercedes!

    • TheRikuideFurame

      If only Verstappen had the same sense to back out as Hamilton does. If he had he could well have still won the race and Red Bull wouldn't have a huge repair bill. Hopefully he learns from it.

  • EazZiB

    Winded over 9000

  • rocatronz

    Full team radio this is CLIT BAIT Your as bad as lewis

  • Eddie Arafa
    Eddie Arafa

    Man I'm so glad he is ok!

  • Ralonso

    Poor Max! Hope he will recover to be faster than ever striking back as a lion at Hungary!!!

  • Barry Mac
    Barry Mac

    maybe he will less aggressive now

    • Swapnil Sinha
      Swapnil Sinha

      @Sir Salamence Ok Max fanchick, Ham was aggressive too. Both were aggressive and the outcome was something which no one wanted but it's nice to see that it's not just Ver but Ham putting his elbows out too now. Hope Max knows this and will be more calculative in coming races.

    • Sir Salamence
      Sir Salamence

      Why would he? Apparently you can crash into your rivals and get little to no penalty for it. So what´s the point of not being aggressive?

  • Josh Jess
    Josh Jess

    Meanwhile, Lewis is shouting to Bono that Max turned in on him and it was Max's fault...

    • Josh Jess
      Josh Jess

      @calibrazxr750 hmm... off the racing line, behind into the corner, missed the apex, ran wide himself after connecting his FRONT tyre to Max's REAR tyre, and was given a penalty... clearly all Max on that one

    • calibrazxr750

      In all fairness, that was only because it was Max's fault.

  • smithdf90 googlemail
    smithdf90 googlemail

    He sounds like he is coming! Haha!

  • Mikal roy Hansen
    Mikal roy Hansen

    I hope that Max learnt something because sometimes Max drive bad too and it is great to see dad Hamilton showing No mercy 😎 and I have to say this when Max doesn't win races he act like a little child love from Mik from Denmark

  • Maik054

    Didn‘t Hamilton say 2018 that a driver who Crashed another driver out should not be able to finish in Front of them

    • calibrazxr750

      He also said that he would not be bullied. He has also said, "I am world champion" at least seven times, something Max has not yet been able to do once.

    • Ja Ja
      Ja Ja

      He also said that Vettels dominance was bad for the sport. Its not worth it listening to this guy

  • Fabian Leiva
    Fabian Leiva

    Aw man… you can actually hear how close he came to dying

    • calibrazxr750

      Someone who was just bruised and winded is nowhere close to dying. He is just struggling to get his breath after being winded.

  • Walter Di Felice
    Walter Di Felice

    Ma come mai il padre di questo fenomeno ancora non ha parlato

  • fifa focker
    fifa focker

    This season will be remembered as one of the greats the 7 time ageing legend vs the young hotshoe its basically the Senna vs Schumacher 94 battle we were denied sadly by Ayrtons death. This crash just made it get nasty it's going to be fireworks now sit back and enjoy

  • Wild Mountain Gwendy
    Wild Mountain Gwendy

    This was the day I lost all respect for Hamilton….I defended him until this moment. I hope he is booed when he goes to the Dutch Grand Prix. I bet he and his loser fans cry that any booing is ‘racist’

    • calibrazxr750

      I really don't think that Hamilton wants or needs your respect quite frankly. That is one seriously high opinion that you have of yourself.

  • Vincenzo Gemma
    Vincenzo Gemma

    Lewis was disrespectful, he can’t me tell he didn’t know that Max was at hospital… but ok, Karma

  • Android

    Glad hes okay. Win the next one. If it werent for dirty tactic Max would have won

  • Quest

    I can live with Lewis taking Max out in a brutal way like this during a race. Crashes happen at some point. But the way he celebrated it. And said it was his proudest win.. is sickening.

  • Chuyew

    Max: I can't breathe. Lewis: Wait it's illegal, you are not black.

    • Quest

      Little bit to sensitive. I’m sure most people look don’t on this.

  • Pleb Bear
    Pleb Bear

    10 Seconds penalty is a joke. Should have been a 5 place penalty

  • Granjacia

    hamlton is good out front or with drs but anytime hes had a serious challenger hes crashed into them :( hes not very composed when wheel to wheel

    • calibrazxr750

      Tosh, he is easily one of the best wheel to wheel racers out there. Far better than Max, who just produces ridiculous kamikaze moves and tries to force the other driver to back down. all that happened this time is that the other driver did not back down.

  • Carlos Ramos
    Carlos Ramos

    A day of shame for England…

    • calibrazxr750

      Why, just because you think so? Our guy won and he did it because he wouldn't back down to one of Max's dumbass aggressive moves. Let us hope that that impact has knocked some damn sense into Verstappen. He could have and should have backed off, in the exact same way as Lewis did at that corner the day before during the sprint race when their positions were reversed.

  • Matthew Glazebrook
    Matthew Glazebrook


    • calibrazxr750

      My thoughts exactly.

  • vladlozo1111

    Lewis needs to be suspended for this. 10 seconds was a joke.

    • calibrazxr750

      Here's a joke, what is blue and sits in the gravel going "aaaargh, fuuuuck" A fucking loser, that's what.

  • cloud drive
    cloud drive

    After this race, all drivers try to take the inside line while alongside Lewis Hamilton. If Lewis got crash out, we both replied the same way as Lewis. Never respect Lewis again. He seems win is important than a human life.

  • Mark Scholes
    Mark Scholes

    Tbf to the crowd if you watch the view from the stand. When it sounds like they are cheering because he is out they actually clapped and cheered when they saw him moving about and then cheered him when he began getting out of the car. I thought they were cheering the crash too but it goes really quiet until he starts moving

  • jIMBO

    mans just had an orgasm

  • Natasha Butt
    Natasha Butt

    As a kid who really like max I really do hope he is ok the man is kinda young and you could hear as he said Ah fuck that he was struggling to breath

  • 100 years ago
    100 years ago


  • Ocampo Carranza Omar
    Ocampo Carranza Omar


  • Nathaniel Offer
    Nathaniel Offer

    I don't know what Max weighs but 60kg is a good estimate. So the crash means for that instant he was subjected to the force of approximately 3000kg. The simple fact he self extracted and walked away albeit gingerly is incredible.

  • James Jacobs
    James Jacobs

    Hahaha those grunts !!

  • Sam

    Sounds like he was out cold!!!! F**k. Never been so relieved to hear a voice. That gap between asking if he was ok and him answering was excruciating 😢🥺

  • Barry Mantz
    Barry Mantz

    Damn, ... Hamilton tried to kill Max!

  • Abhijot Singh
    Abhijot Singh

    Did not sound like him at all. Nice edit guys

  • Micah Powell
    Micah Powell

    Glad Max is OK. Interesting to learn that the LH fans are just as whiny as he is. Your boy just caused an accident that could have seriously injured someone and at the same time took a massive advantage from it. He is single handedly destroying the sport.

  • Logan Schuetzle
    Logan Schuetzle

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was semi-unconscious for a couple seconds. His legs looked a little wobbly when you got out of the car

  • AlexTheEpic

    Damn you lewis you almost killed verstappen

  • Amplify

    Can’t believe people actually cheered when this happened probably the same people online who were saying how shit England was for what happened at the euros

  • Velean

    Probably got the wind knocked out of him pretty good

  • F1 Pro
    F1 Pro

    my heart beats so hard in silence

  • Jelle Ruiter
    Jelle Ruiter

    That just sounded horrifying

  • Worlds Worst Musician
    Worlds Worst Musician

    I hope he comes back and beats Lewis in every race that’s left this season!

  • Garett

    Max your the man glad your okay

  • Drstoo Stewart
    Drstoo Stewart

    They've moved all the nasty stuff Mad Max said on radio . good, it's filthy. Reminds me of Vettel when he drove for red bull. don't get me wrong i don't actually like Hamilton. but MV doesn't just drive red bull he drives like he drinks the stuff. Two drivers caused this crash. clear and simple. and LH got a 10 sec penalty. thats a long time in f1 time.

  • ahmed salah
    ahmed salah

    I think he is for second pass out

  • 은은은

    어윽 뻑

  • Kalpesh Patel
    Kalpesh Patel

    F1 safety is now the gold standard in motorsports

  • logan garner
    logan garner

    That was 100% hamiltons fault right but happy to see he is all ok

  • Jo Mills
    Jo Mills

    sounds like kimi

  • Exclusively Built
    Exclusively Built

    51G how did he survive??? Max verstappen is IRONMAN

    • Exclusively Built
      Exclusively Built

      @Chuyew However at how many Gs do they enter the IRONMAN official????🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Chuyew

      @ Exclusively Built Kubica had 75g in Canada 2007. Also one guy(Kenny Bräck) from Indycar had over 214g and he survived.

  • RaikeTV

    S*** can literally feel the pain from his shaken words

  • R Dafé
    R Dafé

    It’s just fckn annoying to see how the British media is covering this whole shit up

  • Yogarine

    It would be pretty cool to see this overlaid on a video feed at the same time, but I guess that would result in a copyright strike pretty quick. :(

  • Onyango Jasango
    Onyango Jasango

    Max suffers persistent track rage and history is loaded with erratic blunders. Silverstone had both. For once, he tasted his own medicine both ways. Unless he thinks better of others he remains a disaster in waiting...

    • prinsmetbroek

      @Onyango Jasango We’ll see.. Wasn’t he 32 points ahead before this shunt? The “champ” in despair, he made a mistake

    • Onyango Jasango
      Onyango Jasango

      @prinsmetbroek he is a great driver but his success is still way ahead!

    • Arjun Kalyan
      Arjun Kalyan

      At least max did not obliterate Hamilton into the damn hospital

    • prinsmetbroek

      When did he shunt someone of the track like that exactly? You do not wish that on anyone. Talking about “thinking better of others”… 🤮

  • Piter Ros
    Piter Ros

    Max - 51G, knocked out for a few seconds, then didn't realize he was asked if he was ok. Got out in 2 minutes. Grosjean - 67G (+fireball), 0 seconds of loss of consciousness, found a solution being almost fully trapped. Got out in 28 seconds.

    • Piter Ros
      Piter Ros

      @Chev Just saying... Still in disbelief how Grosjean survived it.

    • Chev

      And what exactly do you want to tell us with these statistics?

  • Stem Artin
    Stem Artin

    Do t worry Hamilton hasn’t done anything like this before... oh wait...

    • Crixus2016

      @Warhoofd if you want me to link you to the Mad Max crash highlight reel, just ask.

    • Mathew Chapman
      Mathew Chapman

      Ohh yeah and when he took Lewis out at Monaco? Nah you won’t remember that cause you haven’t got a clue, max is the most aggressive driver on the grid. Fact

    • Mathew Chapman
      Mathew Chapman

      Ohh yeah and talk about Bahrain 2018 when he got a puncture for driving like an idiot? How about the amount of times he’s took out the ferrari’s in the past? Take your head out 😂

    • Mathew Chapman
      Mathew Chapman

      @Warhoofd recently has nothing to do with it, I can run off plenty of names pal. As it’s my turn though how about ricciardo? Your turn

    • Warhoofd

      @Mathew Chapman name me one driver he crashed into recently that could not continue his race or that ended up in hospital? Hamilton did it twice to Albon and now to Max.... your turn!

  • Robert james Baker
    Robert james Baker

    Sounded like he was busting nut

  • Minh Le
    Minh Le

    That silence after the crash is literally scary as hell

  • M Grant
    M Grant

    Lewis the grub needs a Ban for this move

  • Rahul NA
    Rahul NA

    Starting to hate british fans after silverstone and euro cup.

  • Rahul NA
    Rahul NA

    Imagine this pain and then imagine Hamilton celebrating. You will know cruel ham is... Its a damn cunning move ham. I wish he retires soon.

  • James Pumphrey
    James Pumphrey

    it's a shame F1 didn't feature this radio message

  • Cool

    Best result of the day, max is ok 👍

  • Calvin Williams
    Calvin Williams


  • Dave Olah
    Dave Olah

    Now we understand why Lewis did some simulator run. (Sarcasm) :/

  • Officer CL
    Officer CL

    yeah, i highly doubt this is the full radio convo.

  • Jenő Oláh
    Jenő Oláh

    Unsportsmanlike, disgusting! The only way he can win is to kick Verstappen off the field!

  • Joe D
    Joe D

    Max Verstappen: "Uuhh fuck..." Romain Grosjean: "That's cute..."

  • Whimsicle TV
    Whimsicle TV

    He will get his revenge guys, give him the time to recover and after he wins the title he will be grinning at lewis with the biggest smile he`d ever have as well as the next couple years. I hope Lando will get his P3 in the drivers championship this year, he deserves it so much!

  • Tilly Poozies
    Tilly Poozies

    I don't like Lewis but this was two of the best drivers in the world going toe to toe. Let them race.

  • IZ*F0rm1MGP

    We are lucky he's not dead

  • Moreno Kristovan
    Moreno Kristovan

    Hamilton got it off too lightly in my opinion

  • Erwann IV
    Erwann IV

    Max and Redbull are gay

    • Erwann IV
      Erwann IV

      @BeingJohnMalkowitz try harder fanboy

    • BeingJohnMalkowitz

      And you have 3 older brothers called Erwann , right ? Your parents were too lazy to give you different names and numbered all of you ?